Laura (10/27/83)

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Perhaps the best way to describe Laura would be 'basket case'. As Johnny Olson called her name to come on down, she slid down in her seat in embarrasment. Bob question her unusual response and Laura said the only reason she came to the show was because her cousin Bonnie bugged her for seven months to go. She never dreamed she'd get pick as they were all a basket case and she was calm. She won her way on stage right away and Bob couldn't help but feed off of her. Every thing out of her mouth Bob had a hilarious remark that had Laura and the audience laughing about. She started off with a rather textbook playing of Ten Chances, prompting Bob to quip "you know what's gonna happen? This poor misfit is gonna win that car!" Sure enough after a few chances (including one where she asked if she could use other numbers than what were given) she won herself a new station wagon and graciously thanked her cousin Bonnie for bugging her to take her to the show.