Oopsie! Seems Janice had been bitten by the blooper bug. That trash compactor doesn't want to stay closed! (10/12/89)


Seen here on the premiere of Credit Card, all five markers popped up and either had the credit card logo with a credit card '$' to signify a proper purchase or a NO to signify an item that should not have been purchased (12/7/87)


Poor Bob is confusing Denise in Pathfinder by accidentally telling her one of the numbers she can step to has already been used. (10/12/89)


Another short lived pricing game, Add 'Em Up involved a great deal of math. Bob usually liked to help the contestant out by telling them the different combinations that can make up the remaining numbers but he couldn't stop contestants from picking the first number as the free digit. (1/14/87)


A rather unique addition to the show was a play along feature where a contestant presumably watching at home could win the same prize as the contestant if the contestant won their pricing game. (1/14/87)

sentra1 sentra2 sentra3

Is this an early incarnation of Triple Play? Nope. This 'trios' showcase had not one, not two, but three Nissan Sentras! (11/17/89)


Janice brought in a picture of Bob Barker at 3yrs old to show that he was even a very well dressed man in his early years. How cute!

barkersfactory1 barkersfactory2

One of my favourite Showcase themes, The Assembly Line at Barker's Factory. The master control would be changed to a certain setting and a prize related to that setting would roll out on the 'conveyor belt'. The Showcase usually topped it off with some sort of vehicle like a car or boat. (12/7/89)


It's rather rare for a contestant to get two numbers on the nose in Lucky $even, even rarer to get three! This contestant did just that which would normally be a shoe-in for a win. Unfortunately she guessed 0 as the last number and was off by 8 resulting in one very painful loss. (5/26/83)


Bob walked out of the big doors one show with one regular shoe and one white tennis shoe. He explained that he liked to walk bare foot in his house and caught his toe on some furniture and broke it, prompting a very sympathetic 'aww' from the audience. (5/4/88)


Bob noticed that two of the contestants resembled cheerleaders so before Johnny called the next contestant down, he had them face the audience and perform a Price is Right cheer. (11/2/83)


During one of the 1986 Primetime specials, Dian hit the button to reveal one of the prizes price and somehow it revealed the other one as well causing an automatic win after only two picks. (8/28/86)

finalhurdles1 finalhurdles2

Hurdles has perhaps one of the most elaborate and mechanically complex sets on the show and would at times tend to not work 100% properly. Here it is seen on its last playing that went down without a hitch and even had a winner. (3/31/83)

firerescueshowcase firerescueshowcase2

Another fun showcase from the 80's, here Johnny Olson plays a damsel in distress while the firefighters think of ways to get her down from her balcony. (11/2/83)


At the end of a March 1988 episode, Bob paid tribute to the show's executive producer Frank Wayne who had passed away. Frank had created one of the show's most iconic games Plinko. (3/23/88)


Uh oh. Looks like somebody has played a prank on Holly and glued the billiard balls together during an IUFB. (12/7/89)


Leslie is sporting a rather unusual outfit and Bob is rather curious about the whereabouts of her pants. (11/23/82)


During the 1986 Primetime Specials, the last number was given as the free digit in 5-digit Lucky $even. Here Bob asks for the third number to be revealed and the fourth is revealed by accident, leading to a rather easy win. (9/18/86)


Another one of my favourite Showcase themes from the 80s is the Martians Invading The Price is Right. The showcase could be done two ways: Where the martians invade Earth and see these new contraptions which would be offered as prizes, or seen here in the picture, returning to their planet and going through customs. The showcase was also complete with very weird and very 80s music. (5/10/89)

punchabuncherror oneawayerror

Two major and costly production errors in one show. First, there's no money slip in a hole a contestant has punched out in Punch-a-Bunch and thus is awarded the $10,000. Then the incorrect numbers are loaded into One Away and the contestant is awarded the car just before the second Showcase Showdown. (3/3/89)

onthenose1 onthenose2

Perhaps one of the most far out pricing games on the show ever was On the Nose. A car game, a contestant was shown possible prices for the car. If he or she picked the right price they would win a $1,000 bonus and four chances at winning the car. To then win the car the contestant had to embrace their inner athlete and perform a task such as shooting a basket or throwing a football through a receivers hands. (6/3/85)


Patricia bid $10,200 on her showcase, prompting boos from the audience thinking she had gone over. Her opponent then bid $1 thinking she had gone over. Bob reads Patricia's ARP: $10,209! (4/20/82)


This contestant got their first try wrong on Pick-a-Pair and thinking the game was over, Bob proceeded to tell him the right pair and about halfway of telling him why he knew, he realized the game wasn't over yet. Needless to say the contestant won on his second chance. (12/21/84)


From the 1986 Primetime Specials, what may have been the biggest winner of all time on the show, and he didn't even win both showcases! (9/18/86)


The Price is Right gets the occasional contestant with an odd, unique or very unpronounceable name. This one has to be one of the cutest (11/23/82)


This Saturday Night Fever tribute Showcase was made complete with Johnny O. busting a move in a stunning white tuxedo (9/26/80)


If you look up in the top right of the picture, you can see the complete right side of the audience bare of occupants. The same was for the left side and the top few rows in the middle. This was due to a rare snowstorm that hit the area on the day of taping. (2/11/88)


As Bob and a contestant make their way towards the big doors to play the first pricing game, Super Ball!! can be seen tucked away behind the turntable waiting to be brought out for PG2. (5/4/88)


Bob usually likes to drag out the reveals on exciting games. This one happened to be out of his hands. The last door stuck and would not drop down. The contestant took matters into her own hands and got the reveal to work herself and won a beautiful new car in the process. (12/22/83)


On that same day, one of the models was bringing out one of the small prizes in Trader Bob, oblivious to the fact that the price reveal was open. Needless to say this made the game a little easier to win. (12/22/83)