Edrie (3/4/93)

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Edrie was an absolute bundle of energy. You might almost say she was rather well caffeinated. Everything that came out of her mouth sounded like she was telling a life story but all very humourous and completely loveable from the beginning. She won her way on stage and was very surprised to see she had a chance to drive home in a new car. She saw the Dice Game which she had only seen on TV days ago, so Bob had her give a very 'detailed and intricate' description of the game that had the audience in applause. Every roll she made she would exclaim how much fun she was having and giving shoutouts to her best girlfriend Peggy. It was down to the wire, only one number waiting to be lit up to see if she was the winner, and yet so much more would unfold from Edrie's colourful and unique personality. She got all worried about the possibility of being wrong, then got excited seeing as how very much the odds were with her guess. Getting all excited she took some steps back because she promised to do no bodily harm to Bob. When he asked if she was finally ready, she was about ready to faint! Not wanting such an event to happen (again) Bob insisted Edrie ask if she had the last number right. Sure enough the number lit up causing complete shock over Edrie who was in such a state she kept asking over and over if she had won. Truly one of the most entertaining and loveable contestants over the years.