Ella (3/19/92)

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Ella seemed to be a very tame and normal average Joanne contestant until everything went out the window. Bob couldn't help but poke fun at her. "You grabbed your face in excitement, turned around, and they got the best shot of you right there. That's the shot all of America will remember." Then as Rod was describing the grocery products, the audience just went crazy when he got to the Klondike Ice Cream Bars. Turns out they were playing The Price is Right out in line and were pricing those ice cream bars. As if this game weren't already long enough, Ella wanted a new putter because her's was too long. Then she lined up the ball like the professionals did feeling that since it works for them it might work for her too. Well, not really. Her first putt went maybe 6 inches but her second one was a miracle. She hit that ball so hard it bounced off the backboard, became airborne and landed bullseye center into the hole.