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1000th TPIR EPISODE MARCH 2017!!!

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22 New TPIR episodes added from recent trades as well as an improved copy of the 12-19-79 episode. All TPIR episodes are available once again for trading unless otherwise stated or I run into technical difficulties with an episode. :)

Big special thank you to Carlos Arnold for whom I obtained a good majority of my collection from and a big special thank you to Stephen Wylie for having the patience of a saint in helping me get this website and my collection database set up.

Traders I've traded with:

Glen Zimmerman

Jim Hatten

Andrew Kudey

Michael Kriese

Greg Garsten

Chuck Donegan

Nick Casiano

David Frangioso

David Downs

Ryan Rinkerman

Scott Carpency

Jason Cranmer

Trent McSwain