Marilyn & Melaine (10/15/91)

marilyn1 marilyn2

Poor Bob had no idea what he was in store for when he walked through the big doors that day. What seemed like calm, cool and collected contestants would become two of the most memorable and most hilarious ever. Marilyn began with pinching Bob anytime she grabbed onto his arm. As her time onstage progressed it soon became apparent that forever reason, Marilyn was bouncing on her feet in perpetual motion. Bob eventually caught on during his description of Bump that he, as well as Kathleen and Dian, joined in her perpetual bouncing.

melanie1 melanie2

As if Bob thought Marilyn was trouble, Melanie would prove to be much, much more to handle. As she got on stage she greeted Bob with one fierce hug. It only got worse on from there. After winning Most Expensive, Melanie seemed to lose all control of herself and proceeded to maul Bob hugging him and shaking him around rather violently.


Welcome to Bob's worst nightmare. Both Mairlyn and Melanie end up in the showcase together. Melanie ended up bidding closer to her showcase and Bob was ready to run for the hills. Fortunately for him, her hugging this time around wasn't as harmful as before. I've always wondered if Bob ever submitted this episode for an Emmy.