Talk About Episodes:

Marcus/Denis vs. Stuart/Karen (Marcus & Denis Game 2)
Marcus/Denis vs. Tracy/Laura (Marcus & Denis Game 3)
Marcus/Denis vs. Pat/Sheila (Marcus & Denis Game 4)
Marcus/Denis vs. Turc/Roseanna (Marcus & Denis dress in tuxedos in honour of their fifth game)
Turc/Roseanna vs. Mary/Robert (Perfect 10)
Mary/Robert vs. Dan/Clark
Mary/Robert vs. Karen/Maxine & John/Robert (Perfect 10 & Mary & Robert become Grand Game Champs)
Barb/Theresa vs. Kerry/Julie (Episode begins where Mary & Robert retire with $9,100 as grand game champs)
Kerry/Julie vs. Garry/Lynda
Garry/Lynda vs. Lee Ann/Lynn
Lee Ann/Lynn vs. Mike/Dave & Debbie/Emma
Debbie/Emma vs. Tony/Lisa (Episode begins with Bonus Round)
Debbie/Emma vs. Tony/Lisa
Tony/Lisa vs. Robert/David vs. Ian/Barbra
Robert/David vs. Jonathan/Denise (Jonathan & Denise Game 1)
Jonathan/Denise vs. Liz/Danica (Jonathan & Denise Game 2)
Jonathan/Denise vs. Doug/Jeff (Jonathan & Denise Game 3)
Jonathan/Denise vs. Janice/Trisha (Jonathan & Denise Game 4, Janice & Trisha Game 1)
Janice/Trisha vs. Murray/Trevor (Janice & Trisha Game 2)
Janice/Trisha vs. Yvonne/Stephan & Gio/Tisha (Janice & Trisha Game 3 & 4)
Janice/Trisha vs. Cecilia/Ryan (Episode begins with Bonus Round) (Janice & Tricia Game 5)
Cecilia/Ryan vs. Darlene/Brenda
Darlene/Brenda vs. Barry/Jayme
Barry/Jayme vs. Craig/Jennifer & Barb/Susan (9 Point Steal)
Barb/Susan vs. Ross/Sandi (Episode begins with Bonus Round)
Barb/Susan vs. Mike/Dave
Mike/Dave vs. Joanna/Birgit
Mike/Dave vs. Sam/Tammy (Sam & Tammy Game 1)
Sam/Tammy vs. Carolyn/Catherine (Sam & Tammy Game 2)
Sam/Tammy vs. Dyan/Jamie (Sam & Tammy Game 3)
Sam/Tammy vs. Ron/Mike (Sam & Tammy Game 4)
Ron/Mike vs. Kathy/Corinne
Kathy/Corinne vs. Norman/Maureen
Kathy/Corrine vs. Jason/Reg
Jason/Reg vs. Nancy/Ray
Nancy/Ray vs. Tanja/Michael vs. Kate/Lori (Kate & Lori Game 1)
Kate/Lori vs. Malcolm/Tom (Kate & Lori Game 2)
Kate/Lori vs. Lorne/Sharon & Eric/Bonnie (Kate & Lori Game 3 & 4)
Kate/Lori vs. Jan/Tom (Kate & Lori Game 5)
Jan/Tom vs. Brian/Judy
Brian/Judy vs. Sonja/Theresa
Sonja/Theresa vs. Mary Anne/Colin (Perfect 10) (Mary Anne & Colin Game 1)
Mary Anne/Colin vs. Cindy/Susan (Mary Anne & Colin Game 2)
Mary Anne/Colin vs. Doug/Bruce & Dualene/Jubilee (Mary Anne & Colin Game 3 & 4)
Mary Anne/Colin vs. Sally/Scott (Mary Anne & Colin Game 5)
Sally/Scott vs. Richard/Naomi (Richard & Naomi Game 1)
Richard/Naomi vs. Pam/Kim (Richard & Naomi Game 2)
Richard/Naomi vs. Pam/Blair (Richard & Naomi Game 3)
Richard/Naomi vs. Narda/Sherry (Richard & Naomi Game 4)
Narda/Sherry vs. Glenn/Andrew vs. Teresa/Randy
Glenn/Andrew vs. Joanne/Heather vs. Albert/Nora
Joanne/Heather vs. Martin/Craig (Episode begins with Bonus Round)
Martin/Craig vs. Joyce/Charmane (Rare $2,000 Bonus Round win in 10 seconds)
Joyce/Charmane vs. Elaine/Joyce
Joyce/Charmane vs. Chuck/David
Chuck/David vs. Mike/Twila (Perfect 10)
Mike/Twila vs. Trudy/Laurel vs. Rudy/Allan
Rudy/Allan vs. Kerry/Martin (Episode begins with Bonus Round) (Perfect 10)
Kerry/Martin vs. Debbie/Cindy (Perfect 10) (Debbie & Cindy Game 1)
Debbie/Cindy vs. Gordon/Brent & Stan/Chris (Debbie & Cindy Game 2 & 3)
Debbie/Cindy vs. Ian/Iain (Perfect 10) (Debbie & Cindy Game 4)
Debbie/Cindy vs. Janet/Michael (Perfect 10) (Debbie & Cindy Game 5) (Debbie & Cindy retire as Grand Game Champs with a total of $16,900)
Cathy/Chris vs. Phil/Laura (9 Point Steal)