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Index Best Known Date Tape.Ep # VQ/AQ Source

First Four Contestants

1st Half PGs 2nd Half PGs More Info
861 September 4, 1972 J. Hatten. 7/9

Sandy, Paul, Connie, Myra

Any Number, Bonus Game, Double Prices , , First show of The (New) Price is Right, Connie is a very excited contestant, Perfect PG2 playing, One of the closest Showcase differences ever!
1028 September 7, 1972 T. McSwain. 6/7

Susan, Jenny, Lillian, Pearlene

Any Number, Bonus Game, Double Prices , , 4th Show, Original broadcast with commercials, Unorthodox Showcase result
1029 September 8, 1972 T. McSwain. 6/7

Libby, Jeannie, Lynn, Boo Boo

Grocery Game, Bullseye, Double Prices , , 5th Show, Original broadcast with commercials, Boo Boo is a hilariously indecisive contestant, Close Showcase result
862 September 15, 1972 J. Hatten. 7/8

Terry, Juanita, Marilyn, Gerry

Grocery Game, Any Number, Clock Game , ,
826 October 19, 1972 V-2. 7/7

Connie, Sherrie, Augie, Carol

Five Price Tags, Grocery Game, Most Expensive , , GSN Airing, St. Bernard puppy offered in Showcase
836 November 14, 1972 R. Rinkerman. 8/8

Marilyn, Rosalyn, Diana, Linda

Grocery Game, Five Price Tags, Double Prices , , Very close PG2 result
977 November 16, 1972 J. Hatten. 7/8

Lynn, Charlene, Colleen, Blanche

Any Number, Bonus Game, Most Expensive , , PG2 played for a fur coat
877 November 17, 1972 R. Rinkerman. 8/10

Kathy, Dorothy, Shelley, Ellie

Grocery Game, Five Price Tags, Double Prices , , Dorothy and Ellie are very loud contestants, Kathy is a rather bashful contestant
447 December 1, 1972 M. Kriese.

Bonnie, Joyce, Shirley, Charise

Five Price Tags, Grocery Game, Double Prices , , Opening missing, episode begins during T or F portion of 5PT
878 April 9. 1973 R. Rinkerman. 8/9

Marge, Doris, Jean, Darlene

Hi Lo, Money Game, Clock Game , , Original commercials, Slate shown at the beginning followed by strange warping sound and Johnny getting the crowd to applaud, Time clock on for the entire show, Hi Lo Premiere
745 April 18, 1973 G. Zimmerman. 7/9

Michelle, Sandy, Sylvia, Claudia

Money Game, Give or Keep, Clock Game , , Bob gives Sandy quite the kiss, Terrible PG1 playing, Close results in PG2 and PG3, Close Showcase bid
863 July 17, 1973 J. Hatten. 7/9

Sue, Linda, Claudia, Carol

Grocery Game, Five Price Tags, Double Prices , , Software logo in the middle of the picture throughout the show, Close Showcase result
746 August 15, 1973 G. Zimmerman. 8/7

Becky, Virginia, Penny, Vicky

Hi Lo, 5 Price Tags, Double Prices , , Becky is a rather excited contestant, Absolutely incredible Showcase result
978 September 19, 1973 J. Hatten. 6/7

Cathy, Elaine, Sharon, Corky

Money Game, Give or Keep, Range Game , , Cathy takes a big spill coming on down, PG2 played for a VW Bug, Painful Showcase overbid
940 November 28, 1973 J. Hatten. 8/9

Debbie, Adrianne, Parthema, Vicki

5 Price Tags, Grocery Game, Range Game , , Watermark in centre of the screen for entire show (most likely copied from DVD Box Set), Timid PG3 contestant who stops the rangefinder almost immediately
941 December 31, 1973 J. Hatten. 8/9

Alice, Marsha, Hilda, Molly

Temptation, Hi Lo, Most Expensive , , Watermark in centre of screen for entire show (most likely copied off DVD Box Set), New Years Eve 1973 episode, Painful PG1 loss, Very tight PG2 win, Unusual vehicle offered in the Showcase
979 J. Hatten. 7/8

Yosepha, Lynne, Ranie, Christine

Temptation, Hi Lo, Double Prices , , One of the most painful Showcase overbids ever
555 August 16, 1974 C. Donegan. 9/10

Delaine, Robert, Bonnie, Nicky

Any Number, Give or Keep, Clock Game , , 1998 CBS Rebroadcast, Bonnie has a rather 'unusual' last name
617 October 21, 1974 A. Kudey. 7/7

Cynthia, Rose Marie, Karen, Debbie

Any Number, Hi Lo, Race Game , , PG3 played for Tappan kitchen appliances, PG3 won in 12 seconds, DSW
1142 December 25, 1974 R. Rinkerman. 6/6

Betty, Karen, Cindy, Carol

Grocery Game, Any Number, Most Expensive , , Dennis James hosts in Bob's absence
980 January 24, 1975 J. Hatten. 8/8

Ellen, Debbie, Joyce, Cecelia

Give or Keep, Any Number, Most Expensive , ,
981 January 27, 1975 J. Hatten. 7/8

Bertha, Christopher, Leslie, Patricia

Shell Game, Money Game, Double Prices , ,
982 January 28, 1975 J. Hatten. 8/8

Sandra, Lynn, Laurie, Elaine

Temptation, Hi Lo, Range Game , ,
656 March 24, 1975 G. Zimmerman. 5/7

Susan, Terry, Barbara, Bobbi

Any Number, Give or Keep, Race Game , , EPIC conclusion: Both contestants are less than $100 away and only $1 between their differences! ($30-$29 DSW)
671 July 8, 1975 J. Hatten. 7/8

Andrea, Marcia, Sally, Theresa

Shell Game, Card Game, Most Expensive , , Perfect Show, David does exceptionally well and his very emotiona wife in the audience has some priceless reactions, DSW
420 July 16, 1975 A. Kudey. 5/6 GSN

Mildred, Phyllis, Donald, Bonnie

Clock Game, Grocery Game, Card Game , , Bob comments on Donald's legs, Perfect Show, DSW ($10K+ Win!), No commercials
496 August 19, 1975 A. Kudey. 9/9

Kathy, Theresa, Edwina, Sandy

Hi Lo, Most Expensive, Golden Road , , Premiere of Golden Road and the 'Rainbow' Set, DSW with an emotional contestant
518 August 28, 1975 M. Kriese.

Janet, Virginia, Kimiline, Dolores

Five Price Tags, Range Game, Race Game , , Triple overbid in IUFB#3, DSW and a then record breaking total winnings
942 September 9, 1975 J. Hatten. 8/10

Martha, Madeline, Nancy, Pamela

Lucky $even, Hi Lo, Double Prices Card Game, Shell Game, Range Game Anniversary Week 1hr Special featuring the Rainbow Wheel
983 December 11, 1975 J. Hatten. 8/9

Linda, Inez, Beverly, Cindy

Give or Keep, Ten Chances, Double Prices Temptation, Shell Game, Race Game
1040 December 19, 1975 T. McSwain. 7/7

Ron, Linda, Faye, Debra

5 Price Tags, Clock Game, One Right Price Any Number, Race Game, Grocery Game PG1 played for a VW Bus, VERY close Showcase bid resulting in a rather painful moment
856 January 6, 1976 J. Hatten. 8/8

Pamela, Katherne, Guadalupe, Deborah

Lucky $even, Shell Game, Clock Game Most Expensive, Card Game, Hi Lo Janice presents the microphone wearing fake teeth, Pamela throws her shoes coming on down, Guadalupe cries a lot
875 March 11, 1976 R. Rinkerman. 6/7

Brenda, Michelle, Elisa, William

Card Game, Hurdles, One Right Price Any Number, Shell Game, Range Game PG2 contestant injures herself firing the starting pistol
984 April 13, 1976 April 13, 1976. 9/9

Lorraine, Nina, Joyce, Janet

Lucky $even, Shell Game, Range Game Temptation, Hi Lo, Race Game
985 April 22, 1976 J. Hatten. 8/8

David, Anne, Julie, Fred

Lucky $even, Hurdles, Clock Game Danger Price, Ten Chances, Bonus Game Bob has a yellow ribbon tied around his foot so that contestants don't jump on his sprained ankle, Very good PG3 playing, A contestant prematurely celebrates during SS#1, Unique PG6 prize presentation
943 May 14, 1976 J. Hatten. 8/8

Patricia, Linda, Elaine, Natalia

Grocery Game, 3 Strikes, Clock Game Most Expensive, Danger Price, 5 Price Tags PG2 Wipeout, Showcase tribute to Janice Pennington titled "Janice, This is your Strife"
876 June 2, 1976 R. Rinkerman. 6/6

Mary, Yvonne, Cynthia, Corinne

Golden Road, Hurdles, Double Prices Dice Game, Bonus Game, Race Game Mechanical problems during PG2, Premiere of Dice Game and there's an 8 in the car's price
944 June 15, 1976 J. Hatten. 8/9

Deborah, Sandra, Terry, Joanne

Danger Price, 3 Strikes, Shell Game Dice Game, Hi Lo, Most Expensive Second PG4 playing and there's an 8 in the price again, Flacky Flick Showcase: The Maltese Mustang, Painful Showcase overbid
945 September 3, 1976 J. Hatten. 8/9

Cherry, Kitt, Donna, Carrie

Lucky $even, Safe Crackers, Grocery Game Temptation, Give or Keep, Poker Game
946 October 27, 1976 J. Hatten. 9/10

Diana, Leslie, Linda, Diane

Hi Lo, Money Game, Race Game Dice Game, Give or Keep, Safe Crackers PG3 played for LA Sports Teams Tickets, PG4 car has a 7 in the price, Safe doesn't open at first in PG6
531 December 27, 1976 G. Zimmerman. 6/5

Raif, Cecile, Deborah, Kristina

Give or Keep, Temptation, Poker Game Bullseye, Card Game, Clock Game Anitra's second last show, The contestants can't seem to get the wheel all the way around but when they do they win money, Clock Game slip up, DSW ($15K+)
491 February 3, 1977 A. Kudey. 7/6

Becky, Robinetta, Sheree, Marlene

Danger Price, Temptation, Give or Keep Money Game, Hi Lo, Clock Game Bouncing Becky, DSW
728 May 11, 1977 J. Hatten. 7/7

Gail, Judy, Linda, Tamaria

Five Price Tags, Safe Crackers, Danger Price Hurdles, Money Game, One Right Price Show jumps from first four call down to bidding on IUFB, Ridiculously customized and expensive van in PG1, Blooper in PG4, Perfect Show
879 June 13, 1977 R. Rinkerman. 7/7

Georgine, Bridget, Dolores, Shelley

Any Number, One Right Price, Hi Lo Danger Price, 5 Price Tags, Race Game Unique prize and presentation in PG3, PG4 played for LA sports teams tickets, Dolores has rather big hair, Unique PG5 prize, Exciting PG5 win, GSN airing with a fur coat in the Showcases
857 September 14, 1977 J. Hatten. 5/6

Susan, Yolanda, Janice, Betty

Clock Game, Secret X, Any Number Double Prices, Ten Chances, Hurdles Yolanda's tube top falls down as she comes on down, Impressive PG1 playing, First playing of PG2 and it doesn't go well, Unique IUFB#5, Hurdler gets stuck in PG6
858 September 21, 1977 J. Hatten. 8/8

Priscilla, Suzanne, Laura, Trudy

Lucky $even, Clock Game, Grocery Gam One Right Price, Secret X, Card Game Shaukot is originally from Egypt, Priscilla wins two cars
709 November 14, 1977 D. Downs. 7/10

Pamela, Kathleen, Clifton, Alice

Bonus Game, Poker Game, Professor Price Double Prices, Any Number, Grocery Game Kathleen runs onstage instead of going to CR, Perfect PG1 playing, Premiere of the very short lived PG Professor Price, PG6 played for a car, Perfect Show
1032 December 30, 1977 T. McSwain. 6/7

Cheryl, Nancy, Michel, Constance

Dice Game, Secret X, Race Game Card Game, Hurdles, Double Prices Last show of 1977, Janice crashes a car in the Showcase
612 January 19, 1978 G. Zimmerman. 10/9

Rocky, Dena, Tawny, Elisapeta

Switcheroo, Double Prices, Poker Game Ten Chances, Hi Lo, Squeeze Play Elisapeta frightens Bob, Grocery cue used for a jukebox in PG6
599 February 16, 1978 G. Zimmerman. 9/9

Eda, Sylvia, Terri, Edward

Shell Game, Danger Price, Card Game Double Prices, Grocery Game, Ten Chances Edward is a very nervous contestant, Evergloss's husband threw her tickets in the trash, DSW
620 March 28, 1978 A. Kudey. 7/8

Nonna, Linda, Valerie, Audrey

Clock Game, Dice Game, Grocery Game Most Expensive, Temptation, Give or Keep Flawless PG2 win, PG3 wipeout, DSW with a near record bid!
613 May 2, 1978 G. Zimmerman. 8/9

Vera, Eloise, Lewis, Karen

Range Game, Any Number, Hurdles Most Expensive, Ten Chances, Bonus Game Eloise is a HILARIOUS contestant, Lewis is a woman
439 February 20, 1979 M. Kriese. 7/8

Linda, Denise, John, Ella

Bonus Game, Poker Game, 3 Strikes One Right Price, Hurdles, Any Number Win TV, Aurea just wants to be close to Bob, Sherry can't stop kissing Bob
986 September 11, 1979 J. Hatten. 9/9

Kitty, Nancy, Charles, Tammy

Safe Crackers, Cliff Hangers, Dice Game Danger Price, Card Game, Hurdles
987 September 19, 1979 J. Hatten. 9/9

Joyce, Dennis, Carol, Helena

Golden Road, Give or Keep, Double Prices Race Game, Grocery Game, Money Game Original broadcast with commercials, PG4 played for LA Sports team tickets, PG5 played for a fur coat
988 November 20, 1979 J. Hatten. 9/9

Michelle, Leray, Betty, Donna

Safe Crackers, Take Two, Switcheroo Most Expensive, Ten Chances, Hurdles Leray is very nervous about being on the show due to Bob previously hosting T or C
880 November 28, 1979 R. Rinkerman. 6/5

Fred, Allison, Cheryl, Martha

Lucky $even, Hurdles, Squeeze Play Race Game, Shell Game, Money Game Muffled audio quality
989 December 13, 1979 J. Hatten. 8/8

Daniel, Debbie, Idona, Karen

Lucky $even, Hurdles, Poker Game One Right Price, Punch-a-Bunch, Safe Crackers Painful move in PG5
421 December 19, 1979 A. Kudey. 4/7 GSN

Kimberly, Cheryl, Margie, Lucille

Grocery Game, It's Optional, Most Expensive Range Game, Give or Keep, Money Game Quick Range Game playing, Chatty Give or Keep contestant, DSW ($20K+ Win), No commercials
773 February 4, 1980 J. Hatten. 7/9

Terry, Kim, Madeline, Patricia

Danger Price, Range Game, Hole in One Double Prices, Bonus Game, Temptation Original Broadcast with commercials, Exciting PG3 win, A contestant makes an unsettling comment during PG6, Fur coat offered in the Showcases
947 February 27, 1980 J. Hatten. 10/10

Sabrina, Laurie, Serena, Eloise

Any Number, Take Two, Hi Lo Squeeze Play, Cloiff Hangers, Dice Game Bob kicks PG4 when the numbers don't squeeze together, DSW with one of the closest Showcase bids ever! VQ and AQ has much less quality during Showcase reveal
859 April 29, 1980 J. Hatten. 6/3

Pamela, Amelia, Carol, Ricky

Lucky $even, Take Two, Penny Ante Most Expensive, Ten Chances, Trader Bob Badly muffled audio, PG3 wipeout, Premiere of Trader Bob and it doesn't go well
860 June 20, 1980 J. Hatten. 8/8

Michelle, Richard, Bertha, Vanna

Hi Lo, Lucky $even, Poker Game Barker's Bargain Bar, Money Game, Cliff Hangers Vanna White of Wheel of Fortune is a contestant
725 September 13, 1980 PM J. Hatten. 8/8

Kelly, Alda, Debra, Kenneth

Money Game, Cliff Hangers, One Right Price , , Final Nighttime episode
726 September 15, 1980 J. Hatten. 8/9

Karen, Jessie, Greta, Gilda

Range Game, Poker Game, Punch-a-Bunch One Right Price, Ten Chances, Grocery Game Original broadcast with commercials
547 September 26, 1980 C. Donegan. 7/9

Carol, Irene, Graciela, Helen

Grocery Game, Ten Chances, Squeeze Play Danger Price, Temptation, Give or Keep Bob is wearing an interesting jacket, Very painful PG1 loss, Agonizing PG2 playing (big surprise there), James is a rather tall contestant, PG6 Rarity, Saturday Night Fever Showcase
1030 November 10, 1980 T. McSwain. 7/7

Jesus, Cindy, Deborah, Phyllis

Shell Game, Danger Price, Dice Game Most Expensive, Grand Game, Range Game Perfect PG1 playing with a bonus win, One of the most famous moments of the show: Pauline chases Bob around after she wins Grand Game
948 December 23, 1980 J. Hatten. 9/10

Judith, Walter, Elisa, Pamela

5 Price Tags, Barker's Bargain Bar, Danegr Price Squeeze Play, Grocery Game, 3 Strikes Set is decorated for Christmas, Expensive car won in PG1
1065 January 6, 1981 J. Cranmer. 8/7

William, Barbara, Darla, Rebecca

Range Game, Hole in One, Danger Price Most Expensive, Ten Chances, Shell Game Expensive PG2 prize, Painful PG5 playing, Perfect PG6 playing with a bonus win, Very close Showcase bid
47 January 28, 1981 .

Diane, Starlet, Christine, Flora

Safe Crackers, Hole in One, Danger Price Squeeze Play, Give or Keep, Money Game GSN, Big Hole in One prize
885 March 25, 1981 G. Zimmerman. 6/7

Uputaue, Trudy, Kathy Marie, Robert

Lucky $even, Race Game, Grand Game One Right Price, 3 Strikes, Secret X Blooper in PG1, Samoan contestant gets rowdy in PG4
1038 April 1, 1981 T. McSwain. 7/9

Deanne, Hersley, Linda, Sally

Temptation, Danger Price, Cliff Hangers Double Prices, Hit Me, Any Number April Fools Show where Bob enters from the audience, April Fools Showcase presents small prizes and ends with a Cadillac
684 April 22, 1981 J. Hatten. 9/9

Keely, Lydia, Helen, Agnes

Danger Price, Hole in One, Barker's Bargain Bar Clock Game, Card Game, Give or Keep Original Broadcast, Expensive PG2 prize, Fur coat offered in the showcases
657 September 3, 1981 G. Zimmerman. 8/9

Susan, Carol, Grace, Lillian

Barker's Bargain Bar, Race Game, Hole in One Safe Crackers, 3 Strikes, Cliff Hangers Silly playing of PG6 with two bloopers and a cameo by Roger Dobkowitz, DSW with one of the closest bids ever!
710 October 16, 1981 D. Downs. 9/9

Diane, Mary, Edwin, Julie

Lucky $even, Danger Price, Punch-a-Bunch Most Expensive, Ten Chances, Bullseye Original broadcast with commercials, $5K win in SS#1, Outlandish Showcase bid and a BIG Showcase win, Holly has a wardrobe malfunction during the credits
729 October 29, 1981 J. Hatten. 7/7

Ralph, Joann, Evelyn, Carol

Give or Keep, It's Optional, Safe Crackers Double Prices, Grocery Game, Any Number Ralph is a rather excited contestant, Joann wins BIG
711 November 13, 1981 D. Downs. 8/9

Howard, Julie, Colleen, Shelley

Barker's Bargain Bar, Hole in One, Clock Game Poker Game, Secret X, Dice Game Original broadcast with commercials, PG1 played for trips, Perfect Show
886 November 23, 1981 G. Zimmerma. 8/8

Nancy, Jeri, Joan, Ella

Barker's Bargain Bar, Lucky $even, Hi Lo Any Number, Punch-a-Bunch, Clock Game Original broadcast with commercials, $11K win in SS#1, Living room offered in PG6, Close Showcase result with two very close bids!
949 December 21, 1981 J. Hatten. 8/9

Susan, Don, Karen, Elizabeth

Super Ball!!, Range Game, Any Number One Right Price, 3 Strikes , Bullseye Set is decorated for Christmas Week
1143 December 24, 1981 R. Rinkerman. 9/10

Linda, Melody, Elizabeth, Suzanne

Temptation, Double Prices, Hit Me Safe Crackers, Cliff Hangers, Money Game Very animated PG5 contestant
1037 January 12, 1982 T. McSwain. 8/9

Sandra, Brenda, Derrick, Mary Kay

Lucky $even, Most Expensive, Bullseye Clock Game, Give or Keep, Money Game Derrick is a former male cheerleader turned male exotic dancer and does some moves during his pricing game
783 January 28, 1982 J. Hatten. 8/9

Judy, William, Kimberly, Dolores

Lucky $even, Barker's Bargain Bar, Check-Out Race Game, Give or Keep, Any Number Occasional picture tracking issues, Premiere of Check-Out
990 February 15, 1982 J. Hatten. 7/7

Susan, Patricia, Arthur, Lauren

Shell Game, 3 Strikes, Take Two Squeeze Play, Hurdles, Any Number Fun PG5 contestant, Bob takes a moment to thank viewers for their condolences in regards to the passing of his wife Dorothy Jo
991 March 4, 1982 J. Hatten. 8/8

John, Daisy, Deborah, Cookie

Lucky $even, Shell Game, Most Expensive Poker Game, Hurdles, Any Number Cookie is quite the loud and excited contestant
992 March 5, 1982 J. Hatten. 8/8

Jeanna, Laurie, John, Sherry

Card Game, One Right Price, Grand Game Take Two, 5 Price Tags, Safe Crackers
408 April 20, 1982 G. Zimmerman. 8/9

Catherine, Patricia, Harold, Pearl

Card Game, Trader Bob, Range Game Race Game, Ten Chances, Penny Ante Card Game with it's original table, Humourous Trader Bob contestant, Confused contestant in Race Game, Epic showcase result: contestant bids $1 only to have her opponent be off by $9, DSW
1033 September 14, 1982 T. McSwain. 8/8

Rebecca, Richard, Terri, Barbara

Double Prices, Check-Out, Dice Game Safe Crackers, 5 Price Tags, Blank Check VERY close Showcase bid
1130 September 29, 1982 R. Rinkerman. 7/7

Susan, Leola, Leticia, Gerald

Shell Game, One Right Price, Temptation Poker Game, Bullseye, Dice Game Appliances offered in PG1 give Holly lots of trouble, $6K win in SS#1, Fourth onstage contestant is declared ineligible
722 October 8, 1982 D. Downs. 7/7

Brenda, Theresa, George, Marcelle

Golden Road, Grocery Game, Poker Game One Right Price, 3 Strikes, Give or Keep PG1 played for a rather dinky Cadillac, Absolutely perfect PG5 playing
1131 October 15, 1982 R. Rinkerman. 6/7

Gregory, Elizabeth, Georgann, Nancy

Shell Game, Double Prices, Take Two Clock Game, It's Optional, Penny Ante PG2 played for a car, PG4 played for a four digit prize, $6K win in SS#2, Frank Wayne's Birthday
993 October 25, 1982 J. Hatten. 8/9

Rhonda, Anitria, Vicki, David

Shell Game, Range Game, Take Two Clock Game, Hi Lo, Any Number $500 Bonus won in PG1
1034 October 26, 1982 T. McSwain. 7/8

Patricia, Janet, Alberto, Thelma

Safe Crackers, Hole in One, One Right Price Poker Game, Cliff Hangers, Money Game Bill Cullen stops by to promote his new show Child's Play and features some clips from the show relating to TPIR
994 November 5, 1982 J. Hatten. 8/8

Paula, Mary, Sandra, Dora

Golden Road, Pick-a-Pair, Poker Game Range Game, Switcheroo, Barker's Bargain Bar
548 November 23, 1982 C. Donegan. 8/9

Deanna, Cynthia, Homer, Leslie

Shell Game, Barker's Bargain Bar, Money Game Poker Game, Check-Out, Dice Game Bob asks where Leslie's pants are, Homer has an interesting good luck charm, DSW
995 December 3, 1982 J. Hatten. 8/8

Victoria, Michelle, Nancy, Carl

Squeeze Play, Barker's Bargain Bar, Hole in One Safe Crackers, Card Game, Bonus Game Blooper in PG1, Airplane offered in the Showcase
1132 December 30, 1982 R. Rinkerman. 8/9

Leane, Robin, Glynis, Patricia

Shell Game, Card Game, Danger Price Double Prices, Check-Out, Money Game PG4 played for a car
996 January 7, 1983 J. Hatten. 8/9

Adrianne, Mark, Roberta, Terri

Bonus Game, Ten Chances, Barker's Bargain Bar Danger Price, Money Game, Hit Me PG3 played for trips
864 January 12, 1983 J. Haten. 8/9

Phyllis, Abrahm, Karen, Susan

Barker's Bargain Bar, Hole in One, Danger Price Double Prices, It's Optional, Shell Game PG1's electronics go out after the prize descriptions and has to be operated manually, Painful PG2 loss, SFX issues during IUFB#3, Unique PG4 prize, Perfect PG5 playing
1133 January 13, 1983 R. Rinkerman. 8/8

Lynea, Harry, Sonya, Sherri

Lucky $even, Trader Bob, Clock Game One Right Price, Now...And Then, Card Game Janice has some nice moves during the prize reveal for PG5 and Bob loves her 'uncontrollable hip', Big loss in PG6 (although the minuscule range doesn't help), Unique telephone offered in Showcase 1
887 January 21, 1983 G. Zimmerman. 8/9

Janine, Heidi, Hettie, Diana

Lucky $even, Punch-a-Bunch, One Right Price Clock Game, Card Game, Pick-a-Pair Minor picture jumping but clear picture quality, 1982 car driven out in PG1, PG2 win, Hettie inadvertently insults Bob during SS#1
774 February 4, 1983 J. Hatten. 7/7

Shari, Betty, Anna, Helen

Clock Game, Temptation, Trader Bob Squeeze Play, Penny Ante, It's Optional
962 February 23, 1983 G. Zimmerman. 8/9

Elaine, Arlene, Deborah, Heidi

Shell Game, 3 Strikes, Poker Game Most Expensive, Hi Lo, Ten Chances Painful PG2 loss, 5th contestant called down has a rather familiar sounding name, Technical blooper in PG6 results in a perfect win
775 March 3, 1983 J. Hatten. 6/7

Judith, Rosemary, Charles, Joanne

Super Ball!!, Clock Game, Card Game Most Expensive, Grand Game, One Right Price
1134 March 25, 1983 R. Rinkerman. 7/8

Gloria, Joan, Linda, Gladys

Lucky $even, Clock Game, Pick-a-Pair One Right Price, Master Key, Range Game Linda memorized prizes from the show and gets a perfect bid in IUFB#1, Wanda has a lengthy story that Bob has her continue before each IUFB and to the models after her PG, PG5 premiere, Perfect PG5win
558 March 28, 1983 J. Cranmer. 10/10

Debra, Patricia, Karen, Janice

Barker's Bargain Bar, Squeeze Play, Plinko Race Game, Bullseye, Safe Crackers Plinko replaces a car game in the first half, PG6 played for a car, DSW ($20K+ Win)
963 March 30, 1983 G. Zimmerman. 9/9

Susan, Tamara, Kathleen, Gertrude

Super Ball!!, Dice Game, Most Expensive Range Game, Hi Lo, Money Game PG1 win, Big payout in PG3, Painful PG4 loss, Mark Goodson visits the show and can be seen during the CNAOS plug
625 March 31, 1983 A. Kudey. 8/9

Cathy, Roberta, Donna, Teresa

Lucky $even, Hurdles, Clock Game Poker Game, Punch-a-Bunch, Double Prices Final playing of Hurdles with a minor unseen blooper, Donna causes all sorts of trouble during PG3, PG5 win, VERY close showcase bid
424 April 27, 1983 A. Kudey. 5/7 GSN

Darcy, Kathleen, Zula, Roy

Switcheroo, Barker's Bargain Bar, Clock Game Take Two, Grand Game, New Card Game Contestant uses only one attempt in Switcheroo, $6K win in SS#1, Joyce 'beats' on Bob, Exciting DSW with very close differences ($185-$82) ($20K+ Win), No commercials
964 April 28, 1983 G. Zimmerman. 7/8

Eula, Julienne, Linda, Joan

Lucky $even, Race Game, Hi Lo Blank Check, 5 Price Tags, Squeeze Play Funny PG4 contestant, Excited PG5 contestant, VERY close difference between Showcase contestants' differences
727 April 29, 1983 J. Hatten. 7/8

Desiree, Karen, Darlene, Ronald

Super Ball!!, Poker Game, 3 Strikes One Right Price, Bullseye, Safe Crackers Cheryl gives Bob a scare, Unusual prize in PG2, PG6 played for a car, Holly falls off a furniture display when it gets stuck being pulled away
965 May 4, 1983 G. Zimmerman. 9/9

Larry, Lori, Carol, Kimberlee

Golden Road, Squeeze Play, Pick-a-Pair Safe Crackers, Any Number, Cliff Hangers Blooper in PG1, Very painful Showcase overbid
888 May 9, 1983 G. Zimmerman. 9/9

Kim, Elizabeth, Barbara, Diana

Shell Game, It's Optional, Safe Crackers Barker's Bargain Bar, Bullseye, Dice Game Final playing of PG2, Fun PG2 contestant
776 May 19, 1983 J. Hatten. 6/8

Diane, Suzanne, Nancy, Jerome

Switcheroo, Most Expensive, Clock Game Safe Crackers, Hit Me, Any Number PG3 played for a car
389 May 26, 1983 G. Zimmerman. 6/8

Trina, Claudia, Billie, Lavon

Lucky $even, Hi Lo, One Right Price Poker Game, Shell Game, Ten Chances Picture freezes at times, The best and worst Lucky $even playing, Bob jokes about Billie's 'wrinkles', Contestant Kathleen would later be a contestant on Press Your Luck, DSW
1135 June 27, 1983 R. Rinkerman. 7/8

Sean, Joanne, Mary Beth, Diana

Lucky $even, Barker's Bargain Bar, Hit Me Danger Price, Bonus Game, Safe Crakcers Salute to As The World Turns with appearances by Frank Runyeon and Meg Ryan, PG6 played for a car
777 August 25, 1983 J. Hatten. 8/8

Ellen, Ramona, Armand, Elizabeth

Give or Keep, Poker Game, Money Game Barker's Bargain Bar, Dice Game, Penny Ante Very rowdy crowd after the Showcases
778 August 26, 1983 J. Hatten. 7/7

Evelyn, Ronald, Evette, Essie

Lucky $even, Clock Game, Pick-a-Pair Double Prices, Cliff Hangers, Any Number Season 11 finale, PG5 won even though Evette misses by more than $25 but the mountain climber gets stuck resulting in a win
807 September 15, 1983 G. Zimmerman. 7/8

Lillian, Rebecca, Viola, Priscilla

Golden Road, Double Prices, Pick-a-Pair Clock Game, Plinko, Poker Game Corvette offered in PG1 and won, Priscilla wins BIG
390 October 27, 1983 G. Zimmerman. 9/8

Patricia, Linda, Michelle, September

New Card Game, Punch-a-Bunch, Double Prices Take Two, Ten Chances, Bullseye Double Prices played for a car, Laura didn't want to be on the show and makes for some very entertaining moments, DSW
997 November 1, 1983 J. Hatten. 7/9

Pam, Elaine, Arlene, Jack

Golden Road, Double Prices, Now...And Then Range Game, Trader Bob, Dice Game Expensive PG1 prize (Almost $25K), Very painful PG6 loss
532 November 2, 1983 G. Zimmerman. 8/9

Scott, Toni, Linda, Cynthia

Master Key, Take Two, Most Expensive Safe Crackers, Any Number, Hit Me Bob has Linda and Cynthia do a Price is Right cheerleader routine in CR, Hilarious showcase with Johnny Olson as a Damsel in Distress, DSW ($25K+)
723 November 3, 1983 D. Downs. 7/9

Jeanette, Carmen, Linda, Bradley

Blank Check, Plinko, Danger Price Barker's Bargain Bar, Check-Out, Money Game Original broadcast with commercials, Bob asks where the other half of Teri's shirt is, VERY close Showcase bid
1075 November 9, 1983 J. Hatten. 7/8

Naomi, Patricia, Catherine, Trixie

Hi Lo, Clock Game, Plinko! One Right Price, New Card Game, Walk of Fame Second PG6 playing
1076 November 10, 1983 J. Hatten. 6/6

Arlene, Charlene, Tracy, Melody

Temptation, Double Prices, Grand Game Range Game, Master Key, Race Game Dian has trouble with the prizes in PG1, Holly blooper during IUFB#4, Technical difficulties during PG4, VERY strange ending to PG5
1077 November 14, 1983 J. Hatten. 8/8

Rose Marie, David, Elvira, Jenny

Give or Keep, Walk of Fame, 3 Strikes Safe Crackers, Squeeze Play, Penny Ante VERY close PG1 result, Probably the quickest PG3 wipeout ever, PG5 played for a car
501 November 16, 1983 M. Kriese.

Joey, Minnie, Marjorie, Lori

Five Price Tags, Clock Game, Double Prices Take Two, Dice Game, Grocery Game Home for Christmas Home Viewer Showcase is presented, Contestant Lori Valley would later win big on Super Password, DSW ($20K+ Win)
998 December 1, 1983 J. Hatten. 7/8

Stacy, Nancy, Deborah, Christine

Golden Road, Grocery Game, Barker's Bargain Bar Race Game, Give or Keep, Dice Game Pair of ZOE Zipper electric cars offered in the Showcase, VERY close Showcase bid
999 December 2, 1983 J. Hatten. 7/8

Christine, Linda, Maria, Debra

Safe Crackers, Switcheroo, Danger Price Squeeze Play, Walk of Fame, Hi Lo PG5 played for a car
950 December 6, 1983 J. Hatten. 7/7

Patricia, Rosalie, Jerome, Joan

Master Key, Clock Game, Walk of Fame Barker's Bargain Bar, Any Number, Pick-a-Pair Janice has trouble with the TPIR Train in IUFB#4 and as a result the prize nearly falls off, Anticlimactic Showcase result
1000 December 8, 1983 J. Hatten. 7/7

Teresa, Patrick, Elizabeth, Mary

Super Ball!!, Take Two, Dice Game Most Expensive, 3 Strikes, Bullseye PG2 played for LA sports team tickets, Painful PG3 loss
1067 December 12, 1983 J. Cranmer. 7/7

Patricia, Pamela, Bobbi, Jimmie

Safe Crackers, Plinko!, Squeeze Play Danger Price, Temptation, Penny Ante
1068 December 13, 1983 J. Cranmer. 7/7

Kathleen, Catherine, Glenda, Janice

Golden Road, Poker Game, Secret X Blank Check, Grand Game, Most Expensive Not a good move during PG1
1136 December 14, 1983 R. Rinkerman. 9/10

Leslie, Christine, Bobbie, Geneva

Clock Game, Hole in One, Walk of Fame Double Prices, 3 Strikes, Bonus Game Leslie and Bob have a funny chat before IUFB#1, Painful PG2 loss, PG5 contestant has a unique name
582 December 22, 1983 J. Hatten. 8/7

Karen, Heather, Doris, Chauncey

Temptation, Trader Bob, Double Prices Take Two, Dice Game, Now...Or Then Christmas 1983 Episode, Bloopers in PG1 and PG2, VQ deteriorates during showcases
438 December 23, 1983 M. Kriese. 3/6

Jeanne, Martha, Shelley, Jerry

Master Key, Squeeze Play, Walk of Fame Safe Crackers, Bullseye, 3 Strikes Christmas 1983 Episode, Contestant Janice has a very interesting and unique occupation, Poor picture quality, Picture freezes constantly for periods of time, No Commercials
1078 January 5, 1984 J. Hatten. 8/9

Lisa, Carol, Kelly, Linda

Blank Check, Plinko!, Most Expensive Range Game, Ten Chances, Pick-a-Pair Pair of electric vehicle convertibles offered in the Showcase
951 January 9, 1984 J. Hatten. 8/8

Martha, Judy, Fong, Wanda

Lucky $even, Trader Bob, Squeeze Play Walk of Fame, Dice Game, Now...and Then Perfect PG4 playing with a VERY unusual final prize that neither the contestant or Bob know exactly what it is
1001 January 10, 1984 J. Hatten. 8/8

Janie, Lola, John, Susan

Blank Check, Danger Price, Hole in One Double Prices, Bonus Game, Card Game The infamous Susan Durbeck/Dupont incident, Perfect PG3 playing, Corvette offered in the Showcase
1002 January 11, 1984 J. Hatten. 8/8

Angela, Joyce, Victoria, Durand

Master Key, One Right Price, Take Two Clock Game, Ten Chances, Bullseye A contestant misses a chance in PG5 due to an enforced '10 second rule'
1079 January 12, 1984 J. Hatten. 6/7

Valerie, Cheryl, Tara, Jesse

Safe Crackers, Check-Out, Money Game Race Game, Punch-a-Bunch, Barker's Bargain Bar
1080 January 13, 1984 J. Hatten. 7/7

Felicia, Denise, Catherine, Louise

Super Ball!!, Most Expensive, 3 Strikes Poker Game, Any Number, Penny Ante No audio during most of PG3 until partway through SS#1
952 January 17, 1984 J. Hatten. 9/9

Theresa, Honor?, Jean, Candy

Golden Road, Pick-a-Pair, Clock Game Most Expensive, Switcheroo, Range Game PG1 played for a $23K+ Cadillac, Bob has a lengthy and funny conversation with Angelo before IUFB#2
953 January 18, 1984 J. Hatten. 8/8

Phyllis, Carol, Rodney, Bebe

Temptation, Shell Game, Barker's Bargain Bar 3 Strikes, Poker Game, Grand Game Exciting PG6 win
954 January 19, 1984 J. Hatten. 9/9

Jamie, Richard, Daria, Kimberly

Any Number, Hit Me, Double Prices Danger Price, Bonus Game, Ten Chances Exciting PG6 finish
583 January 26, 1984 J. Hatten. 8/6

Cathy, Angela, Judy, Jack

Most Expensive, The Phone Home Game, Poker Game Safe Crackers, Money Game, Cliff Hangers Taped on Bob's birthday, the models get the audience to sing happy birthday to him after PG1, Airplane offered in the showcase
788 February 3, 1984 J. Hatten. 8/8

Diane, Jerene, Carroll, Karen

Lucky $even, Danger Price, Hi Lo Most Expensive, Bonus Game, Safe Crackers Exciting PG1 win, Painful PG5 loss, PG6 played for a truck, Showcase features 2 cars and a painful overbid
1081 February 6, 1984 J. Hatten. 8/8

Cheryl, Cynthia, Paul, Karen

Any Number, Trader Bob, Clock Game Barker's Bargain Bar, Now...And Then, Card Game Buzzer beating PG3 win, Very tall PG4 contestant, Painful PG6 result, BIG Showcase win
1082 February 7, 1984 J. Hatten. 7/7

Gary, Camilia, Kathy, Helene

Most Expensive, Blank Check, The Phone Home Game Squeeze Play, Cliff Hangers, Deluxe Dice Game
1083 February 8, 1984 J. Hatten. 7/8

Denise, Robert, Deborah, Phyllis

Lucky $even, Hit Me, Safe Crackers Take Two, Master Key, One Right Price Episode features memorable contestant Ethel who has a dream where Bob chases her in the hayloft, Close Showcase bid
1035 February 9, 1984 T. McSwain. 8/7

Christine, Barry, Julia, Cynthia

Clock Game, Danger Price, The Phone Home Game Double Prices, Switcheroo, Range Game PG1 played for a car
1003 May 24, 1984 J. Hatten. 8/9

Windy, Sandra, Michelle, Derrick

Temptation, Grocery Game, One Right Price Poker Game, Safe Crackers, Switcheroo Melvin is a very excited contestant, $6K win in SS#2 which includes the clangs and whoops and a distorted on-screen graphic
1004 September 18, 1984 J. Hatten. 7/8

Alexa, Tammy, Patricia, Donna

Shell Game, On the Nose, Squeeze Play Poker Game, Barker's Bargain Bar, Grand Game Premiere of On the Nose, $1K Bonus won in PG2 and very close finish, Phyllis is a very 'wild' contestant, Painful Double Overbid
1084 September 27, 1984 J. Hatten. 8/6

Cynthia, Laura, Bettie, Barbara

Clock Game, The Phone Home Game, Double Prices Blank, 5 Price Tags, Squeeze Play Very excited PG2 contestant, Very close Showcase bid which also happens to be revealed first for some reason
1085 October 9, 1984 J. Hatten. 7/9

Nancy, Barbara, Valanne, Alice

Lucky $even, Now...And Then, Double Prices Clock Game, Trader Bob, Ten Chances Win TV
724 October 25, 1984 D. Downs. 6/6

Linda, Jan, Dennis, Geraldine

Lucky $even, Now...and Then, Most Expensive Race Game, Punch-a-Bunch, Safe Crackers Incredible result in PG5, Very weird Showcase featuring prizes never offered before, including a photocopier and an expandable telephone
716 December 4, 1984 D. Downs. 5/4

Susan, Marcy, Rita, Timothy

Give or Keep, Safe Crackers, One Away Barker's Bargain Bar, Grocery Game, Deluxe Dice Game Muffled audio, Premiere of One Away and it's played slightly different than today, Bob goes on about Timothy's biceps and Frances wants to feel them
1086 December 20, 1984 J. Hatten. 9/9

Cynthia, Diane, Anna, Sherry

Double Prices, Clock Game, Hole in One Race Game, Squeeze Play, Plinko! Christmas Week episode, Pregnant PG4 contestant does remarkably well, Very close Showcase bid
584 December 21, 1984 J. Hatten. 9/7

Edward, Carol, Christine, Leanne

Blank Check, One Right Price, Master Key Walk of Fame, Money Game, Pick-a-Pair Christmas 1984 Episode, Grainy VQ during PG1, Blooper in PG6 that results in an automatic win
621 June 3, 1985 A. Kudey. 6/9

Cathy, Anne, Stephanie, William

Bonus Game, On the Nose, Range Game Most Expensie, Money Game, Hi Lo Snowy picture quality, Features a playing of unique PG 'On the Nose', $1K Bonus won in PG2, Close PG3 win, DSW
1051 June 4, 1985 J. Cranmer. 7/9

Alicia, Barbara, Linda, Tana

Barker's Bargain Bar, Hole in One, Take Two 1 Right Price, Balance Game, Card Game Robot presents IUFB#2
720 June 6, 1985 D. Downs. 7/8

Vicki, Natalie, Stacey, Sharon

Safe Crackers, Dice Game, The Phone Home Game Squeeze Play, Secret X, 3 Strikes Vicki and Bob have interesting conversations about family resemblances, Big PG3 win, Near wipeout in PG6
1087 October 17, 1985 J. Hatten. 5/8

Sandra Dee, Gary, Glynis, Martine

Any Number, Poker Game, Plinko! Bump, One Away, Bullseye Very close PG2 result, 5-digit PG5 playing with a perfect win, Cadillac offered in the Showcase
1053 November 5, 1985 J. Cranmer. 8/10

Kathleen, Barbara, Diane, Catherine

Barker's Bargain Bar, Hole in One, Take Two 1 Right Price, Bonus Game, Ten Chances Episode severely edited removing Contestant's Row bids and Showcase Showdowns, Blooper in PG1, Marjorie Goodson dances for SC2 which features a Corvette
712 November 11, 1985 D. Downs. 6/8

Clarence, Phyllis, Adrienne, Lana

Grocery Game, One Right Price, Deluxe Dice Game Barker's Bargain Bar, Secret X, Money Game Gene Wood announces and is dressed as Santa to present the Christmas Wishes Home Viewer Showcase featuring some rather unique vehicles
46 January 3, 1986 .

Maria, Bryan, Alice, Collette

Bump, Hit Me, Temptation Safe Crackers, Cliffhangers, Dice Game Original broadcast minus commercials, Bob Eubanks comes on down before IUFB#2 to promote Card Sharks, Rich Jeffries announces, Two cars in one showcase
1050 January 20, 1986 J. Cranmer. 7/7

Kevin, Esther, James, Judy

Super Ball!!, Deluxe Dice Game, Most Expensive Range Game, Any Number, Grand Game PG1 played for trips, Labels mixed up during PG6, $11K win in SS#2, Cars offered in both Showcases including a Corvette
551 February 17, 1986 C. Donegan.

Wendy, Barbara, Stephen, Gerri

Master Key, One Right Price, Take Two Clock Game, Temptation, Bullseye Rod Roddy's first permanent show, $11K win in SS#2, New winnings record of $54,772
639 March 12, 1986 G. Zimmerman. 7/8

Christa, Donna, Lee, Heather

Check Game, 3 Strikes +, The Phone Home Game Most Expensive, Card Game, Secret X Perfect PG2 playing, no strikes and every number pulled out in consecutive order, Impressive PG5 difference
1088 May 15, 1986 J. Hatten. 8/6

Shelley, Terry, Richter, Diana

Blank Check, Hole in One, Double Prices Safe Crackers, Money Game, Punch-a-Bunch
618 August 28, 1986 PM A. Kudey. 7/8

Kimberly, Ronald, Michelle, Karina

Lucky $even, Plinko, Danger Price Grand Game, Temptation, Range Game Primetime Special #3, PG3 blooper
881 September 8, 1986 R. Rinkerman. 7/9

Teri, Ralph, Talitha, Lawrence

Safe Crackers, Any Number, Grand Game Clock Game, Double Prices, Switcheroo Season 15 Premiere, Mark Goodson appears at the beginning of the show and makes a speech, PG1 played for a car, PG2 Play Along
1052 September 9, 1986 J. Cranmer.

Shelley, Charles, Mary Beth, Maureen

Master Key, Range Game, Race Game Most Expensive, Grocery Game, One Away Win TV, Second episode of Season 15, Fingers and a staffer perform 'The Gator' during SS#1, PG5 played for a 5-digit car, Showcase results appear to be missing from GSN airing
615 September 10, 1986 A. Kudey. 9/9

Angela, Patricia, Cy, Sammie

Check Game, Hole in One, Take Two Squeeze Play, Cliff Hangers, Dice Game WIN TV, 3rd Episode of Season 15, Lori screams a lot, DSW
619 September 18, 1986 PM A. Kudey. 7/7

Suzanne, Graham, Anne, Keith

Lucky $even, Race Game, Geand Game Range Game, Punch-a-Bunch, Any Number Primetime Special #6, PG1 blooper, PG5 win, HUGE showcase win
865 Septemebr 19, 1986 J. Hatten. 8/8

Michael, AnnMarie, Lawrence, Barbara

Give or Keep, Card Game, Most Expensive Race Game, Add 'Em Up, Penny Ante Taped 6-23-86, Minor blooper in PG2, BIG Showcase win
1066 September 22, 1986 J. Cranmer. 6/7

David, Patricia, Corinne, Elizabeth

Lucky $even, Danger Price, The Phone Home Game One Right Price, Bonus Game, One Away Win TV, PG1 played for a 5-digit car, Very anticlimactic Showcase reveal with a big win
1047 September 26, 1986 J. Cranmer. 8/9

David, Sharon, Leslie, Grace

Golden Road, Grand Game, Squeeze Play Safe Crackers, Switcheroo, Range Game Win TV, Painful PG6 loss, Painful Showcase overbid
905 September 29, 1986 J. Cranmer. 7/8

Scott, Mary, Serita, Karen

Give or Keep, Most Expensive, Any Number Poker Game, Add 'Em Up, Penny Ante PG5 won despite terrible strategy
889 September 30, 1986 G. Zimmerman. 8/9

Kelly, Marisa, Paul, Esperanza

Barker's Bargain Bar, One Away, The Phone Home Game Take Two, Cliff Hangers, Money Game Lots of exciting wins including a big PG2 win
1031 October 1, 1986 T. McSwain. 6/6

Robin, Donna, Belinda, Ronald

Card Game, Plinko!, Race Game Squeeze Play, 3 Strikes, Pick-a-Pair 3000th Show
487 October 6, 1986 A. Kudey. 8/9

Sherry, Belinda, Daniel, Robin

Money Game, Check-Out, Squeeze Play Most Expensive, Shell Game, Ten Chances Win TV, The hilarious 'Shell Game Cheater' moment
1048 October 7, 1986 J. Cranmer. 8/8

Charles, Elizabeth, Robin, Muriel

Danger Price, Add 'Em Up, Plinko! Double Prices, 3 Strikes, Now...Or Then Win TV
1049 October 10, 1986 J. Cranmer. 7/7

Donna, Yolanda, Kevin, Cynthia

Bump, Poker Game, Hole in One Blank Check, Secret X, Any Number PG2 contestant has a unique name
616 October 13, 1986 A. Kudey. 9/9

Rena, Christine, Fred, Rosalind

Barker's Bargain Bar, 5 Price Tags, Clock Game Race Game, Add 'Em Up, Grand Game PG4 play-along, Car radio offered in PG5, Perfect PG5 playing, Robot dressed as maid in SC2
890 October 14, 1986 G. Zimmerman. 7/7

Victoria, Clint, Marquenta, Allan

Range Game, One Right Price, Hole in One Take Two, Cliff Hangers, Money Game Original broadcastt with commercials, PG2 played for trips, Car offered in Train Depot Showcase, Very exciting Showcase conclusion with two VERY close bids!
891 October 15, 1986 G. Zimmemran. 10/9

Rebecca, David, Paul, Terri

Blank Check, Plinko, 3 Strikes Bump, Temptation, Hi Lo Win TV, Monica has a funny story about her job, Car offered in Splendido Showcase, GSN cuts off the Showcase results
892 October 27, 1986 G. Zimmerman. 8/10

Carol, Janet, Jimmy, Sue

Barker's Bargain Bar, Bullseye, Add 'Em Up Race Game, Card Game, Give or Keep Unique IUFB#1, Rod get the last contestant's name wrong
866 November 3, 1986 J. Hatten. 7/8

Ronda, Jerry, Angela, Helen

Lucky $even, Plinko!, 1 Right Price Tak Two, Grocery Game, Dice Game Very close Showcase result with two very close bids!
1036 November 10, 1986 T. McSwain. 7/8

Suzanne, Margie, Maria Nella, Maryanne

Grocery Game, One Right Price, Deluxe Dice Game Barker's Bargain Bar, Secret X, Money Game Home Viewer Showcase 'Christmas Party' is presented, Painful PG1 loss, All 6s rolled in PG3
893 November 19, 1986 G, Zimmerman. 7/8

Cindy, Yuko, Margaret, Robin

Safe Crackers, Now...And Then, Race Game Barker's Bargain Bar, Punch-a-Bunch, Card Game Original broadcast with commercials, Last playing of PG2 before the name change, PG2 played for a car, PG5 win, Terrible PG6 overbid
779 November 24, 1986 J. Hatten. 6/8

Lorraine, Pamela, Joseph, Janel

Bullseye, Add 'Em Up, Safe Crackers Take Two, Double Prices, Switcheroo Confused PG2 contestant, Shirley is a fun contestant
691 November 26, 1986 G. Zimmerman. 7/8

Julie, Leslie, Randall, Helen

Danger Price, Hole in One, Check Game One Right Price, Bonus Game, 3 Strikes Props get stuck in PG2 and Holly has a tough time pulling them out, $500 Bonus won in PG2, PG5 comes around the turntable prematurely lit up but is turned off before anyone notices
585 December 2, 1986 J. Hatten. 8/9

Carmen, Jacqueline, Jerome, Victoria

Now...Or Then, 3 Strikes, Poker Game Clock Game, Five Price Tags, 1 Right Price First playing of Now...OR Then, Confused PG1 contestant, Odd prize offered in PG6
626 December 11, 1986 A. Kudey. 8/8

Tyrone, Patricia, Susan, Kenneth

Shell Game, Most Expensive, Add 'Em Up Bump, Penny Ante, One Away PG1 Play-Along
1144 December 23, 1986 R. Rinkerman. 6/7

Jacqueline, Hans, Marquita, William

Double Prices, Hole in One, Poker Game Squeeze Play, Dice Game, Cliff Hangers Motorhome offered in the Showcases
363 January 5, 1987 S. Wylie. Acceptable/Acceptable

Linda, Darsalee, Michael, Maryann

Grocery Game (P-A), Temptation, Squeeze Play Take Two, Punch-a-Bunch, Money Game Grocery Game Play-Along, DSW
472 January 6, 1987 G. Zimmerman. 7/7

Tammy, Nancy, Lawrence, Cynthia

Lucky $even, Danger Price, Plinko Bump, Add 'Em Up, Pick-a-Pair Some of the trim on the wheel begins to fall apart, Pick-a-Pair contestant is a grocery clerk
1089 January 9, 1987 J. Hatten. 8/8

Jana, Gordon, Edda, Yvette

Safe Crackers, Ten Chances, Bullseye Double Prices, Shell Game, One Away Painful PG2 playing, $6K win in SS#2, Backwards Showcase reveal
391 January 14, 1987 G. Zimmerman. 9/10 GSN

Marjorie, David, Bonnie, Lynne

Safe Crackers, Add 'Em Up, Grand Game Double Prices, Ten Chances, Bonus Game Brand New DP Prop and it looks rather sleek!
1090 January 20, 1987 J. Hatten. 8/8

Patricia, Sheila, Linda, John

Lucky $even, Clock Game, Plinko! Squeeze Play, Ten Chances, Grocery Game Outstanding PG5 playing, Painful PG6 result, Showcase featuring 2 Chevrolet Sprint Hatchbacks
1064 January 22, 1987 J. Cranmer. 8/7

David, Michelle, Karen, Phillip

Golden Road, Give or Keep, One Right Price Danger Price, One Away, Bullseye PG1 win ($26K+), Funny model chat after PG3, Perfect PG5 win
894 January 26, 1987 G. Zimmerman. 9/9

Rita, Doreen, Bennetta, Oscar

Super Ball!!, Range Game, Poker Game Bump, 3 Strikes, Check-Out PG1 played for a car, Bennetta continuously gets better with her throws in PG1, PG5 wipeout, Impressive PG6 playing, Painful Double Overbid
1039 February 9, 1987 T. McSwain. 9/9

Ronnell, Aya, Matthew, Diana

Give or Keep, 3 Strikes, Race Game Squeeze Play, Temptation, Grocery Game A contestant attempts to cheat in PG6 but Bob doesn't fall for it
1014 February 11, 1987 R. Rinkerman. 8/9

Debra, Rochelle, Gilbert, Mary

Danger Price, Card Game, Plinko! Bump, One Away, Bullseye Wonderful Ways to Get Wet Showcase followed by Wonderful Ways to Get Dry Showcase, VERY close Showcase bid
809 March 25, 1987 R. Rinkerman. 7/8

Suzanne, Kim, Patrick, Tomasia

Golden Road, Penny Ante, Bump Take Two, Give or Keep, One Away Bob enters through Door#2, PG3 played or trips
685 March 27, 1987 J. Hatten. 8/8

Dena, Jack, Gail, Wayne

Temptation, Plinko, Clock Game Double Prices, Pick-a-Pair, Range Game The Price is Right celebrates becoming the longest continuously running daytime network game show in TV history, PG6 played for a car
473 March 31, 1987 G. Zimmerman. 7/7

Clay, Kathy, Colleen, Russell

Five Price Tags, Clock Game, Take Two Double Prices, Now...Or Then, Add 'Em Up Clay claims to have never seen Clock Game but plays it very well
1046 April 1, 1987 J. Cranmer. 7/7

Shawn, Gregory, Laronda, Julia

Lucky $even, Danger Price, The Phone Home Game Barker's Bargain Bar, Any Number, Cliff Hangers April Fools Day 1987, Shawn is a very tall contestant, April Fools Showcase featuring three strange trips and is actually a pair of Ford Thunderbirds, Big Showcase win with a close bid
500 April 7, 1987 A. Kudey. 5/6

Ada, Timothy, Leonora, Ruth

Check Game, Pathfinder, Poker Game Barker's Bargain Bar, Deluxe Dice Game, Grocery Game Premiere of Pathfinder and it's played perfectly, Painful PG5 loss, Rarity in PG6
747 October 14, 1987 G. Zimmerman. 10/10

Julie, Michael, Angela, Jeannie

Lucky $even, Check-Out, Poker Game Double Prices, Temptation, Plinko Original broadcast, Bob's last gray-haired day, Alexandra is a ridiculously hysterical contestant scaring Bob and Dian with her shrieking
1015 October 15, 1987 R. Rinkerman. 10/10

Shari, William, Nathalie, Phyllis

Most Expensive, 3 Strikes, Punch-a-Bunch Take Two, Pick-a-Pair, Any Number Original broadcast in pristine quality, Bob's first day with white hair, Shocking Showcase result
966 October 27, 1987 G. Zimmerman. 7/7

Anthony, Ellen, Keith, Terri

Now...Or Then, Ten Chances, Check Game Poker Game, Squeeze Play, 5 Price Tags Funny conversation between Keith and Bob before PG2, PG3 Play-Along, $6K Win in SS#2
674 October 30, 1987 J. Hatten. 8/8

Linda, Robert, Christy, Karinda

Master Key, Range Game, Most Expensive Race Game, Grand Game, Money Game Halloween 1987 Episode, Two fun Halloween showcases, one with the instrumental to 'Let's Hear it for the Boy'
748 November 20, 1987 G. Zimmerman. 7/6

Beverly, William, Evangeline, Annette

Master Key, Range Game, Most Expensive Race Game, Hi Lo, Card Game Perfect show ruined at the last moment by a painful overbid in PG6, Showcase #2 features Walt Disney's Classic, Cinderella & a screening for 26 people
364 December 7, 1987 G. Zimmerman. 6/2

Shelden, Katherine, Lisa, Sally

Credit Card, Hit Me, One Away Most Expensive, Plinko, Any Number Premiere of Credit Card, Lisa screams alot, A woman named Shelden, Muffled audio
967 February 4, 1988 G. Zimmerman. 8/8

Douglas, Lisa, Lori, Donald

Golden Road, Give or Keep, Barker's Bargain Bar Race Game, Any Number, Penny Ante Showcase Showdowns and Credits missing, New record for biggest daytime winnings
515 February 11, 1988 M. Kriese.

Lisa, Harold, Pamela, Janice

Card Game, Clock Game, The Phone Home Game Most Expensive, Secret X, Deluxe Dice Game 2/3 of the audience is empty due to a rare snowstorm, PG1 results missing (Loss), $13K win in PG3, Unique PG6 prize
549 February 16, 1988 C. Donegan. 5/8

Russell, Deborah, August, Suzanne

Give or Keep, Lucky $even, Danger Price , , Half Hour Episode
559 February 26, 1988 G. Zimmerman. 3/6

Andrew, Julianne, Sherri, Marlene

Golden Road, Bump, Plinko Most Expensive, Money Game, Hi Lo Hilarious contestant in PG1, Marlene is an NFL cheerleader, Bob tosses a copy of an encyclopaedia when he sees he's not on the cover
640 March 1, 1988 G. Zimmerman. 8/8

Patricia, Darren, Susan, Lynne

Range Game, Five Price Tags, Credit Card Double Prices, Ten Chances, Now...Or Then PG1 Play Along, Hilariously Hype contestant Annie runs around everywhere and loses her rollers, Agonizing PG5 playing, Motorhome offered in a showcase and won despite a HUGE difference
731 March 2, 1988 J. Hatten. 7/8

Delmar, Nancy, Bettye, Keith

Money Game, Most Expensive, Grocery Game Poker Game, Punch-a-Bunch, Temptation
520 March 23, 1988 M. Kriese.

Judith, Jennifer, Dean, Anna

Any Number, Take Two, The Phone Home Game Barker's Bargain Bar, Money Game, Cliff Hangers $12,200 Win in PG3, Bob pays tribute at the end of the show to Frank Wayne who passed away days earlier
793 April 4, 1988 G. Zimmerman. 6/6

Michael, Shelley, Sherri, Eileen

Money Game, Credit Card, The Phone Home Game Barker's Bargain Bar, Lucky $even, Bonus Game A contestant gets called on down while she's in the bathroom and misses her opportunity, Pitiful PG3 payout
521 May 4, 1988 M. Kriese.

Linda, Romeo, Anita, Doris

Most Expensive, Super Ball!!, 3 Strikes + Safe Crackers, Lucky $even, Grand Game Bob is wearing two different shoes due to a broken toe, Super Ball!! is seen as Bob and Linda walk towards the big doors to play PG1, Rod is wearing dark glasses
968 June 28, 1988 G. Zimmerman. 6/6

Kimberly, Lisa, Peggy, Julius

Bump, Temptation, Grand Game Credit Card, Range Game, Master Key 4th Last show of Season 16, Ray Combs stops by during PG1, Almost every number changed in PG2
519 June 30, 1988 M. Kriese.

Dawn, Doreen, Tammy, Carolyn

Card Game, Danger Price, The Phone Home Game Barker's Bargain Bar, 3 Strikes, Bonus Game Second last episode of S16, Rare $15K win in PG3, $6K Win in SS#1, Showcase results missing
810 July 1, 1988 R. Rinkerman. 7/8

Janet, Thomas, Joseph, Juanita

Most Expensive, Plinko, Add 'Em Up Take Two, Penny Ante, Any Number Season 16 finale with experimental chyron graphics, Emotional PG2 contestant, Not the smartest playing of PG3
816 September 14, 1988 R. Rinkerman. 6/7

Michelle, Bryan, Angela, Hue

Hole in One, Danger Price, Bump Check Game, Secret X, One Away Bob enters from the turntable, Betty White makes an appearance during PG1 and does the inspirational putt, Emotional Showcase winner
622 September 15, 1988 A. Kudey. 6/7

Greta, Martin, Timothy, Paula

Spelling Bee, Range Game, Race Game Barker's Bargain Bar, Add 'Em Up, Premiere of Spelling Bee, PG4 played for trips, PG5 wipeout, Grand Game
634 September 28, 1977 A. Kudey. 7/7

Vicki, Claire, Deborah, Earl

Bump, Ten Chances, Penny Ante One Right Price, Temptation, Shell Game Silly PG1 blooper, PG2 contestant has some interesting penmanship, Three way tie in SS#1
882 October 7, 1988 R. Rinkemran. 6/6

Rose, Cynthia, Loretta, Jacob

Squeeze Play, 3 Strikes, The Phone Home Game Barker's Bargain Bar, Cliff Hangers, One Away Janice is absent due to being knocked into the audience by a camera, $13K win in PG3
454 November 17, 1988 J. Hatten.

Brent, Carol, Cynthia, Bruce

Five Price Tags, Clock Game, Danger Price Barker's Bargain Bar, Squeeze Play, Penny Ante Santa's Workshop Home Viewer Showcase is presented, PG5 Played for a car
514 December 7, 1988 M. Kriese.

Ashley, Joseph, Denise, Wilhelmina

Bump, Range Game, Master Key Clock Game, 3 Strikes, Check-Out Leilani is one quarter Samoan
516 December 16, 1988 M. Kriese.

Michael, Margarita, June, Dorothy

Barker's Bargain Bar, Dice Game, Bullseye Most Expensive, 3 Strikes, Secret X Bob calls the Home Viewer Showcase winner after the showcases
586 January 24, 1989 J. Hatten. 9/9

Christine, Rosalind, Cheryl, Doris

Golden Road, Range Game, Give or Keep Poker Game, Penny Ante, Money Game Popcorn cart offered as IUFB#5 and the models hand out popcorn to the contestants, All numbers in PG6 are doubles
474 February 16, 1989 G. Zimmerman. 7/7

Lynn, Cynthia, Linda, Steven

Spelling Bee, Safe Crackers, Take Two Double Prices, Bullseye, Dice Game Perfect Show
502 February 21, 1989 M. Kriese.

Gwendolyn, Michael, Bobby, Sherry

Super Ball!!, Money Game, Most Expensive Squeeze Play, Hi Lo, Ten Chances Weather interruptions during PG1 and PG4, Robin has some 'borrowed' lucky charms from other audience members
635 March 3, 1989 A. Kudey. 7/7

Janet, Jonathan, Marena, Samuel

Bump, Hole in One, Poker Game Double Prices, Punch-a-Bunch, One Away PG2 win from farthest line, Production errors in both PG5 and PG6 result in wins
627 March 6, 1989 A. Kudey. 9/9

Denise, Anthony, Dena, Janet

Bullseye, Lucky $even, Squeeze Play Race Game, Master Key, Range Game $11K win in SS#1, Funny conversation between Bob and Janet about her playing hooky
749 March 28, 1989 G. Zimmerman. 9/9

Clarence, Ursula, Janet, Donna

Safe Crackers, Take Two, Spelling Bee 1 Right Price, Dice Game, Grand Game
827 May 8, 1989 R. Rinkerman. 8/9

Amy, Robert, Rhonda, Sharon

Money Game, Hi Lo, Credit Card 1 Right Price, Five Price Tags, Check Game When the show learns that Rhonda is the mother of twins, they substitute one of the prizes in PG4 for bunk beds
600 May 10, 1989 G. Zimmerman. 5/6

Christine, Anita, Joan, Pierre

Lucky $even, Squeeze Play, Super Saver Most Expensive, Punch-a-Bunch, One Away Joan has a funny conversation about her husband, Super Saver Premiere, Perfect PG6 playing, Martians Showcase
623 June 14, 1989 A. Kudey. 6/7

Jeffrey, Beverly, Renee, Yvonne

3 Strikes, Double Prices, Give or Keep Poker Game, Ten Chances, Grocery Game Agonizing PG5 playing
794 September 11, 1989 G. Zimmerman. 8/8

Kathleen, Darrell, Diane, Harry

Make Your Move, Plinko, Barker's Bargain Bar Double Prices, 3 Strikes +, Grocery Game Season 18 premiere, Debut of Make Your Move and it's played for a car
368 October 2, 1989 G. Zimmerman. 7/8

Laura, Jacqueline, Curtis, Gloria

Make Your Move, Dice Game, Plinko Double Prices, 3 Strikes +, Grocery Game Holly blooper in IUFB#1, Early playing of Make Your Move, Big showcase win ($55K+)
369 October 12, 1989 G. Zimmerman. 6/8

Gloria, Robert, Denise, Eliseo

One Right Price, Pathfinder, Make Your Move Barker's Bargain Bar, Hit Me, Lucky $even Driving Denise, Confusion in Pathfinder
475 October 24, 1989 G. Zimmerman. 7/8

Karen, Deborah, Ralph, Glenda Sue

Golden Road, Super Saver, Most Expensive Bump, Plinko, Money Game $39K+ Golden Road prize, Close Super Saver result, Very excited Money Game contestant
692 October 27, 1989 G. Zimmerman. 8/9

Curtis, Gabriella, Wendy, Charles

Super Ball!!, Range Game, Make Your Move Squeeze Play, Lucky $even, Bullseye Slight interruption during opening, PG3 played for a car, Painful Showcase overbid
392 November 17, 1989 G. Zimmerman. 6/9

Kathy, Willie, Barbara, Lisa

Check Game, Pathfinder, Barker's Bargain Bar Credit Card, Grand Game, Dice Game TEN THOUSAND DOLLAR graphic in Grand Game, Trios Showcase featuring THREE Nissan Sentras
476 December 6, 1989 G. Zimmerman. 8/9

Ruth, Jesse, Christy, Carl

Barker's Bargain Bar, Pathfinder, Take Two Squeeze Play, Hole in One, Check Game Perfect Pathfinder playing, Bob has quite the wonky putter in PG5
533 December 7, 1989 G. Zimmerman. 8/8

Angela, Holly, Gabrielle, Anna

Money Game, Credit Card, Super Saver Most Expensive, Spelling Bee, Double Prices For some reason Angela has two nametags and she gives Bob quite a scare during PG1, Unusual prize in PG2, Interesting reveal during the first showcase, Early Barker's Factory Showcase
641 December 11, 1989 G. Zimmerman. 7/9

Frances, Robert, Lee Ann, Dennis

Five Price Tags, Race Game, Check Game Barker's Bargain Bar, Ten Chances, Penny Ante Janice hilariously acts like she won the car in PG1 when she guesses the right price, Slow PG2 contestant, Almost textbook playing pf PG5, PG6 wipeout
441 December 12, 1989 M. Kriese. 4/3

Carla, Emelie, Zolbar?, Shelley

2 for the Price of 1, Hit Me, Money Game Range Game, Punch-a-Bunch, Any Number Premiere of 2 for the Price of 1, Shaky picture quality, Low and muffled audio
445 December 14, 1989 M. Kriese.

Jennifer, James, Carolyn, Randy

Super Saver, 3 Strikes +, Danger Price Clock Game, Pathfinder, Squeeze Play Unique items in Super Saver, 3 Strikes + played for a rare prize, episode is missing from Danger Price to SS#2
517 January 4, 1990 M. Kriese.

Paula, Minnie, Laura, Frances

Golden Road, Check Game, Hi Lo Danger Price, Spelling Bee, One Right Price Black border on all four sides, Laura becomes the biggest winner winning $65,272 in prizes
795 January 15, 1990 G. Zimmerman. 8/8

Cheri, Gwyneth, Jerome, Roberta

Barker's Bargain Bar, Bonus Game, Ten Chances Double Prices, Check-Out, Money Game George has an unflattering comment about the show, Not the best playing of PG3, Terrible Showcase bid that has even Bob confused
780 January 16, 1990 J. Hatten. 8/9

Shannon, Richard, Rosnah, Michael

Most Expensive, 3 Srikes, Hit Me Take Two, Spelling Bee, 1 Right Price
477 January 19, 1990 G. Zimmerman. 8/7

Lydia, Kandy, Rene, Lynette

Check Game, Pathfinder, Poker Game Safe Crackers, Super Saver, Dice Game Bob is absolutely crazy about the car in PG2, Super Saver comeback
642 January 24, 1990 G. Zimmerman. 7/8

Shellie, Rebecca, Marianne, Bryan

Master Key, Barker's Bargain Bar, Check Game Credit Card, Now...Or Then, Dice Gam Lorene is very vocal during SS#1
534 February 2, 1990 G. Zimmerman. 6/6

Shawn, Troy, Willis, Kelly

Most Expensive, Dice Game, Super Saver Take Two, One Away, Plinko Buzzing audio, $6K wins in SS#1 and SS#2
560 February 14, 1990 G. Zimmerman. 9/9

Lynette, Anthony, Patricia, Janet

Squeeze Play, Temptation, Super Saver Double Prices, Shell Game, Lucky $even Valentine's Day 1990 episode, $11K win in SS#1, Gayle has a very wild hairdo
552 February 20, 1990 C. Donegan. 9/9

Jennifer, Corinne, Anthony, Mona

Lucky $even, Punch-a-Bunch, One Right Price , , Half Hour Episode
393 February 27, 1990 G. Zimmerman. 5/6

Robin, Susan, Margaret, Carlos

Squeeze Play, Penny Ante, Temptation Poker Game, Pathfinder, Bump Missing part of intro, Ruth has 14 kids, Bob gives Tysha a hard time about how her name is pronounced, No Commercials
636 September 10, 1990 A. Kudey. 5/7

Sally, Rex, Mary, Angela

Golden Road, Plinko, Gallery Game Barker's Bargain Bar, Dice Game, Bullseye Season 19 premiere, Mark Goodson appearance after PG1, Premiere of Gallery Game and its only win, PG4 played for trips, The Pointer Sisters 'Automatic' used for a showcase
372 October 25, 1990 G. Zimmerman. 5/7

Mia, Reva, Christine, Donald

Squeeze Play, Grand Game, One Away 2 for the Price of 1, Pathfinder, Gallery Game Sweet contestant Carmen passes a sports car showcase only to have her opponent overbid disasterously
955 December 11, 1990 J. Hatten. 7/7

Bertha, Joseph, Elizabeth, Susan

Safe Crackers, Pick-a-Pair, Temptation Most Expensive, Any Number, Cliff Hangers Early PG2 playing with redesigned set, Nail-biting finish in PG6 leads to a perfect show, Twisted Fairy Tales Showcases and both of them have cars
572 December 25, 1990 N. Casiano. 10/10

Casey, Sherry, Vincent, Mae

Squeeze Play, Grand Game, One Away Clock Game, Pathfinder, Make Your Move Christmas 1990 Episode, All cues have been replaced with Christmas music, PG3 played for a Corvette
587 January 18, 1991 J. Hatten. 9/10

Kirsten, Selina, Christina, Michael

Barker's Bargain Bar, 3 Strikes, Cliff Hangers Race Game, Grand Game, Temptation PG1 played for two trips, PG2 Wipeout, Andi wore running shoes specifically for PG4
478 January 28, 1991 G. Zimmerman. 7/6

Kathleen, John, Gregory, Marilyn

Most Expensive, Punch-a-Bunch, Card Game Safe Crackers, Temptation, Now...Or Then Kathleen is one lucky contestant, winning $5K on Punch-a-Bunch, $11K on the wheel and winning her showcase with a close bid
440 January 29, 1991 M. Kriese. 6/6

Donald, Paige, Carole, Linda

Grocery Game, 3 Strikes +, Make Your Move Range Game, Ten Chances, Bonus Game Grocery Game wipeout, VERY long playing of 3 Strikes +, BIG showcase win ($55k+), No Commercials
796 January 31, 1991 G. Zimmerman. 7/7

Amy, Beth, Valerie, Steven

Any Number, Pick-a-Pair, Race Game 2 for the Price of 1, Secret X, Lucky $even Early playing of the current designed PG2 with red borders and labels
554 March 8, 1991 C. Donegan. 8/8

Janice, Barbara, Timothy, Katherine

Super Ball!!, Gallery Game, Lucky $even Range Game, Any Number, Pick-a-Pair Bob gives Barbara a hard time about her bidding, Painful PG5 playing
1041 March 22, 1991 . 9/10

Robin, Cathy, Bernard, Nikki

2 for the Price of 1, Punch-a-Bunch, Lucky $even Gallery Game, Hole in One, Range Game Partial episode, Missing PG1 and after PG5, PG2 win, PG3 features the infamous Cathy with the 'unloaded' truck, Ruth slips up in PG5, Phil Wayne does the inspirational putt in PG5
394 April 5, 1991 G. Zimmerman. 5/7

Illuminada, Catherine, Kim, Michael

Spelling Bee, Barker's Bargain Bar, Gallery Game Clock Game, One Away, Grocery Game Second last playing of Gallery Game, Shell Game sign with Grocery Game table, No Commercials
628 April 30, 1991 A. Kudey. 8/8

Kimberly, Gwendolyn, Lloyd, Tiffini

Barker's Bargain Bar, Punch-a-Bunch, Temptation Take Two, Lucky $even, Hit Me Episode features 'Cheap Car Julia' who only wants a cheap car and ends up winning one
113 September 9, 1991 . 6/8

Andrew, Kelly, Frances, Manuel

3 Strikes, Swap Meet, Grand Game Barker's Bargain Bar, Cliffhangers, Double Prices Season 20 premiere, Mark Goodson appears, Swap Meet premiere, Cliffhangers for a convertible, Juanita gives Bob a very embarrasing moment during SS#2
114 September 10, 1991 . 6/8

Julie, Matthew, Cherrill, Laura

Most Expensive, Plinko, Lucky $even Squeeze Play, Pick-a-Pair, Money Game Most Expensive played for three trips, Debut of current Money Game board
115 September 11, 1991 . 6/8

Stephanie, Ronald, Jena, Carlton

One Away, One Right Price, Secret X Range Game, Dice Game, Grocery Game One Away perfection for a Cadillac, Range Game blooper
116 September 12, 1991 . 6/8

Stacie, Maria, Christopher, Lisa

Safe Crackers, Switcheroo, Double Prices Bump, Hi Lo, Make Your Move Switcheroo wipeout, Make Your Move for a car, Big showcase win
721 September 13, 1991 D. Downs. 6/8

Margaret, Mabulasa, Laura, Helen

Check Game, Punch-a-Bunch, Any Number 2 for the Price of 1, Squeeze Play, Penny Ante Very painful PG1 loss, PG5 played for a car
672 September 17, 1991 J. Hatten. 7/8

Tamiko, Jennifer, Charles, Stephen

Super Ball!!, Barker's Bargain Bar, Money Game Make Your Move, Pick-a-Pair, Any Number First show taped with the new Money Game prop, George has been to the show 44 times and finally gets called on down
409 September 20, 1991 G. Zimmerman. 9/7

Diana, Willie, Lucy, Dennis

Golden Road, Poker Game, Grand Game Clock Game, Master Key, Squeeze Play Win TV, Golden Road played for a Porsche and won, $30K+ showcase win
895 September 26, 1991 G. Zimmerman. 8/8

Gwendolyn, Daniel, Alan, Heather

Squeeze Play, Hit Me, Ten Chances 2 for the Price of 1, Punch-a-Bunch, Any Number Win TV, Blooper in IUFB#1, Textbook PG3 playing
561 September 27, 1991 G. Zimmerman. 8/8

Richard, Patrice, Luke, Kimberly

Five Price Tags, Clock Game, Swap Meet Range Game, 3 Strikes +, Bullseye Swap Meet uses Most Expensive style price tag reveal, $11K win in SS#1
896 September 30, 1991 G. Zimmerman. 8/8

Brandi, Robert, Luciella, Kermit

Money Game, Poker Game, Grand Game Check Game, Safe Crackers, Switcheroo PG1 wipeout, Two cars offered in one Showcase, Painful Double Overbid
781 October 4, 1991 J. Hatten. 7/8

Corinne, Antonio, Kimberly, Lynann

Barker's Bargain Bar, Hole in One, Range Game Swap Meet, Punch-a-Bunch, Lucky $even Very inexpensive vehicle in PG2, PG5 win
643 October 10, 1991 G. Zimmerman. 8/8

Tonya, Del, Audrey, Kelly

Any Number, Range Game, Hit Me 2 for the Price of 1, Spelling Bee, Danger Price WIN TV, PG2 is posessed
535 October 14, 1991 G. Zimmerman. 9/9

Delia, Cynthia, Daniel, Ernest

3 Strikes +, Safe Crackers, Bullseye Clock Game, Secret X, Temptation Rod mistakenly calls Daniel Danielle, Three perfect bids with sound effect problems during the first two, Close showcase result
574 October 15, 1991 N. Casiano. 7/8

Melanie, Shirley, Curtis, Marilyn

Super Ball!!, Lucky $even, Bump Most Expensive, Any Number, Hit Me Absolutely HILARIOUS episode featuring perpetual motion Marilyn who can't stop bouncing and pinching and Melanie who mauls Bob after PG4, 4-digit Any Number
693 October 17, 1991 G. Zimmerman. 7/8

Susan, Kelly, Phillip, Lisa

Make Your Move, Pathfinder, Squeeze Play Swap Meet, Money Game, Check-Out Fingers Greco's husband models IUFB#1, Willie has a strange hairdo, 4-Digit Money Game, Hilarious occurance before IUFB#6
644 October 18, 1991 G. Zimmerman. 6/7

Michelle, Julie, Robert, Dawne

2 for the Price of 1, Hole in One, Poker Game Range Game, Dice Game, Plinko Impressive PG2 win, Difficult prices in PG3
370 October 25, 1991 G. Zimmerman. 6/8 GSN

Heather, Margaret, Megan, Naji

Lucky $even, Plinko, Swap Meet Check Game, Pick-a-Pair, Any Number Win TV, Bob discusses a hilarous moment during rehersal, Heather doesn't know Plinko, Any Number comes around prematurely, DSW
367 November 11, 1991 G. Zimmerman. 9/9

Robert, Mary, Alex, Kelli

Card Game, Now...Or Then, Race Game Clock Game, Most Expensive, Five Price Tags Win TV, Race game win in one try, Impressive Clock Game playing
828 November 14, 1991 R. Rinkerman. 6/8

Devon, Jeffrey, Mohini, Paul

Super Ball!!, Double Prices, Credit Card Bump, Super Saver, Dice Game Occasional picture colour issues, Very sweet contestant Mohini fails to understand PG1, PG1 played for a car, Second last PG4 playing
897 November 15, 1991 G. Zimmerman. 8/8

Lisa, Albert, Patricia, Deanna

Swap Meet, One Away, Hi Lo 1 Right Price, Ten Chances, Cliff Hangers Win TV, Big Showcase win
422 November 26, 1991 A. Kudey. 7/7

Julie, John, Gina, Joseph

Clock Game, One Away, Hi Lo Swap Meet, Pathfinder, 2 for the Price of 1 Win TV, One Away played for a Lincoln, Perfect PG5 Playing
562 December 2, 1991 G. Zimmerman. 6/8

Melissa, Lloyd, Cynthia, Antoinette

One Right Price, Hole in One, Check Game Race Game, Secret X, Lucky $even Janice's miracle putt, unusually inexpensive car in PG2
479 December 3, 1991 G. Zimmerman. 6/6

Travis, Marianna, Marjorie, Pamela

Danger Price, Plinko, One Away Barker's Bargain Bar, Super Saver, Dice Game A previous Samoan contestant is in the audience, Super Saver display reads ----, Showcase features two trucks and a nearly painful moment
808 December 9, 1991 G. Zimmerman. 8/6

John, Dora, Donald, Una

Now...Or Then, Race Game, Dice Game Barker's Bargain Bar, Master Key, Range Game Muffled audio quality, Very close Showcase bid
797 December 12, 1991 G. Zimmerman. 9/9

Craig, Karen, Eugene, Kimberly

Super Ball!!, Money Game, 1 Right Price Make Your Move, Pick-a-Pair, Any Number Ralph has pants trouble through the show
956 December 25, 1991 J. Hatten. 9/9

Albert, Chrsti, Christopher, Nellie

One Away, Plinko!, Most Expensive Squeeze Play, Temptation, Super Saver Christmas 1991 episode, PG1 played for a Cadillac with an unusual price
536 January 6, 1992 G. Zimmerman. 7/8

Yancy, Ellen, Saradel, Julian

Clock Game, Check-Out, Ten Chances Danger Price, Range Game, Switcheroo Painful PG2 Loss
537 January 13, 1992 G. Zimmerman. 7/9

Richard, Steven, Addie, Lisa

Barker's Bargain Bar, Bonus Game, 3 Strikes + Credit Card, Card Game, Pick-a-Pair Danielle Torres sets a record of $88,865 in winnings and held the record for 12 years
423 January 14, 1992 A. Kudey. 6/6

Douglas, Jane, Didi, Aline

Super Saver, Lucky $even, Clock Game Squeeze Play, Pathfinder, Danger Price Super Saver comeback, Aline falls and flips her lid when she spins the wheel, Perfect PG5 playing, No Commercials
730 January 17, 1992 J. Hatten. 6/8

Julie, Pamela, Leslie, Donald

Spelling Bee, Swap Meet, Check Game Safe Crackers, Bullseye, Dice Game
538 January 20, 1992 G. Zimmerman. 6/7

Karen, John, Cheri, Lonila

Clock Game, Check-Out, Any Number Take Two, Money Game, Secret X An appliance display nearly falls on Holly in PG3, Perfect PG5 playing
901 January 21, 1992 J. Cranmer. 10/10

Emily, Susan, Renee, John

One Away, 1 Right Price, Grocery Game Squeeze Play, Lucky $even, Plinko! PG1 played for a Cadillac, BIG Showcase win in which a contestant wins over $65K in prizes!
645 January 24, 1992 G. Zimmerman. 7/8

Renée, Brenda, James, Mary

1 Right Price, Hi Lo, Ten Chances Danger Price, Spelling Bee, Most Expensive Dolores has a rather unique occupation, Perfect PG3 playing, Mary waited tables at a restaurant Bob ate at 16yrs ago, PG6 played for trips
379 January 28, 1992 J. Hatten.

Crystal, Gregg, Clinton, Leslee

Golden Road, 2 for the Price of 1, Grocery Game Take Two, Pathfinder, Most Expensive Bob and Janice have a silly discussion over dish soap during Grocery Game, Expensive Pathfinder Prize
1159 January 31, 1992 J. Cranmer. 7/9

Thomas, Laurie, Luis, Debbie

Five Price Tags, Pick-a-Number, Credit Card Safe Crackers, Grand Game, Dice Game TPIR Celebrates 4000 episodes on CBS, Absolute perfect PG1 playing, PG2 premiere
798 February 11, 1992 G. Zimmerman. 8/10

Denise, William, Marilyn, Bruce

Safe Crackers, Pathfinder, Take Two Squeeze Play, Dice Game, Super Saver Perfect Show! Big Showcase win
799 February 18, 1992 G. Zimmerman. 9/9

Kristin, Dixon, Aimee, Gerald

Barker's Bargain Bar, Card Game, Shell Game Swap Meet, One Away, Grand Game Painful PG2 loss by a LFaT
800 February 21, 1992 G. Zimmerman. 8/8

Kerry, John, Wendell, Gretchen

Check Game, Hole in One, Take Two Squeeze Play, Cliff Hangers, Any Number Cheap car offered in PG3
801 February 24, 1992 G. Zimmerman. 9/9

Bridget, Gwen, Sherise, Vanessa

Super Ball!!, Dice Game, Most Expensive 1 Right Price, One Away, Now...Or Then Vanessa has big pouffy hair, $5K Win in SS#2
425 February 26, 1992 A. Kudey. 6/6

Richard, Alana, Steven, Candice

Money Game, Race Game, Super Saver Squeeze Play, Pathfinder, 2 for the Price of 1 Missing intro, Perfect playings in PG1 and PG2, $35K+ Winner, No commercials
1054 February 28, 1992 J. Cranmer. 9/9

Connie, Davina, Bradley, Jean

Clock Game, Grand Game, 3 Strikes + Danger Price, Check Game, 5 Price Tags Infamous PG3 playing which resulted in some temporary changes to the game for the season, PG3 played for a Porsche (last foreign car offered), $11K win in SS#1, Toni wins BIG (almost $80K)
789 March 2, 1992 J. Hatten. 7/7

Lupita, James, Teri, Derek

Master Key, Range Game, 2 for the Price of 1 Poker Game, Ten Chances, Hi Lo Lupita is very emotional at the start of the show
601 March 9, 1992 G. Zimmerman. 9/8

Karen, Lionel, Mildred, Todd

Safe Crackers, Spelling Bee, Swap Meet Pick-a-Number, Bullseye, Dice Game Tires offered in PG2 (and they look way too big for the car offered), $11K win in SS#1 with a rare occurance
714 March 13, 1992 D. Downs. 9/9

Laura, Johnny, Myrna, Brian

Barker's Bargain Bar, One Awa, Pick-a-Pair Danger Price, Punch-a-Bunch, Money Game Brian is an ultimate LFaT, perfectly explaining his PG, the Showcase Showdown and the Showcase and runs over to the models for a hug when he wins his PG
563 March 16, 1992 G. Zimmerman. 8/9

Carolyn, John, Barbara, Robert

Check Game, Pathfinder, Take Two Range Game, Safe Crackers, Penny Ante Everett previously won $7K on Super Password in 1989, PG5 played for a car
715 March 18, 1992 D. Downs. 7/7

Ronald, Mary, Stanley, Frances

Most Expensive, Check-Out, One Away One Right Price, Plinko, Card Game Tracking issues during second half of the show, More information coming soon...
395 March 19, 1992 J. Cranmer. 9/10

Ella, Michael, Cheri, Catherine

Credit Card, Hole in One, Switch? Squeeze Play, Lucky $even, Cliff Hangers Ella's spectacular Hole in One playing, very entertaining, Second playing of Switch? Stellar Lucky $even playing, No Commercials
602 March 23, 1992 G. Zimmerman. 8/8

Anthony, Terri, Calvin, Carol

Switcheroo, Danger Price, Check Game One Right Price, 3 Strikes, Grocery Game PG3 rarity with a very excited contestant, 3 Strikes played with yellow disc Xs, Miracle in PG6 with a confused contestant, Very close difference between both contestants in the showcase
564 March 26, 1992 G. Zimmerman. 6/7

Laurie, Tony, Jacqueline, Barbara

Barker's Bargain Bar, Temptation, Pick-a-Pair Make Your Move, Punch-a-Bunch, Money Game Sporadic picture instability, three of the first four contestants never make it out of contestants row
366 March 27, 1992 G. Zimmerman. 10/10 GSN

Ann, Vincent, Kimberly, Garland

Clock Game, Pathfinder, Buy or Sell Pick-a-Number, Lucky $even, Now...Or Then Pathfinder blooper, Buy or Sell premiere with odd staging, Early Pick-a-Number playing, GSN Rerun; mentions of Buy or Sell being a new game edited out
410 March 31, 1992 G. Zimmerman. 9/9 GSN

Renee, Mario, Suzanne, Susan

Spelling Bee, Buy or Sell, Squeeze Play Safe Crackers, Money Game, Now...Or Then Early playing of Buy or Sell, David is a rapper and DJ from Illinois and does a rap when he gets onstage
898 April 3, 1992 G. Zimmerman. 89

Jay, Anait, John, Barbara

Make Your Move, Pick-a-Number, Cliff Hangers Swap Meet, Hole in One, Check Game Win TV, PG1 played for a car, Jay pulls a Samoan move on Bob, Impressive PG5 win, Both cars offered are rather inexpensive
411 April 7, 1992 G. Zimmerman. 9/8

Raymond, Stacie, Roger, Kelly

Barker's Bargain Bar, Check-Out, Dice Game Race Game, Pathfinder, Pick-a-Number Scott comes to the show with his wedding party but the bride is absent, she's working, Elvis lives in IUFB#4, Birthday girl Sherri is very excited
899 April 9, 1992 G. Zimmerman. 9/9

Lori, Julio, Robert, Adrian

Golden Road, 1 Right Price, Hit Me Range Game, Any Number, Punch-a-Bunch $47K+ Motorhome offered in PG1, Expensive PG2 prizes, All four corners punched in PG6
646 April 14, 1992 G. Zimmerman. 7/8

Vieda, Marla, Traci, Charles

Switch?, Lucky $even, Bonus Game 2 for the Price of 1, Hole in One, Kyle subs for Janice, Impressve PG5 win
802 April 15, 1992 G. Zimmerman. 8/8

Barbara, Sherri, Heather, Clarence

Safe Crackers, Hi Lo, Money Game Take Two, Spelling Bee, Pick-a-Number Fun contestant in PG5 with a painful loss
426 April 16, 1992 A. Kudey. 6/8

Melanie, Diane, Andjoua, Christine

Check Game, Pathfinder, Buy or Sell Squeeze Play, Dice Game, Bullseye Kathleen fools Bob during IUFB#1, Luella looks to the audience for help in Dice Game, even when she rolls a 6, No Commercials
846 April 20, 1992 J. Cranmer. 9/9

Bobby, Kristen, Caitlin, Charles

Super Saver, Swap Meet, Money Game Credit Card, Switcheroo, Range Game PG1 comeback, PG3 wipeout, Picture issues during PG4, Expensive PG6 prize, DSW
647 April 21, 1992 G. Zimmerman. 9/8

Carla, David, Marlene, Gerald

Barker's Bargain Bar, Temptation, Punch-a-Bunch Pick-a-Number, Hi Lo, Card Game All four corners punched out in PG3
829 April 24, 1992 R. Rinkerman. 9/8

Eric, Kimberly, Harold, Mary

Super Ball!!, Check Game, Lucky $even Switch?, Now...Or Then, Dice Game Pricing error in PG1 with a cameo by Roger Dobkowitz, PG1 win
412 May 1, 1992 G. Zimmerman. 9/9

Gracie, Raymond, Kerri, Allan

Super Saver, One Away, Most Expensive Safe Crackers, Punch-a-Bunch, 3 Strikes Fantastic Super Saver comeback, Most Expensive played for three trips, A pricing error during the showcase reveal goes unnoticed
648 May 11, 1992 G. Zimmerman. 8/9

Melanie, Cassandra, Kelley, Ross

Most Expensive, Temptation, Check-Out 1 Right Price, Plinko, Money Game Spectactular guesses in PG3 up until the last item, PG4 played for trips
530 May 19, 1992 G. Garsten. 10/9

Matthew, Dwight, Sharon, Mario

Super Saver, Take Two, 3 Strikes Make Your Move, Pathfinder, Squeeze Play Bad move in PG2, Contestant in PG4 can't seem to understand the rules of the game, Expensive minivan in SC2 with a trip computer and a minor blooper involved
803 May 20, 1992 G. Zimmerman. 8/7

Yvette, Rokki, Cathe, Victoria

Lucky $even, Poker Game, Plinko Barker's Bargain Bar, Hole in One, Range Game Buzzy audio, Rod get's the 5th contestants name wrong but she still comes on down, Very excited PG5 contestant, Every contestant called on down is a woman
480 May 26, 1992 G. Zimmerman. 8/7

Scott, Patricia, Jason, Daniel

Most Expensive, Ten Chances, Plinko One Right Price, 3 Strikes, Hit Me Last day with the green carpet on the turntable, Carol Burnett pays a visit before IUFB#6, Rare occurance in PG6
413 June 3, 1992 G. Zimmerman. 8/9

Tracy, Grant, Laura, Aaron

Lucky $even, Punch-a-Bunch, Take Two Squeeze Play, Hole in One, One Right Price Tiny Samoan contestant 'mugs' Bob before PG3, Ray Combs appears for IUFB#6 & PG6, Teri faceplants into the wheel as its spinning
782 June 11, 1992 J. Hatten. 7/8

Dominique, Raymond, Diane, Kirk

Switch?, One Away, Penny Ante Credit Card, Spelling Bee, Squeeze Play Contestant named Kirk Douglas, News clip featuring PG4 contestant is after the show
900 June 23, 1992 G. Zimmerman. 8/9

Jill, Glenna, William, Sakita

Safe Crackers, Pathfinder, Range Game Make Your Move, Money Game, Check-Out Painful PG4 playing, Very indecisive PG5 contestant, Painful PG6 loss
1016 September 14, 1992 R. Rinkerman. 7/8

Rita, John, Jackie, Maria

3 Strikes +, Magic #, Grand Game Double Prices, One Away, Cliff Hangers Season 21 Premiere, Mark Goodson's last TPIR appearance, First PG2 playing, Ridiculous wipeout in PG6
812 September 23, 1992 R. Rinkerman. 6/8

Maureen, Diane, Terry, Elaine

Super Ball!!, Check Game, Dice Game 1 Right Price, Any Number, Penny Ante Perfect PG1 playing, PG4 played for trips
813 October 1, 1992 R. Rinkerman. 6/8

John, Michelle, Danita, Eric

Make Your Move, Grand Game, Check Game Buy or Sell, Secret X, Card Game Some picture instability, PG1 played for a car, Odd prop placement in PG4, Price is Right 'ballet' during PG5
522 October 15, 1992 M. Kriese.

John, Jacqueline, Sailesh, Carla

Clock Game, Pick-a-Pair, Card Game Race Game, Pathfinder, Most Expensive
1 October 30, 1992 . 6/7

Harley, Julie, Caroline, Freddie

Money Game, Barker's Bargain Bar, Hi Lo Race Game, Ten Chances, Cliffhangers January 1993 Rerun, Money Game played for a sailboat, Hi Lo played for a car
2 November 2, 1992 . 6/7

Jeremy, Lisa, Emile, Sheila

Clock Game, Master Key, Pick-a-Number Magic #, One Away, $uper $aver January 1993 Rerun, Early playing of Magic #, $uper $aver technical difficulties
3 November 4, 1992 . 6/7

Birgit, Paul, Ava, Clarista

Make Your Move, Barker's Bargain Bar, Spelling Bee Race Game, Lucky $even, Grocery Game January 1993 Rerun, Long and humourous playing of MYM, Alfreda gets escorted to CR by Rod Roddy
649 November 5, 1992 G. Zimmerman. 8/8

Kenneth, Kelly, Linda, Margaret

Range Game, Hole in One, Swap Meet Double Prices, Plinko, Money Game
539 November 6, 1992 G. Zimmerman. 9/9

Renee, Maurice, Mary, Tina

Any Number, Punch-a-Bunch, Check Game Buy or Sell, Dice Game, Penny Ante An error made by Bob results in Mary receiving two $100 bonuses, Blooper in PG6
15 November 9, 1992 . 7/8

Sherry, Willie, Kristen, William

Lucky $even, Hi Lo, Take Two Clock Game, Ten Chances, Secret X Missing opening titles
4 November 11, 1992 . 6/7

Tamara, Richard, Michael, Margaret

Switch?, Plinko, Card Game Safe Crackers, Bullseye, Any Number January 1993 Rerun, Outstanding Card Game difference
16 November 13, 1992 . 7/8

Deanne, Sheila, Andrew, William

Money Game, Punch-a-Bunch, Poker Game Range Game, Hole in One, One Right Price Dismal Punch-a-Bunch payout, Furniture issues during Poker Game, Green graphics during SS#1, $6K win in SS#1
650 November 16, 1992 G. Zimmerman. 7/8

Loretta, Guillermo, Lilia, Lauralee

Any Number, Grand Game, Race Game Check Game, Switcheroo, Barker's Bargain Bar Bad luck in PG3, Blooper in PG5, PG6 played for trips, very close difference between both showcase differences
565 November 19, 1992 G. Zimmerman. 9/8

Kimberly, Kevin, Lupe, Jennifer

Super Ball!!, Switch?, Lucky $even Squeeze Play, Check-Out, Money Game PG1 played for a car, Textbook playing of PG6, $6K win in SS#2 with jazzed up start font graphics
396 December 1, 1992 G. Zimmerman. 8/9

Bertha, Gayla, Debra, Mario

3 Strikes +, Swap Meet, Grand Game Safe Crackers, Pathfinder, Pick-a-Number Someone other than Bertha comes on down but when Gayla is called down, Bertha goes, Bertha screams a lot, The Pathfinder cheater, Showcases pays tribute to Y&R 5000th episode
675 December 2, 1992 J. Hatten. 8/7

Maureena, Kevin, Sherri, Jimmy

Spelling Bee, Danger Price, Magic # Double Prices, Dice Game, Pick-a-Pair
603 December 3, 1992 G. Zimmerman. 6/7

Danielle, Jacqueline, Harry, Robin

Switch?, Hit Me, One Away Take Two, Plinko, Money Game Picture has tracking issues, Perfect PG3 playing
566 December 7, 1992 G. Zimmerman. 8/9

Lowan, Nell, Martin, Kenneth

Make Your Move, Check-Out, Dice Game Safe Crackers, Poker Game, Switcheroo Exceptional PG2 win, Silly SFX technical difficulties during IUFB#4
567 December 25, 1992 G. Zimmerman. 7/9

Christopher, Deborah, Michael, Danielle

3 Strikes +, Swap Meet, Plinko Switch?, Lucky $even, Check-Out Christmas 1992 Episode, PG1 played for a Corvette, Two cars offered in one showcase, Four cars given away in total
481 January 21, 1993 G. Zimmerman. 7/9

Fran, Todd, Tina, Robert

Make Your Move, One Away, Cliffhangers Race Game, Grand Game, Money Game Bob introduces the designers of Jeran in the audience, One Away played for a Cadillac, Cliffhangers Blooper, Race Game clock problems, 3-way $1,000 tie in SS#2
568 January 22, 1993 G. Zimmerman. 7/8

Trea, Rafael, Bartolo, Elizabeth

Range Game, 3 Strikes, Punch-a-Bunch Take Two, Hole in One, Barker's Bargain Bar Black border on all four sides, Features two contestants with unpronouncable names: Ebunoloron Sims and Sathyanarayanan Ganysamyrthy, Sandra gives Bob a picture her daughter drew for him
5 February 1, 1993 . 6/7

Donald, Heather, Patricia, Jesse

Golden Road, 2 for the Price of 1, Pick-a-Pair Range Game, Spelling Bee, Barker's Bargain Bar Exciting Golden Road win
6 February 2, 1993 . 6/7

Andrea, Herman, Stanley, Christina

Check Game, Pathfinder, Make Your Move Pick-a-Number, 3 Strikes, Grand Game Near perfect Pathfinder playing, Big showcase win
604 February 8, 1993 G. Zimmerman. 6/7

Ricarda, Heather, Kimberly, Melissa

Grand Game, Ten Chances, Danger Price Barker's Bargain Bar, Secret X, One Away Picture has tracking issues, Perfect Show
569 February 9, 1993 G. Zimmerman. 8/9

Julia, Lance, Graciela, Marx

Clock Game, Master Key, Range Game Make Your Move, Card Game, Super Saver
814 February 10, 1993 R. Rinkerman. 7/7

Denise, Yancy, Eric, Judy

3 Strikes +, Bullseye, Most Expensive Magic #, Plinko, Money Game Bob keeps cutting off Rod during prize plugs
380 February 11, 1993 J. Hatten.

Michael, Beverly, Tracy, Claudia

Safe Crackers, Pathfinder, Buy or Sell Check Game, Dice Game, Penny Ante Perfect Pathfinder Playing, Weird Buy or Sell prop setup
588 February 12, 1993 J. Hatten. 7/7

Elise, Milagros, Tony, Charles

Squeeze Play, Swap Meet, Hole in One Double Prices, Punch-a-Bunch, Lucky $even Bob kicks PG1 when the reveal sticks, Painful PG5 outcome, Bad move in PG6, Big showcase win
867 February 15, 1993 J. Hatten. 6/7

Phat, Allison, Wendy, Michael

Barker's Bargain Bar, Grand Game, Ten Chances Race Game, Money Game, Cliff Hangers The audience is very vocal about Phat's decision in PG2, Car offered in PG3 rarely offered on the show, Dismal PG3 playing
589 February 16, 1993 J. Hatten. 6/7

Eva, John, Lori, Juan

Switcheroo, Credit Card, Squeeze Play Make Your Move, Hit Me, Dice Game Blooper in PG2, Majed is really excited for what he thinks is Check Game but it's Make Your Move, PG5 rarity,
832 February 17 1993 R. Rinkerman. 7/7

Marvin, Christy, Deanne, Shirley

Lucky $even, Hi Lo, Swap Meet Clock Game, Spelling Bee, Switch? Agonizing PG4 playing, Painful Showcase overbid
833 February 18, 1993 R. Rinkerman. 7/7

James, Caroline, Donna, Arnold

Now...Or Then, Any Number, Double Prices Take Two, Punch-a-Bunch, One Away Agonizing PG2 playing
7 February 19, 1993 . 7/8

Dat, Rebecca, Randolph, Annette

Golden Road, Plinko, Pick-a-Number Most Expensive, Card Game, Pick-a-Pair $64K+ Cadillac in Golden Road, The Big Wheel nearly eats Annette, Impressive Card Game difference using only one card
8 February 22, 1993 . 7/8

Tamara, Kimberly, Honorio, Kenneth

Swap Meet, Spelling Bee, Magic # Squeeze Play, Lucky $even, Hi Lo Kimberly is 'excited' for Swap Meet, Education lesson during an IUFB, Memorable blooper in Squeeze Play
9 February 23, 1993 . 7/8

Judy, Lorie, Felix, Dion

Clock Game, Grand Game, 3 Strikes + Buy or Sell, Pathfinder, Switch? Confusing Clock Game, Lorie 'slept through' act 1, 3 Strikes 1-2-3 strikeout, interesting prop setup in Buy or Sell, Painful Pathfinder loss
10 February 24, 1993 . 7/8

Ricardo, Anita, Martha, Peter

Five Price Tags, Make Your Move, Credit Card Pick-a-Number, Grocery Game, Dice Game MYM played for a car
11 February 25, 1993 . 7/8

Pamela, Norman, Alexis, Reginald

Check Game, "Hole in Two", Barker's Bargain Bar Range Game, Plinko, Money Game Super cool effect used for IUFB#1, Hole in One sign not reset from last playing, Rod mistakenly calls Holly "Holligee" during an IUFB
12 February 26, 1993 . 7/8

Douglas, Princess, Amy, William

Most Expensive, Punch-a-Bunch, Temptation Double Prices, Card Game, $uper $aver 4-Digit Temptation, Big error during IUFB#4 and nearly repeated in IUFB#5, $uper $aver reads ' ' ' '
493 March 4, 1993 A. Kudey. 7/10

Cheri, Christy, Ramon, David

Super Ball!!, Range Game, Dice Game One Right Price, Pick-a-Pair, Card Game Two of the first four contestants share a last name, Range Game can't be started for a week and a half, Fan favourite Edrie and her hilarious playing of Dice Game, A contestand named Boo
18 March 9, 1993 . 7/8

Todd, Kristi, William, Amy

Check Game, Master Key, Race Game Barker`s Bargain Bar, One Away, Grand Game Grand Game $1 win, $11K win in SS#2
19 March 12, 1993 . 8/8

Lori, Connie, Barbara, Giuseppe

Squeeze Play, Check-Out, Money Game Take Two, Make Your Move, Punch-a-Bunch MYM played for a truck, No Commercials
20 March 15, 1993 . 8/8

Andrey, Gloria, Lawrence, Dawn

Swap Meet, Grocery Game, Ten Chances Magic #, Secret X, Dice Game Messy Ten Chances playing, Sherrell Paris of The Paris Sisters sings "I Love How You Love Me" with the models during an IUFB, No Commercials
13 March 16, 1993 . 7/8

Jennifer, Jesse, Socorro, Jose

Danger Price, One Away, Plinko Switch?, Lucky $even, Hi Lo Missing intro, Pitiful Lucky $even playing, Kids' Show-and-Tell showcase
14 March 17, 1993 . 7/8

Kim, Scott, Demis, Carolyn

Make Your Move, Switcheroo, Buy or Sell Range Game, Pick-a-Pair, Any Number Bob begins playing Pick-a-Pair before Rod describes the products
17 March 22, 1993 . 7/8

Charles, Mary, Marilyn, Alexx

Spelling Bee, Buy or Sell, Squeeze Play Magic #, Now?Or Then, Dice Game Interesting decision in Spelling Bee, All money lost in Buy or Sell, Donna cant stop crying, Squeeze Play played for a car
694 April 9, 1993 G. Zimmerman. 7/8

Deanna, Thomas, Thomas, Christy

Check Game, Poker Game, Secret X 2 for the Price of 1, Grand Game, Dice Game Bob has a funny chat with Kenneth before PG3, PG3 played for a car, One contestant has a rather recognizeable name, Home Viewer Showcase presented
804 April 12, 1993 G. Zimmerman. 7/8

Natalie, Tony, Amber, Gregory

Shell Game, 3 Strikes +, 1 Right Price Range Game, Hit Me, Money Game Small portion of PG2 missing, The Home Viewer Showcase is presented
21 April 19, 1993 . 8/8

Rodney, Mardi, Patricia, Thelma

Five Price Tags, Check Game, Take Two Barker's Bargain Bar, Grand Game, Any Number Very little fanfare after Grand Game win, Near clean sweep in Any Number, No Commercials
22 April 20, 1993 . 7/8

Paul, Barbara, Desiree, Maili

Credit Card, Ten Chances, Cliffhangers One Right Price, Dice Game, Now?Or Then No Commercials
805 April 22, 1993 G. Zimmerman. 7/8

Gavin, Mary, Leo, Kent

Squeeze Play, Plinko, Card Game Make Your Move, One Away, Bullseye A contestant takes a fall during SS#2, Cars offered in both showcases and they're both very nice ones
24 May 6, 1993 . 7/8

Daina, Dominic, Steven, Danny

Range Game, Swap Meet, Spelling Bee Magic #, Money Game, $uper $aver Every contestant onstage besides Daina is a male
25 May 7, 1993 . 7/8

Linda, Peter, Shirley, Christina

Most Expensive, Check-Out, Card Game One Right Price, Ten Chances, Plinko Card Game rule change, Boggling Ten Chances finish, Big Plinko payout
26 May 10, 1993 . 7/8

Angel, Tracy, Kaylee, Erica

Any Number, Switch, Bullseye Squeeze Play, Shell Game, One Away Easy One Away win, Double Overbid with a $30 overbid
27 May 11, 1993 . 7/8

Randall, Jamie, Carolyn, Timothy

Check Game, Pathfinder, 2 for the Price of 1 Poker Game, Grand Game, Money Game $53 over in Check Game, Animated Beverly gets lost at the wheel, "Quarterback" Sylvia
28 May 12, 1993 . 6/8

Jeffrey, Melody, Bruce, Maria

Five Price Tags, Clock Game, Buy or Sell Pick-a-Number, Card Game, Pick-a-Pair Grammar lesson during Pick-a-Pair, Double overbid with a very big overbid
29 May 13, 1993 . 7/8

Debra, Gisele, Mary, Mark

Golden Road, Hi Lo, Double Prices Most Expensive, Temptation, Plinko Quick Golden Road trip, Hopping Ellen
30 May 14, 1993 . 7/8

Linda, Lydia, Sherri, Daniel

Lucky $even, Barker's Bargain Bar, Cliffhangers Squeeze Play, Dice Game, Now?Or Then Bob announces the winners of the Home Viewer Showcases, Lydia's bad hair day, Squeeze Play played for a car, Rappin' Roddy Showcase, Shocking showcase result
31 May 17, 1993 . 7/8

Patricia, Christine, James, Ann

Super Ball!!, Money Game, Magic # Most Expensive, Penny Ante, Any Number 4-Digit Money Game
32 May 18, 1993 . 7/8

Matthew, Denise, Peggy, Michael

Make Your Move, Hole in One, Range Game One Right Price, Lucky $even, Plinko Audience boos Ruby when she prematurely stops the rangefinder but ends up winning and Bob has them apologize
33 May 19, 1993 . 7/8

Aurora, J.O., Julie, Edith

3 Strikes +, Punch-a-Bunch, Pick-a-Number Danger Price, Pick-a-Pair, One Away Ninette frightens Bob with her screaming and antics
34 May 20, 1993 . 7/8

David, Gail, Scott, Christine

$uper $aver, Credit Card, Dice Game Double Prices, Spelling Bee, Safe Crackers Silly $uper $aver blooper
570 May 24, 1993 G. Zimmerman. 7/8

Gregory, Nancy, Dede, Connie

Check Game, Switcheroo, Most Expensive Clock Game, Check-Out, One Away Close win in PG1, Funny contestant in PG2 and a rarity, PG6 played for a very expensive car
35 May 26, 1993 . 7/8

Anne, Joseph, Gina, Carolyn

Barker's Bargain Bar, Plinko, Temptation Range Game, Hit Me, Lucky $even Interesting Plinko turnout
36 May 27, 1993 . 7/8

Melissa, Gregory, Ronald, Robin

Swap Meet, Dice Game, Pick-a-Pair Make Your Move, Spelling Bee, One Right Price Marlyss: Tiny but fiesty, Every contestant one-ups each other in IUFB#6
37 May 28, 1993 . 7/8

Alvernon, Richard, Jessica, Sandra

Money Game, Buy or Sell, Punch-a-Bunch Double Prices, Ten Chances, Bullseye Big debt in Buy or Sell
38 May 31, 1993 . 7/8

David, Kristia, Carla, Carole

Golden Road, Bonus Game, 2 for the Price of 1 Squeeze Play, Any Number, Hi Lo Golden Road win
39 June 1, 1993 . 6/8

Dennis, Sheila, Eric, Vladimir

Lucky $even, Now?Or Then, Poker Game Check Game, Pathfinder, Make Your Move No Commercials
57 September 28, 1993 . 5/8

Melissa, Geial, Clark, Roy

Check Game, Pathfinder, Make Your Move Switch?, Any Number, Pick-a-Pair Painful Pathfinder loss, Both showcases missed by a long shot, Episode has picture instability with frequent black outs but clear sound, No Commercials
40 October 6, 1993 . 7/8

Eileen, Dawn, Josef, Jan

Plinko, Barker's Bargain Bar, Dice Game Credit Card, Lucky $even, Hi Lo Pre-empted, missing from middle of Plinko to beginning of SS#1, "Lets light Roxanne", Painful Double Overbid
41 October 7, 1993 . 7/8

Inger, Ralph, Tammie, Randall

Super Ball!!, Money Game, Take Two Squeeze Play, Grand Game, 2 for the Price of 1 Super Ball!! Comeback, Strange edit in Take Two, 2 for 1 played for a car
42 October 11, 1993 . 7/8

Gary, Robert, Ruth, Limapoa

Most Expensive, Bullseye, Temptation Squeeze Play, Magic #, Pathfinder Limapoa the gentle Samoan
43 October 12, 1993 . 7/8

Shannon, David, Cheryl, Stella

Switch?, 3 Strikes +, Cliffhangers Clock Game, Hole in One, Make Your Move A Clock Game cliffhanger: Bob cuts to commercial to check the tape to see if Robert had said the right price, Holly performs the inspirational putt
44 October 13, 1993 . 7/8

Valerie, Justin, Ruby, Jacqueline

Barker's Bargain Bar, Cover Up, Penny Ante Double Prices, Spelling Bee, Safe Crackers Early playing of Cover Up, Crowd favourite Carol, Fortune Teller Showcase
695 October 18, 1993 G. Zimmerman. 7/9

Carolyn, Kelly, Mark, Thelma

Lucky $even, Punch-a-Bunch, Buy or Sell Switch?, Grocery Game, One Away Bob almost goofs during PG2, Slight interruptions during SP portion of PG2, Perfect PG6 win
455 October 19, 1993 J. Hatten.

Darrilynn, Brian, Kathy, Dawn

Safe Crackers, Money Game, Check-Out Race Game, Pathfinder, Pick-a-Number A contestants name is General Mills, The giant price tags reveals Check-Out before the prize and we see the calculator still folded into the prop
48 November 5, 1993 . 6/8

Kim, George, Jennifer, Patrick

Five Price Tags, Range Game, 2 for the Price of 1 Credit Card, One Away, Penny Ante Quick Range Game playing
45 November 8, 1993 . 6/9

Vicki, Jana, Shirley, Elizabeth

$uper $aver, Ten Chances, Magic # Squeeze Play, Cliffhangers, Cover Up Tape cuts out briefly during IUFB#1, Error in SS#1
49 November 9, 1993 . 7/8

Judy, Michelle, Daniel, Frank

Money Game, Swap Meet, Shell Game One Right Price, 3 Strikes +, Grand Game Strange occurances during Swap Meet, Big showcase win
50 November 10, 1993 . 7/8

Tammi, Tanya, Sherri-Ann, Shanelle

Most Expensive, Any Number, Hit Me Race Game, Pathfinder, Barker's Bargain Bar Hit Me tie, $6K win in SS#1, A contestant does a Willie Nelson impression
51 November 11, 1993 . 7/8

Lorelei, Derrick, Sandra, Ernest

Spelling Bee, Danger Price, Double Prices Clock Game, One Away, Hi Lo Spelling Bee bailout, Big One Away win
573 November 24, 1993 N. Casiano. 8/7

Caroline, Ernesto, Carole, Walleana

3 Strikes +, Magic #, Grand Game Range Game, Ten Chances, Cliff Hangers Episode begins during IUFB#1, PG3 Wipeout, Absolutely ridiculous PG5 playing with a very shocking conclusion, Credits missing
497 November 30, 1993 A. Kudey. 7/9

Craig, Kecia, Denise, Jane

Credit Card, Pick-a-Number, Pathfinder Barker's Bargain Bar, Hit Me, Lucky $even Emotional contestant in PG1, The hilarious Crocodile Dentist moment in Pathfinder where Bob get's bitten by the game, Painful double overbid
52 December 2, 1993 . 7/8

Gabriel, Monica, Steven, Ramee

Cover Up, Cliffhangers, Make Your Move Check Game, 3 Strikes +, Grand Game Check Game electronic failure
53 December 3, 1993 . 7/8

Ginger, Michael, Naomi, Lawrence

2 for the Price of 1, Dice Game, Grocery Game Race Game, Spelling Bee, Squeeze Play "How do you say car?", Michael's roommate spills a 'naughty' secret about him
54 December 6, 1993 . 8/8

David, Valarie, Anthony, Larry

Golden Road, Clock Game, Grocery Game Most Expensive, Punch-a-Bunch, Lucky $even Quick Golden Road trip, Holly the mannequin, No Commercials
55 December 7, 1993 . 7/8

Kay, Gary, Andre, Angela

Super Ball!!, Range Game, Money Game Swap Meet, Any Number, Penny Ante Super Ball!! Played for a car goes horribly wrong
56 December 8, 1993 . 7/8

Martie, Teresa, Donald, Alyssa

Make Your Move, 3 Strikes +, Hi Lo One Right Price, Pathfinder, Poker Game Alyssa wins a trip home, Katie the Pathfinder wanderer
397 December 24, 1993 G. Zimmerman. 6/6

Jill, Paul, Kimberly, Helen

3 Strikes +, Grand Game, Make Your Move Switch?, Pathfinder, Check Game Christmas '93 Episode, Jill laughs when she wins or even when she doesn't, Make Your Move lights malfunction, No Commercials
847 January 11, 1994 J. Cranmer. 7/8

Brandon, Kimberly, Scott, Mary

Golden Road, Range Game, Pick-a-Pair 1 Right Price, Pathfinder, Poker Game Showcase features an 'impostor' Rod Roddy, makeup artist Mark Westmore who has a rather striking resemblance to Rod
498 January 20, 1994 A. Kudey. 7/8

Hector, Nakia, Patrick, Alaievai

Safe Crackers, Hole in One, Double Prices Danger Price, Plinko, Money Game Hilarious Danger Price playing where Holly has trouble with exercise equipment, the prop sticks and the contestant nearly looses when Bob misunderstands her question
571 January 21, 1994 G. Zimmerman. 7/9

Chia, Brenda, Sherril, Jason

Five Price Tags, Clock Game, Range Game Most Expensive, Temptation, Hit Me Expensive prize in PG1, Painful playing of PG2 that leaves Bob speechless, Excited PG6 contestant
427 January 25, 1994 A. Kudey. 8/9

Harry, Carla, Christopher, Christine

Switch?, Pathfinder, Pick-a-Number Buy or Sell, Grand Game, Ten Chances Bob and Janice discuss her new book 'Husband, Lover, Spy" during the intro
834 January 26, 1994 R. Rinkerman. 8/9

Irma, Jason, Stacie, Marlinda

Safe Crackers, Dice Game, Penny Ante Make Your Move, Spelling Bee, Magic # Bob embarasses Holly before PG2, Very close result in PG6
629 January 27, 1994 A. Kudey. 8/8

Heather, Michael, Keith, Peggy

Plinko, 3 Strikes, Clock Game Check Game, Lucky $even, Super Saver
696 January 31, 1994 G. Zimmerman. 8/7

Bonino, Linda, Kellie, Toby

Credit Card, Cliff Hangers, One Away Switch?, Card Game, Now...Or Then Mercury Cougar in PG3 is perhaps the most luxurious and expensive of its kind offered on the show
456 February 3, 1994 J. Hatten.

John, Mercedes, William, Ruby

Make Your Move, Hit Me, Temptation Squeeze Play, Master Key, Range Game Bob and Janice discuss her new book 'Husband, Lover, Spy', Sensational DSW
590 February 4, 1994 J. Hatten. 9/9

Zenobia, Barbara, Vincent, Richard

Golden Road, Clock Game, Secret X Magic #, Grand Game, Lucky $even Showcase offers two cars
630 February 7, 1994 A. Kudey. 6/7

Calvert, Ginger, Deborah, Joseph

Switch?, Super Saver, Money Game Danger Price, Spelling Bee, Safe Crackers Big Super Saver total, Perfect PG3 playing
697 February 14, 1994 G. Zimmerman. 6/7

Gregory, Kyle, Leah, Hector

Joker, Race Game, Lucky $even Squeeze Play, Grocery Game, Money Game Premiere of Joker, Clock malfunction in PG2, Leah is in complete shock upon winning PG3, Valentine's Day themed Showcases, Very rushed closing
651 February 23, 1994 G. Zimmerman. 7/7

Monina, Nancy, Bruce, Stacy

Golden Road, Squeeze Play, Joker 1 Right Price, Money Game, Now...Or Then Early appearance of Chantel Dubay, PG1 win, Bob announces Kathleen's birthday, Early PG3 playing
784 February 24, 1994 J. Hatten. 8/8

Leslie, Larry, Cambria, Tomas

Switch?, Punch-a-Bunch, 3 Strikes Make Your Move, Hole in One, Pick-a-Number
785 April 4, 1994 J. Hatten. 7/7

Andrea, Thomas, Megan, Vernon

Clock Game, Switcheroo, Double Prices Buy or Sell, Card Game, Hi Lo PG6 contestant's first pick is the least expensive product in the game
605 April 6, 1994 G. Zimmerman. 6/8

Welton, Karen, Wendy, Francisco

Five Price Tags, Make Your Move, Credit Card Pick-a-Number, Super Saver, Lucky $even Bob is oblivious to a perfect bid in CR, Monique sews Bob's shirt during the Showcases
676 April 21, 1994 J. Hatten. 7/7

Chad, Bonina, Mai-Ling, Christopher

Make Your Move, Five Price Tags, Squeeze Play Credit Card, Grand Game, Lucky $even Fingers Greco substitutes as a model for the day
817 May 2, 1994 R. Rinkerman. 8/9

James, Cindy, Mindi, Karen

3 Strikes, Grocery Game, Swap Meet Clock Game, Plinko, Lucky $even Funny PG2 contestant
686 May 3, 1994 J. Hatten. 8/8

Adrianna, Patricia, Marc, Carmen

Range Game, Temptation, Punch-a-Bunch 1 Right Price, Money Game, Hit Me First appearance of Gena Lee Nolin
499 May 5, 1994 A. Kudey. 10/9

Myrna, Tiffany, Jacqueline, Brian

Make Your Move, Pathfinder, Squeeze Play Race Game, Cover Up, Grand Game Ten second Race Game win
652 May 10, 1994 G. Zimmerman. 6/7

Robert, Norma, Glen, Earlita

Lucky $even, Side By Sie, Check-Out Barker's Bargain Bar, 3 Strikes, Plinko Premiere of Side By Side, PG5 wipeout
698 May 18, 1994 G. Zimmerman. 7/9

Christopher, Richard, Tori, Ronald

Safe Crackers, Pathfinder, Make Your Move Magic #, Lucky $even, Grand Game PG2 contestant has a rather unpronounceable name, Perfect PG2 playing for a VERY nice car, Fingers Greco's husband models IUFB#5, Unusual price in PG5, Painful Double Overbid
849 June 8, 1994 J. Cranmer. 9/9

Christopher, Heather, Frank, Theresa

Make Your Move, Grand Game, One Away Buy or Sell, Squeeze Play, Switcheroo Very excited PG3 contestant who dances when he wins
66 June 9, 1994 . 7/8

Christine, Tamara, Edwin, Stephen

Super Ball!!, Money Game, Barker's Bargain Bar Side By Side, Hi Lo, Cover Up December 1994 Rerun, Early playing of Side By Side
67 June 10, 1994 . 8/8

Brian, Kimberly, Tanea, Michael

Range Game, Temptation, Pick-a-Pair Check Game, Plinko, Dice Game December 1994 Rerun, Bouncing Tanea
1091 June 16, 1994 J. Hatten. 7/8

Donna, Keith, Judith, Patsy

Any Number, Side By Side, Grand Game Take Two, Shell Game, Money Game Early PG2 playing, Wasted bonus spin in SS#1
1092 June 17, 1994 J. Hatten. 6/6

Marcos, Nancy, Shawn, John

Plinko!, Range Game, One Away Clock Game, Card Game, Super Saver Last episode of S22, Painful PG2 loss
68 September 14, 1994 . 8/9

Carol, John, Garry, Nancy

Cover Up, 2 for the Price of 1, Grocery Game Danger Price, Money Game, Punch-a-Bunch December 1994 Rerun, 3rd Show of Season 23
69 September 15, 1994 . 8/8

Elizabeth, Terry, Anita, Maximilian

Switch?, Spelling Bee, Buy or Sell Check Game, Dice Game, Pick-a-Pair December 1994 Rerun, 4th Show of Season 23, Apparent Buy or Sell record, First $20K+ vehicle in Dice Game, Near perfect Dice Game playing, No Commercials
70 September 16, 1994 . 6/7

Donna, Margaret, John, Stephanie

Clock Game, Hole in One, Make Your Move Squeeze Play, Card Game, Plinko December 1994 Rerun, Donna was a contestant on PYL, Quebec Price is Right host asks Rod en Francais to call someone down, Janice performs the inspirational putt, Fuzzy picture quality, No Commercials
71 September 23, 1994 . 6/7

Teresa, Mark, James, Ruth

Any Number, One Right Price, Grand Game Barker's Markers, Money Game, Bonus Game December 1994 Rerun, Audience member Ruth celebrates her 103rd birthday, Painful Bonus Game loss, $11K win in SS#2, Sporadic Picture issues
23 September 26, 1994 . 8/8

Christopher, Gaylene, Freddie, Jayne

Range Game, Master Key, Barker's Bargain Bar Check Game, Temptation, Pick-a-Pair December 1994 Rerun, Big Showcase win
72 September 27, 1994 . 6/8

Verenia, Jennifer, Kajeen, Darren

Super Ball!!, Card Game, Side By Side Most Expensive, Bullseye, Lucky $even December 1994 Rerun, Fuzzy picture, Interruption during SC#1
653 October 12, 1994 G. Zimmerman. 7/8

Paulo, Marta, Lynn, Alex

Golden Road, Range Game, Pick-a-Pair Most Expensve, Any Number, Punch-a-Bunch PG1 win
58 October 14, 1994 . 9/9

Douglas, Jacqueline, Leo, Julie

Lucky $even, One Right Price, Hit Me Swap Meet, Spelling Bee, 2 for the Price of 1 A woman named Henry Louise, $6K win in SS#1, Bob educates us on fashion, Bob calls Lana out to fix hair multiple times, Heartbreaking Double Overbid
59 October 17, 1994 . 8/9

Susan, Reginald, Catherine, Antoinette

Range Game, Joker, Ten Chances Clock Game, Money Game, Now...Or Then Range Game for a car, LFaT Susan likes the bedroom but loves the flower prop just as much, No commercials
60 October 18, 1994 . 8/9

Sherrie, Mark, Charlotte, David

Lucky $even, Race Game, Grand Game Squeeze Play, Pathfinder, Check Game Race Game comeback, Goofy Charlotte's Pathfinder playing
61 October 19, 1994 . 8/9

Jeanette, William, Kim, Daniel

Swap Meet, Spelling Bee, Double Prices 2 for the Price of 1, Bullseye, One Away
62 October 20, 1994 . 9/9

Andrea, Roger, Jacqueline, Bret

$uper $aver, Card Game, Safe Crackers Most Expensive, Plinko, Dice Game Painful Dice Game loss
63 October 21, 1994 . 9/9

Jenyne, Jann, Lawrence, Lois

Cover Up, Cliffhangers, Barker's Markers Barker's Bargain Game, 3 Strikes, Grocery Game Early Barker's Markers playing with original prop setup, Big showcase win
806 November 15, 1994 G. Zimmerman. 8/8

Edwina, Bernardo, Kelly, Rita

Barker's Bargain Bar, Now...Or Then, 3 Strikes Pick-a-Number, Shell Game, One Away Fun PG2 Contestant
913 November 23, 1994 J. Cranmer. 8/9

Kristie, Jonathan, Lloyd, Maryann

Most Expensive, One Away, Check-Out Make Your Move, Plinko!, Lucky $even Expensive PG2 prize, Perfect PG2 win, Insane occurrence in PG6, One contestant wins BIG ($55K+)
414 November 28, 1994 G. Zimmerman. 8/8

Nicky, Sabrina, Marcia, Amy

Golden Road, Joker, Take Two Barker's Bargain Bar, Any Number, Penny Ante Golden Road win featuring the most expensive prize ever won
924 December 2, 1994 J. Cranmer. 7/9

Gina, Christina, Nathan, Sharon

2 for the Price of 1, Cliff Hangers, Money Game Side By Side, Hole in One, Swap Meet Details coming soon...
903 December 5, 1994 J. Cranmer. 8/10

Rebecca, Iona, Artutro, Denise

Super Ball!!, Make Your Move, Card Game Squeeze Play, Grand Game, Dice Game PG1 blooper that turns out fantastically, Long infuriating PG2 playing, IUFB#5 missing due to news interruption, Unique Showcase in which a car is not the last prize offered
909 December 7, 1994 J. Cranmer. 8/10

Charmaine, Sharon, Arthur, Martha

Barker's Bargain Bar, Pathfinder, Race Game Side By Side, Any Number, Bullseye Expensive PG2 prize, PG2 wipeout, Perfect PG3 playing
64 December 12, 1994 . 7/8

Katherine, John, Johnnie, Gerald

Five Price Tags, Range Game, Credit Card Pick-a-Number, Hi Lo, Temptation Range Game "rewound" a tad too much, played for a car
65 December 13, 1994 . 7/8

Tamara, James, Mabel, Wendy

Safe Crackers, Pick-a-Pair, Cover Up Most Expensive, Spelling Bee, Barker's Bargain Bar Expensive Pick-a-Pair prize, Painful showcase overbid
73 December 23, 1994 . 8/10

Connie, Latanya, Danielle, Karen

3 Strikes, Grand Game, Make Your Move Barker's Markers, Lucky $even, Secret X Christmas 1994 episode, Amazing Lucky $even playing, No Commercials
654 January 3, 1995 G. Zimmerman. 8/8

Joyce, David, Mark, Christina

Switch?, Hole in One, Squeeze Play Poker Game, Bonus Game, Any Number First show of 1995, Perfect hand in PG4 and Bob declares an early win, Close difference between both contestants Showcase differences
415 January 4, 1995 G. Zimmerman. 7/8

Holli, Janet, Richard, Brandi

Golden Road, Plinko, Swap Meet Double Prices, Card Game, Super Saver
606 January 12, 1995 G. Zimmerman. 8/7

Maura, Tony, Marcy, Mark

One Away, Range Game, Super Saver Most Expensive, Clock Game, Spelling Bee
750 January 16, 1995 G. Zimmerman. 7/8

Bernice, Noemi, Ernest, Kari

Any Number, Cliff Hangers, Credit Card Squeeze Play, Bullseye, Dice Game Funny blooper in PG4 where the reveal gets stuck, Bob kicks it and the price falls out onto the floor
482 January 17, 1995 G. Zimmerman. 9/9

Cherry, Daniel, Graciela, Carroll

Check Game, 3 Strikes, Hi Lo Take Two, Master Key, Pick-a-Number Contestants do the Tush Push during SS#2
902 January 25, 1995 J. Cranmer. 7/8

Rachel, John, Mary Lou, Michelle

5 Price Tags, Squeeze Play, Magic # Take Two, Check-Out, One Away Expensive PG1 prize, Prize in PG1 described as a 1995 model but actual vehicle is a 1994 model, Rebecca takes a big spill in SS#2, Funny SC#2 where Holly accidentally breaks a dishwasher
523 January 27, 1995 G. Garsten. 6/8

Kenneth, Rebecca, Lawrence, Andrea

Barker's Bargain Bar, Pick-a-Pair, Temptation Range Game, Pathfinder, Clock Game Nervous contestant in PG3, Clock Game won with no time left, DSW ($50K+ Win!)
910 January 31, 1995 J. Cranmer. 8/9

Molly, Chad, Miriam, Katherine

Check Game, Punch-a-Bunch, Ten Chances Most Expensive, Lucky $even, Super Saver An audience member jumps into Molly as she's coming on down and gets reprimanded by a page, Hilarious PG3 contestant who headbutts Bob, Messy but worthwhile PG3 playing
446 February 6, 1995 M. Kriese.

Pearl, Kim, Kenneth, John

Lucky $even, Grand Game, Side By Side Credit Card, Pathfinder, Safe Crackers Expensive Pathfinder Prize, Kenneth has a humourous reaction during the Showcases ARP reveal
848 February 13, 1995 J. Cranmer. 8/9

James, Amenda, Misty, Betty

Switch?, Super Saver, Card Game Take Two, Switcheroo, Check Game Richard has a very loud bachelor party, Blooper in PG2, $6K win in SS#2, DSW with a VERY expensive Showcase! ($50K+ Win!)
655 February 24, 1995 G. Zimmerman. 6/7

Jade, Jenna, Manuel, Richard

Golden Road, Plinko, Check Game Switch?, Lucky $even, Super Saver LFaT Jade Mills wins over $70K
457 February 27, 1995 J. Hatten.

Carl, Allison, Cynthia, Beverly

Five Price Tags, Squeeze Play, Race Game Freeze Frame, Now...Or Then, One Away Beverly is one energetic contestant, Impressive result in PG1, Second playing of Freeze Frame and first winner
458 February 28, 1995 J. Hatten.

Adam, Janet, James, Carrie

Money Game, Barker's Markers, Hit Me Range Game, Pathfinder, Barker's Bargain Bar Agonizing PG5 playing
591 March 1, 1995 J. Hatten. 7/9

Elvis, Maria, Lorislado, Tara

1 Right Price, Plinko, Dice Game Swap Meet, Hole in One, Side By Side PG1 played for two trips
719 March 3, 1995 D. Downs. 8/9

Christopher, Rebecca, Sandra, Menar

Switch?, Temptation, Punch-a-Bunch Make Your Move, Lucky $even, Super Saver Super Saver display reads 'WINK'
381 March 6, 1995 J. Hatten.

Ronica, Rechienda, Suzanne, Jared

Plinko, Clock Game, 3 Strikes Safe Crackers, Bullseye, Money Game Emotional 3 Strikes contestant, Showcase has two cars
699 March 7, 1995 G. Zimmerman. 7/8

Eunice, Scott, Pamela, Heather

Credit Card, Grand Game, Ten Chances Squeeze Play, Secret X, Dice Game Tracking issues during PG1 and PG2, Secret X reveal gets stuck and Bob and Roger have to turn the game around to reveal the Secret "X"
631 March 23, 1995 A. Kudey. 8/8

Rosalinda, Jason, Carrie, Elsie

Credit Card, Dice Game, Pick-a-Pair Double Prices, Plinko, Cover Up 100yr old Shot Put Record Holder is in the audience, Price display problems in PG1
607 April 6, 1995 G. Zimmerman. 8/8

Amy, Ronnie, Robert, Michelle

Spelling Bee, Buy or Sell, Clock Game Freeze Frame, Card Game, Pick-a-Pair Freeze Frame mechanical malfunction, Staff member Lori Bonn's birthday is announced before IUFB#6, Unusual showcase bid
920 May 2, 1995 J. Cranmer. 7/9

Tania, Michael, Christopher, Jennifer

Cover Up, Grand Game, Credit Card 1 Right Price, Joker, Dice Game Details coming soon...
1093 June 2, 1995 J. Hatten. 7/8

Ralph, Michelle, Thomas, Annette

Safe Crackers, Barker's Markers, Switcheroo Freeze Frame, Lucky $even, Hi Lo
751 June 16, 1995 G. Zimmerman. 8/8

Mimi, Ronald, Lisa, Ann

Cover Up, 1 Right Price, Plinko Double Prices, Now...Or Then, Temptation Season 23 finale
752 September 22, 1995 G. Zimmerman. 8/8

Alec, Gigi, Pat, Lisa

Make Your Move, Plinko, Ten Chances Most Expensive, Hit Me, Money Game Not so great playing of PG1, Almost textbook playing of PG3
502 September 29, 1995 M. Kriese.

Queen, Deborah, James, Susan

Cover Up, Poker Game, Check-Out Switch?, Money Game, Cliff Hangers
436 October 2, 1995 M. Kriese. 7/7

Thomas, Carmen, Janel, Joey

Golden Road, 1 Right Price, Grocery Game Make Your Move, Punch-a-Bunch, Lucky $even The first four onstage contestants all come from the same spot in CR, Pirates of the Caribbean Showcase
504 October 4, 1995 M. Kriese.

Jamie, Maryann, Clinton, Melinda

Grocery Game, Danger Price, Any Number Double Prices, Most Expensive, Spelling Bee 90yr old contestant Beulah
506 October 5, 1995 M. Kriese.

Dana, Ike, Daniel, Christa

Barker's Bargain Bar, Temptation, Plinko Squeeze Play, Card Game, Hi Lo Painful decision in PG2, Two chips get stuck in Plinko, Excited PG5 contestant
437 October 10, 1995 M. Kriese. 7/10

Joyanne, Joel, Shelby, Ponchano

Most Expensive, Pathfinder, Freeze Frame Take Two, Hit Me, Any Number Bob gets the car name wrong in PG2 and Kathy Greco rushes out to correct him during the SP descriptions and gets a cameo, Perfect Pathfinder Playing
507 October 11, 1995 M. Kriese.

Sharon, Cheri, Ronald, Lisa

3 Strikes, Grand Game, Check Game 2 for the Price of 1, One Away, Cliff Hangers So much potential for big wins today but just barely $10K in prizes won, Very indecisive contestant in PG3
508 October 13, 1995 M. Kriese.

Pamela, Stephen, Patricia, Hajar

Squeeze Play, Grocery Game, Cover Up Clock Game, Plinko, Lucky $even Pamela waits until the last moment to get on stage and once she does she takes it all home wining both her pricing game and showcase with a VERY close bid!
416 October 16, 1995 G. Zimmerman. 7/9

Louis, Tracy, Freau, Elvira

Super Ball!!, Dice Game, Make Your Move One Right Price, Penny Ante, Card Game Scoreboard issues in PG1, Freau was a contestant on Truth or Concequenses, Dismal performance in PG3, Contestants named Caesar and Cleopatra end up together in SS#2, No Commercials
509 October 17, 1995 M. Kriese.

Aaron, Nell, Renée, John

Money Game, Barker's Markers, Now...Or Then Safe Crackers, Spelling Bee, Barker's Bargain Bar Katherine has some issues with her last name
510 October 18, 1995 M. Kriese.

Matthew, Heather, Richard, Kimberly

Plinko, Any Number, Most Expensive Range Game, Temptation, Hit Me
505 October 20, 1995 M. Kriese.

Elaine, Jody, Eric, Mindy

Check Game, 2 for the Price of 1, Switcheroo Squeeze Play, Pick-a-Pair, One Away Lillie Mae displays her pig call, Eric and Laurette are both school bus drivers, Excited PG6 contestant
511 October 23, 1995 M. Kriese.

Shirley, Jose, Diana, Katherine

Five Price Tags, Barker's Bargain Bar, Pick-a-Number Credit Card, Bullseye, Ten Chances Katherine has been to the show 15 times and finally gets her big break, Kevin a father to be wins baby furniture, Ten Chances blooper
430 October 24, 1995 A. Kudey. 8/7

Gary, Claire, Jennifer, Jose

Safe Crackers, Grand Game, Any Number Poker Game, Pathfinder, Freeze Frame One of Holly's last shows
512 October 25, 1995 M. Kriese.

Christina, Craig, Theresa, Paul

Golden Road, Check Game, Hit Me Clock Game, Master Key, Range Game
371 October 26, 1995 G. Zimmerman. 7/7

Dawn Monique, Ronald, Lorenzo, Desiree

Hi Lo, Swap Meet, Any Number One Right Price, Shell Game, Lucky $even Excited PG6 contestant, DSW ($40K+ Win)
717 October 27, 1995 D. Downs. 8/8

Laura, Jose, Tiffany, Thomas

Cover Up, Plinko, Make Your Move Most Expensive, Dice Game, Grocery Game Holly Hallstrom's last episode
513 November 10, 1995 M. Kriese.

Agatha, Barbara, David, Diane

Cover Up, Punch-a-Bunch, Make Your Move Pick-a-Number, Hole in One, Switch? VERY painful moment in PG2, Very exciting showcase conclusion with two very close bids
417 December 18, 1995 G. Zimmerman. 6/8

David, Michelle, Tammy, Christina

Golden Road, Clock Game, Penny Ante Freeze Frame, Buy or Sell, Five Price Tags Set decorated for Christmas, Golden Road played for a Viper, PG3 declared a win due to a production error, Results of PG6 missing but contestant did win (ARP was $15,340), No Commercials
483 December 20, 1995 G. Zimmerman. 7/7

Mindy, Michael, Peggy, Douglas

Barker's Bargain Bar, Cover Up, Super Saver Double Prices, Spelling Bee, 2 for the Price of 1 Episode begins just before PG1, Perfect Show
365 December 22, 1995 G. Zimmerman. 6/8

Janae, Brandon, Gina, Cynthia

Split Decision, Take Two, Now...Or Then Magic #, Most Expensive, Pathfinder Early playing of Split Decision, Early appearance of Fortune Hunter cue, VERY close showcase result
494 December 25, 1995 A. Kudey. 7/8

Nita, Edurardo, Steven, Ann

Plinko, Cover Up, Check Game Freeze Frame, 3 Strikes, Super Saver Christmas Day 1995 Episode
608 January 17, 1996 G. Zimmerman. 7/7

Rebecca, Aaron, Ualanda, Grant

Shopping Spree, Side By Side, Spelling Bee One Right Price, 3 Strikes, Bullseye Shopping Spree preimere, Close difference between contestants in showcases
700 January 24, 1996 G. Zimmerman. 7/8

Elizabeth, Michael, James, Vanessa

Clock Game, Pathfinder, Freeze Frame Buy or Sell, Lucky $even, Hi Lo Impressive PG1 playing, PG3 played for the last 4-Digit car offered on the show, Unique underwater Showcase
398 January 26, 1996 G. Zimmerman. 7/7

Bryan, Monica, Jodi Marie, Samantha

Range Game, Split Decision, Punch-a-Bunch Most Expensive, Ten Chances, $uper $aver Missing opening titles, Bryan's amazing Punch-a-Bunch win
837 February 15, 1996 R. Rinkerman. 5/7

Brianna, Michael, Sandra, Mark

Lucky $even, Hit Me, Switch? Shopping Spree, Pathfinder, Clock Game Early playing of PG4, Adam Sandler presents a Happy Gilmore Themed Showcase with a Corvette
1073 March 26, 1996 J. Cranmer. 7/8

Robert, Agnes, Regina, Geoffrey

3 Strikes, Make Your Move, Grocery Game Switch?, Plinko!, Lucky $even Absolute terrible bad luck during PG5
753 March 29, 1996 G. Zimmerman. 8/9

Cheryl, Pamela, Titus, Laura

Shopping Spree, Pathfinder, Magic # Double Prices, Split Decision, Penny Ante
754 April 1, 1996 G. Zimmerman. 6/8

Pamela, Douglas, Mary, Christopher

5 Price Tags, Freeze Frame, Switch? Credit Crd, Cover Up, Pick-a-Pair
969 April 8, 1996 G. Zimmerman. 6/7

Sandra, Steven, Marcella, Colleen

Split Decision, Hi Lo, Shopping Spree Double Prices, Plinko!, Money Game Wacky PG1 playing: The numbers don't stay down and the clock doesn't work at times, Error in PG3 makes it impossible to lose, Close Showcase bid
838 April 10, 1996 R. Rinkerman. 8/8

Brian, Denise, Philip, Betty

Cover Up, Swap Meet, Hit Me Barker's Bargain Bar, Spelling Bee, Side By Side Betty got on the wrong bus and ended up at the show
970 April 25, 1996 G. Zimmerman. 7/8

Candace, Leroy, LaToshe, Beverly

Eazy Az 1-2-3, Plinko!, Cover Up Double Prices, Pick-a-Pair, Lucky $even Premiere of PG1 and no think music is used, Exciting PG2 playing, $20K+ car in PG3
680 May 2, 1996 J. Hatten. 6/7

Roberta, Glen, Bettina, Joy

Golden Road, Squeeze Play, Cliff Hangers Most Expensive, Ten Chances, Check-Out PG1 win, Amazing PG3 win, VERY close showcase bid
868 May 3, 1996 J. Hatten. 7/9

Christopher, Erin, Mary, Cornelius

Switch?, Hole in One, Take Two Double Prices, Punch-a-Bunch, Cover Up Funny moment in PG1: Cornelius wins Power Wheels toys in IUFB#1 and Bob has him drive off in one of them in celebration of his win, PG2 contestant is wearing a rather fitting shirt for her game
1005 May 6, 1996 J. Hatten. 6/8

Peter, Chantelle, Vienna, Adam

Eazy Az 1-2-3, Hi Lo, Money Game Shopping Spree, 5 Price Tags, Pick-a-Number Early PG1 playing, Vienna is a VERY indecisive contestant
382 May 7, 1996 J. Hatten.

Carol, Larry, John, Tekia

Split Decision, Check-Out, Double Prices Magic #, One Away, Plinko How NOT to play Split Decision, Larry takes a real gamble in SS#2
839 May 8, 1996 R. Rinkerman. 6/9

Carol, Diane, Lionel, Manuel

Safe Crackers, Swap Meet, Switcheroo Buy or Sell, Card Game, Penny Ante Funny moment between Bob and an audience member, PG4 comeback
592 May 9, 1996 J. Hatten. 6/9

Barbara, Richard, Elsa, Shawn

3 Strikes, Pick-a-Pair, Squeeze Play Poker Game, Pathfinder, Make Your Move
383 May 10, 1996 J. Hatten. 8/9

Leonard, Richard, Michelle, Matilda

Range Game, Master Key, Clock Game Barker's Markers, Hit Me, Dice Game Extremely rare graphic used in showcases, Video quality issues during credit roll, DSW
718 May 29, 1996 D. Downs. 5/6

Fritz, Sharon, Wendy, Rose Renee

Switch?, Hole in One, Side By Side Buy or Sell, Punch-a-Bunch, One Away Frequent picture quality issues throughout, Fritz thinks he won the car when Kathleen sinks the inspiration putt, Kathy cartwheels into CR
869 June 11, 1996 J. Hatten. 6/8

Scott, Rosa, Chansey, Laura

Shell Game, Magic #, Cover Up Most Expensive, Card Game, Now...Or Then Kim gives Bob a very pleasant compliment during PG6, Unique prize offered in Showcases
835 August 23, 1996 PM R. Rinkerman. 8/8

Rona, Jason, Eileen, Angela

Lucky $even, Plinko, One Away , , 25th Anniversary Special loaded with clips from the show, PG1 played for a Corvette, PG2 played for $50K, PG3 played for a Cadillac, BIG Showcase Win
540 September 26, 1996 G. Zimmerman. 6/8

Sergio, Tamara, Anna Karina, Yolanda

Golden Road, Grocery Game, Eazy Az 1-2-3 Double Prices, Punch-a-Bunch, Split Decision
840 October 10, 1996 R. Rinkerman. 8/8

Cynthia, Karen, Nagatha, Vincenzo

Squeeze Play, Bullseye, Dice Game Race Game, Secret X, Money Game Absolute perfect PG3 playing, Perfect show ruined at the last possible moment
658 October 15, 1996 D. Frangioso. 10/10

Louis, Cheryl, Zelma, Mark

Range Game, Master Key, Pick-a-Number Eazy Az 1-2-3, 3 Strikes, Hit Me Ridiculously close PG1 result
922 October 23, 1996 J. Cranmer. 9/10

Leilani, Willie, Rhonda, John

Lucky $even, Plinko!, Buy or Sell Double Prices, Hi Lo, Cover Up One Showcase has a unique price resulting in a unique difference
701 October 30, 1996 G. Zimmerman. 7/7

Julie, Freddie, Dennis, Catherine

Range Game, Cover Up, Grand Game Clock Game, Cliff Hangers, One Away Catherine is a VERY nervous contestant, A price prematurely reveals itself in PG3 but the contestant neglects to pick it, Expensive car in PG6
1094 November 4, 1996 J. Hatten. 7/7

Jennifer, Wayne, Juan, Christian

3 Strikes, Switch?, Secret X Take Two, Hi Lo, Cover Up Expensive PG1 prize
702 November 8, 1996 G. Zimmerman. 7/7

Brian, Holly, Cameron, Dorothy

Golden Road, Cliff Hangers, Take Two Squeeze Play, Hit Me, One Away Dorothy makes some outlandish bidding mistakes, Expensive car offered in PG6
971 November 20, 1996 G. Zimmerman. 8/10

Ruth, June, Kristi, Matthew

Super Ball!!, Lucky $even, Barker's Bargain Bar Double Prices, Grocery Game, Cover Up Expensive PG2 prize, Logo missing from PG4, Painful Showcase overbid leads to a rather anti-climactic result
732 November 22, 1996 J. Hatten. 7/9

Jack, Kristin, Ronald, Margwen

Master Key, Range Game, Credit Card Magic #, One Away, Penny Ante An audience member gives Kathleen a kiss
851 December 4, 1986 J. Cranmer. 8/8

Lenora, Daniel, Ramona, Michael

Safe Crackers, Pathfinder, Freeze Frame Most Expensive, 3 Strikes, Bullseye Daniel is a hilariously energetic contestant, Perfect PG2 playing, Perfect Show!
1006 December 25, 1996 J. Hatten. 9/9

Christine, Jerry, Kaui, Joanna

Plinko!, Eazy Az 1-2-3, Money Game Double Prices, Check-Out, Lucky $even Christmas Day Special 1996, Painful PG5 loss
755 January 3, 1997 G. Zimmerman. 7/9

Jennifer, Steven, Linda, Arthur

Lucky $even, Plinko, Swap Meet Double Prices, Hole in One, Range Game Onetha makes an embarrassing admission when she arrives in Contestant's Row, Minor blooper in PG3
1074 January 10, 1997 J. Cranmer. 7/7

Stephanie, Angelo, Diana, Matthew

Cover Up, Plinko!, Freeze Frame Make Your Move, Dice Game, Penny Ante Terrible decision in PG5, Winless show aside from $3K in PG2 and a Double Overbid
82 January 14, 1997 . 6/7

Daniel, Shauna, Larry, Linda

Super Ball!!, Barker's Bargain Bar, Lucky $even Squeeze Play, Grand Game, Dice Game
83 January 15, 1997 . 7/7

Jessica, Jerry, George, Leah

Range Game, Five Price Tags, Safe Crackers One Right Price, Temptation, Now?Or Then 60s Showcase, Big Showcase win
84 January 16, 1997 . 7/7

Rowena, Jason, Kristen, William

Split Decision, Hi Lo, Eazy Az 1-2-3 Double Prices, Plinko, One Away Final playing of Split Decision goes terribly
85 January 17, 1997 . 6/7

Jorge, Christina, Elizabeth, Reginald

Freeze Frame, Cliffhangers, Ten Chances Clock Game, Check-Out, Switch? Pitiful Ten Chances playing, Check-Out played for a car
86 January 21, 1997 . 6/7

Denise, John, Melissa, Jimmie

Barker's Bargain Bar, Hole in One, Race Game Double Prices, Plinko, Money Game Race Game technical win blooper
87 January 22, 1997 . 6/7

Kimberly, Beverly, Ken, Mary

Switcheroo, Range Game, Eazy Az 1-2-3 One Right Price, Pick-a-Pair, Cover Up Mary's whirlwind Switcheroo playing
88 January 23, 1997 . 6/7

Gladys, James, Jamie, Pamela

Card Game, Hi Lo, Take Two Magic #, Pathfinder, Side By Side Painful Card Game overbid, $11K win in SS#1, Big Showcase win
89 January 24, 1997 . 6/7

Diane, Leah, Lawrence, Dennis

Spelling Bee, Safe Crackers, Make Your Move Shopping Spree, Dice Game, Penny Ante
90 January 27, 1997 . 7/7

Greachia, Robert, Charles, Danise

Most Expensive, Grocery Game, Ten Chances One Right Price, Plinko, 2 for the Price of 1 Greachia goes on stage before going to CR, Most Expensive played for three trips, Bob forgets Elaine's $100 bonus, 2 for 1 played for a car
91 January 28, 1997 . 6/7

Charles, Joseph, Veronica, Corey

Lucky $even, Swap Meet, Shell Game Side By Side, One Away, Grand Game
92 January 29, 1997 . 7/7

Michael, Angela, Fernando, Deborah

Check Game, 3 Strikes, Hit Me Clock Game, Master Key, Squeeze Play Painful 3 Strikes loss
93 January 30, 1997 . 7/7

Christopher, Akila, Lawrence, Neal

Golden Road, Cliffhangers, Eazy Az 1-2-3 Barker's Bargain Bar, Dice Game, Now...Or Then Prize in PG1 is less expensive than the prize offered in 3 Strikes the day before
74 January 31, 1997 . 6/7

Julie, Josephine, Ramiro, Frances

Hi Lo, Money Game, Any Number Switch?, Punch-a-Bunch, Card Game Frances' earring gets caught in Brandi's hair as she comes on down
75 February 3, 1997 . 7/7

Eugenia, Jeanette, Murray, Minette

Cover Up, Range Game, Bonus Game Buy or Sell, Pick-a-Pair, Lucky $even Painful Range Game loss, Buy or Sell comeback
76 February 4, 1997 . 7/7

Nancy, Andre, Lisa, Toni

Freeze Frame, Bullseye, Barker's Markers Barker's Bargain Bar, Secret X, One Away Bullseye played for a car, Matthew's father was a contestant back in the day
77 February 5, 1997 . 7/8

Kristina, Syeta, Anthony, Stephanie

Switch?, Ten Chances, Penny Ante Eazy Az 1-2-3, Spelling Bee, Pick-a-Number Things for the Debutante Showcase featuring two cars, Big showcase win, No Commercials
78 February 6, 1997 . 7/7

Antoinette, Ronald, Laverne, Loree

Squeeze Play, Super Ball!!, Dice Game Side By Side, Grand Game, Any Number World Champion Billiards Player Loree Jon Jones is a contestant, PG2 win, $6K win in SS#1
79 February 7, 1997 . 7/7

Daniel, Jenita, Ronald, Pressley

3 Strikes, Plinko, Most Expensive Double Prices, Cover Up, Check-Out Mary's husband watches the show but she "buys the vowels", The $0.51 Geritol
80 February 10, 1997 . 7/7

Geraldine, Manuel, Dale, Martin

Safe Crackers, Hole in One, Make Your Move One Right Price, Cliffhangers, Money Game Interesting turnout in Hole in One, Big Money Game payout
81 February 11, 1997 . 7/7

Christine, Faith, Jeremy, Cathy

Range Game, 3 Strikes, Joker Barker's Bargain Bar, Hi Lo, Any Number Upside-down numbers in 3 Strikes, Jeremy's decorated Price is Right cast, Michelle loses her voice
557 March 4, 1997 C. Donegan. 8/9

Laurie, Denise, Jewel, Aaron

Shopping Spree, Money Game, Hit Me Barker's Bargain Bar, Punch-a-Bunch, Any Number The only DSW of S25 and the last under the 'less than $100' rule
94 March 10, 1997 . 6/7

Jean, Dorothy, Carol, Scott

Five Price Tags, Squeeze Play, Most Expensive Magic #, Now?Or Then, Ten Chances Minor tracking issues, $6K win in SS#1, Unbearable Ten Chances playing
95 March 11, 1997 . 7/7

Jason, Jina, Jessica, George

Switch?, Cover Up, Hi Lo Buy or Sell, Joker, Lucky $even Victoria the Samoan, Close showcase result, Minor tracking issues
96 March 12, 1997 . 7/8

Jane, Lakeisha, Kyle, Debra

Range Game, Pathfinder, Race Game Safe Cracker, Money Game, Penny Ante Jane gets lost on Pathfinder, Minor tracking issues
97 March 13, 1997 . 7/7

LaShare, Robert, Lavel, Terrence

Check Game, One Away, Pick-a-Pair Barker's Bargain Bar, Any Number, Plinko Check Game win by $1, Minor tracking issues
98 March 14, 1997 . 7/7

Cheryl, Christopher, Sharon, Stephen

Double Prices, Freeze Frame, Spelling Bee Eazy Az 1-2-3, Bullseye, Dice Game Spelling Bee electronic props don't work, Minor tracking issues
99 March 17, 1997 . 7/7

Linda, Penpit, Sandra, Ellis

Squeeze Play, Check-Out, Temptation Double Prices, Punch-a-Bunch, Card Game Blooper in IUFB#3, Minor Tracking issues, Reunited contestant Joseph with this episode after some years having not seen it
100 March 18, 1997 . 7/7

David, Margarita, Vivian, Ryan

Spelling Bee, Barker's Bargain Bar, Freeze Frame Barker's Markers, 3 Strikes, Penny Ante Showcase winner is a contestant from my hometown
101 March 19, 1997 . 7/7

Rhonda, James, Paul, Sunshine

Golden Road, Credit Card, Grand Game One Right Price, Swithceroo, Most Expensive
102 March 20, 1997 . 7/7

Donald, Donna, Jeannie, Phyllis

Range Game, Master Key, Clock Game Make Your Move, Hit Me, Money Game Master Key Blooper
103 March 21, 1997 . 7/7

Kerry, Terri, Kurt, Vonda

Cover Up, Eazy Az 1-2-3, Grocery Game Switch?, Plinko, Lucky $even Mercedita has hugs for everyone, Big showcase win
104 March 24, 1997 . 7/7

Cindy, Patrick, Cynthia, Paula

Shopping Spree, Cliffhangers, Ten Chances Barker's Bargain Bar, Bullseye, One Away Perfect One Away makes for a perfect show
105 March 25, 1997 . 7/8

Cheryl, Nicholas, Jerome, Heidi

Danger Price, Hole in One, Squeeze Play Magic #, Dice Game, Secret X Janice performs the inspirational putt
106 March 26, 1997 . 6/7

Staci, Michael, Norman, Theresa

Super Ball!!, Pick-a-Number, Money Game Most Expensive, Now?Or Then, Lucky $even Pamela forgot her maiden name, Emergency Alert System Test during SC1
107 March 27, 1997 . 7/7

Laura, Nancy, Daryl, Arturo

Clock Game, 3 Strikes, Pick-a-Pair Double Prices, Plinko, Cover Up Felice has everyone laughing during Plinko, very memorable contestant
108 March 28, 1997 . 7/7

Monica, Michael, Mary Helen, Christopher

Swap Meet, Pathfinder, Race Game Switch?, Any Number, Hi Lo No Commercials
109 March 31, 1997 . 6/7

George, Scott, Sandra, Vanecia

Lucky $even, Squeeze Play, Punch-a-Bunch Barker's Markers, Freeze Frame, Bullseye Originally scheduled for January, Maria wants to use her $500 for dinner, Bullseye played for a car, No Commercials
110 April 1, 1997 . 7/7

Thorna, Rebecca, Elizabeth, Hae Jean

Make Your Move, One Away, Check-Out Side By Side, Any Number, Plinko No Commercials, Show changes from WRAL to WMAZ during SS#1 due to WRAL having technical problems, Some contestants have very unique names
111 April 2, 1997 . 7/7

Jeffrey, Jodi, Michael, Melissa

Range Game, Cover Up, Bonus Game One Right Price, Temptation, Penny Ante Penny Ante blooper, No Commercials
112 April 3, 1997 . 7/7

Heather, Melvin, Kellie, Michael

Safe Crackers, Grocery Game, Money Game 2 for the Price of 1, Spelling Bee, Most Expensive Mildred nearly takes Bob down with her when she wheelies, No Commercials
118 April 14, 1997 .6/8

Heidi, Gabrielle, Melanie, Richard

Any Number, Plinko, Squeeze Play Buy or Sell, Dice Game, Now?Or Then Unstable picture quality in the beginning, partially improves during IUFB#1
119 April 15, 1997 . 7/7

April, Ryan, Gary, Susan

Credit Card, Cover Up, Check-Out Double Prices, Money Game, Secret X Bob teases Susan about her guesses but she ends up winning by $0.19, Tera performs her "Bob Barker Shuffle", Backwards Money Game win
120 April 16, 1997 . 7/7

Francis, Katie, Diane, Cody

Check Game, Take Two, Switcheroo Barker's Bargain Bar, Penny Ante, Card Game Take Two new design
121 April 17, 1997 . 7/7

Bonita, Anne, Scott, Janet

Clock Game, One Away, Grocery Game Freeze Frame, Punch-a-Bunch, Lucky $even Janet's clothing style, Kathleen gets lost coming on down
122 April 18, 1997 . 7/7

Jessica, Matthew, Kathryn, Ernesto

Safe Crackers, Spelling Bee, Side By Side Shopping Spree, Hit Me, Ten Chances Big Showcase win
123 April 21, 1997 . 7/7

Catherine, Ronald, Joan, Barry

Eazy Az 1-2-3, Bullseye, Any Number Range Game, Master Key, Clock Game
756 April 24, 1997 G. Zimmerman. 7/8

Vitie, Judy, Nancy, Adam

Super Ball!!, Side By Side, Dice Game Magic #, Pick-a-Pair, Lucky $even Very painful PG3 loss, Rare occurance in PG4
904 April 25, 1997 J. Cranmer. 8/8

Sonja, Kunying, Angela, Tanya

Cover Up, Grand Game, Freeze Frame Swap Meet, Pathfinder, Barker's Bargain Bar Incredible PG1 playing, Regular bell used in PG5
703 April 29, 1997 G. Zimmerman. 8/8

Nathan, Jennipher, James, Mimi

One Right Price, Money Game, Hit Me Magic #, Temptation, Secret X $14K won in both SS combined, Very painful Double Overbid
124 May 16, 1997 . 8/7

Paulette, Linda, Brian, Karen

Most Expensive, Any Number, Penny Ante 2 for the Price of 1, Shell Game, Card Game Karen bids $80 on a hammock, Painful Card Game loss, Bob has Karen do the spay/neuter plug
125 May 19, 1997 . 8/7

Kurt, Lisa, James, Joelle

Money Game, Safe Crackers, Bullseye Swap Meet, Pathfinder, Check Game Bob, Janice and James have a silly discussion about whether husbands or wives should do the vacuuming, Big Pathfinder win
126 May 20, 1997 . 8/7

Elizabeth, Varith, Wanda, Lucius

Super Ball!!, Card Game, Barker's Bargain Bar Squeeze Play, Pick-a-Pair, Dice Game Very hyper-active Lucius, Double Brenda in CR before IUFB#4
127 May 21, 1997 . 8/7

Rosa, Rebecca, Theresa, Douglas

Any Number, Race Game, Grocery Game Double Prices, Punch-a-Bunch, One Away Major bidding confusion during IUFB#1, "Ooooing" in Punch-a-Bunch, A bird flies by during the showcase ARPs
128 May 22, 1997 . 7/7

Ivy, Sherry, Brandon, Maria

Range Game, Plinko, Lucky $even Shopping Spree, Hole in One, Side By Side Maria's cheerleader moves, Sherry forgets where she lives
129 May 23, 1997 . 7/7

Jason, Lora Rose, Martin, Tracie

Eazy Az 1-2-3, Grand Game, 3 Strikes Freeze Frame, Master Key, Switch Three men named Jason come on down
921 June 12, 1997 J. Cranmer. 6/7

Kristin, Keith, Laura, Shannon

Check Game, 3 Strikes, Hit Me Most Expensive, Cover Up, Plinko! Second last show of S25, Tracking problems throughout, $6K win in SS#1
435/541 September 8, 1997 G. Zimmerman. 9/10

Chad, Debbie, Jason, Michelle

Cover Up, Plinko, Clock Game Double Prices, Lucky $even, Pick-a-Pair Season 26 Premiere, Cover Up played for a Lincoln, Lucy Johnson, Syd Vinnedge and Marjorie Goodson appear before IUFB#2, Janice sideswipes the turntable driving the van out for Lucky $even
659 September 9, 1997 D. Frangioso. 10/10

Nichelle, Bryan, Maria, Colin

Make Your Move, One Away, Hit Me Swap Meet, Punch-a-Bunch, Safe Crackers
1145 September 10, 1997 D. Frangioso. 9/9

Francisca, Shelley, Jeremy, Pamela

Any Number, Cliff Hangers, Race Game Squeeze Play, Temptation, Penny Ante Jeremy makes a terrible bid in IUFB#3 and immediately realizes it
660 September 11, 1997 D. Frangioso. 10/10

Constance, Blair, Kristi, Mark

Shopping Spree, Bullseye, Dice Game Eazy Az 1-2-3, Spelling Bee, Freeze Frame Triple overbid in IUFB#3, Janet is a very excited contestant
418 September 26, 1997 G. Zimmerman. 7/7

Cheri, Rose, Angelena, Thomas

Any Number, Eazy Az 1-2-3, It's In the Bag Freeze Frame, Secret X, One Away Premiere of It's In the Bag, Perfect One Away playing saves the show from being winless
841 October 8, 1997 R. Rinkerman. 8/8

Allyson, Suzanne, Martin, Tina

Money Game, It's In the Bag, Buy or Sell Range Game, Barker's Bargain Bar, Pathfinder Second playing of PG2, PG2 Wipeout, Last playing of PG3 with original rules
130 October 17, 1997 . 9/10

Malia, Lynda, Ralph, Britt

Credit Card, Lucky $even, It's in the Bag Double Prices, Switcheroo, Magic # It's In the Bag third playing
131 October 20, 1997 . 9/10

Melissa, Kia, Leslie, Primavera

Grocery Game, One Away, Range Game Safe Crackers, Money Game, Plinko "Folks" instead of "Ladies" for One Away, Perfect One Away playing
132 October 21, 1997 . 9/10

Kelli, Juan, Audrey, Becky

Most Expensive, Spelling Bee, Race Game Magic #, Hit Me, Cover Up New audience curtains, Magic # begins trickling down by one from 1429 and leaves for a long and humourous playing
133 October 22, 1997 . 9/10

Matthew, Janna, Leonard, Linda

Master Key, Freeze Frame, Clock Game Make Your Move, Hi Lo, Card Game Clock Game close finish, $6K Win in SS#2
134 October 23, 1997 . 9/10

Reed, Mary Jean, Tonia, Hilton

Barker's Bargain Bar, 3 Strikes, Now?Or Then Barker's Markers, Cliffhangers, Dice Game
135 October 24, 1997 . 9/10

Mary Anne, Kevin, Shelley, Geraldine

Lucky $even, It's In the Bag, Most Expensive Check Game, Pathfinder, Pick-a-Number Shelley is VERY excited, Geraldine told her friends she was going to play Pathfinder and she actually does
136 November 12, 1997 . 9/9

Wendy, Grace, Mark, Jonathan

Make Your Move, Secret X, Temptation Check Game, Pick-a-Pair, Cover Up
137 November 13, 1997 . 9/10

Maxine, Walter, James, Tamika

Eazy Az 1-2-3, Plinko, Ten Chances Double Prices, Bullseye, One Away Eazy Az 1-2-3 price reveal gets stuck, Very close showcase results
138 November 14, 1997 . 9/10

Martin, Diana, David, Cynthia

Barker's Bargain Bar, Dice Game, Hit Me Barker's Markers, Shell Game, Lucky $even Hit Me tie, Big showcase win
139 November 17, 1997 . 9/10

Jennifer, Troy, Rodrigo, Kandis

Super Ball!!, Money Game, One Right Price Eazy Az 1-2-3, Grand Game, 2 for the Price of 1 Rodrigo plays Super Ball!! At Chuck E Cheese's, Ball#2 gets stuck, 2 for 1 played for a truck
140 November 18, 1997 . 9/10

Omar, Gemma, Brent, Caroline

Switch?, It's In the Bag, Dice Game Most Expensive, Freeze Frame, Switcheroo Caroline tries to bid $12,000, Painful IITB decision
141 November 19, 1997 . 9/10

Juan, Diane, Ann Marie, James

Plinko, Card Game, Shopping Spree Double Prices, Hole in One, Barker's Bargain Bar
850 November 21, 1997 J. Cranmer. 8/9

Desiree, Ulysses, Nancy, Claudia

Lucky $even, Fortune Hunter, Secret X Range Game, Dice Game, Grocery Game Premiere of Fortune Hunter, Quick playing of PG4, Blooper in PG6, 3 $1K wins in SS#2
1146 November 26, 1997 D. Frangioso. 8/8

Telecia, Corey, Cinderella, Peter

Switch?, Now..Or Then, Ten Chances Range Game, Plinko!, Cover Up PG3 contestant has a very difficult time but makes a comeback and scares Bob in the process
972 December 1, 1997 G. Zimmerman. 7/7

Suzanne, Mary, Ronald, Audrey

Fortune Hunter, Pick-a-Pair, Money Game Double Prices, Cliff Hangers, Card Game First PG1 win, PG4 played behind TGPT, Big Showcase win
757 December 9, 1997 G. Zimmerman. 7/7

Stephen, Lynn, Amber, Gary

Money Game, Poker Game, It's In the Bag Double Prices, Magic #, 5 Price Tags Episode occassionally skips, Stephen takes forever coming on down the prematurely goes onstage, First full PG3 win, Exciting PG6 win
661 January 2, 1998 D. Frangioso. 9/9

Arthur, Joyce, Anna, Amber

Money Game, Fortune Hunter, Cliff Hangers 1 Right Price, Check-Out, Dice Game First show of 1998, Connie gives Bob a scare but is an otherwise harmless and excited contestant
815 January 6, 1998 R. Rinkerman. 9/10

Todd, Sammie, Janick, Ryan

Barker's Bargain BAr, Punch-a-Bunch, 3 Strikes Take Two, Now...Or Then, Money Game VERY exciting Showcase conclusion with two VERY close bids!
492 January 12, 1998 A. Kudey. 6/7

Jedediah, Amelia, Sheri, Lakita

Super Ball!!, Money Game, Switch? Squeeze Play, 3 Strikes, Penny Ante Final playing of Super Ball!! played for a car and goes out with a bang!
713 January 14, 1998 D. Downs. 8/8

Cynthia, Kathleen, Joel, Danitra

Golden Road, Secret X, Fortune Hunter Double Prices, Bullseye, Lucky $even Kathleen makes a ridiculous bid on IUFB#1, Gene Wood does the CNAOS plug
973 February 12, 1998 G. Zimmerman. 8/8

Kimberly, Glen, Callie, Frances

Switch?, Lucky $even, It's In the Bag Swap Meet, Cliff Hangers, Money Game Insanely good PG2 prize with probably one of the easiest prices ever
818 February 13, 1998 R. Rinkerman. 8/8

Angel, Steven, Joy, Pamela

Fortune Hunter, Pathfinder, Clock Game Pick-a-Number, Now...Or Then, Range Game Picture periodically freezes from Opening to partway in PG1 and partially in PG2, Excited PG2 contestant, Perfect PG2 playing, PG6 played for a car
1147 February 16, 1998 D. Frangioso. 6/8

Lee, Robin, Becky, Robert

Grocery Game, Barker's Markers, Magic # Squeeze Play, Plinko!, Dice Game PG1 played for a truck, Scott injures his knee when he sees the car in PG6 and again at the end of the game and has a chair for SS#2 and the Showcases
1148 February 17, 1998 D. Frangioso. 6/8

Julianna, Angela, Kimberly, Scott

Eazy Az 1-2-3, It's In the Bag, 2 for the Price of 1 Range Game, Money Game, Secret X PG3 played for a van
1149 February 18, 1998 D. Frangioso. 9/9

Kirsten, Larry, Tamara, Michael

Credit Card, Freeze Frame, 5 Price Tags Barker's Bargain Bar, Grand Game, Cover Up Janice gives Larry a hug after winning PG2, Practically perfect PG3 playing, PG5 wipeout
1150 February 19, 1998 D. Frangioso. 9/9

Michelle, Jamie, Anne, Gene

Lucky $even, Punch-a-Bunch, Buy or Sell Double Prices, Check-Out, Any Number Funny moment during IUFB#4, VERY impressive PG5 win, Candice has very noisy friends
524 February 27, 1998 G. Garsten. 9/9

Jennifer, Carly, Becky, Lee

Now...Or Then, One Away, Fortune Hunter Freeze Frame, Pathfinder, Switch? Perfect Pathfinder playing, $6K win in SS#2
1095 March 9, 1998 J. Hatten. 8/9

Jessica, Janet, Deborah, Gary

Barker's Bargain Bar, Hole in One, Take Two Freeze Frame, Cliff Hangers, Any Number Terrible move in PG5, Big Showcase win
1096 March 10, 1998 J. Hatten. 6/8

Anne, Nicolas, Dorella, Richard

Most Expensive, Line 'Em Up, Bullseye 1 Right Price, Plinko!, One Away First playing of Line 'Em Up and it's won perfectly
957 April 8, 1998 J. Hatten. 8/9

Sarah, Kristin, Harold, Raul

Cover Up, 1 Right Price, Check-Out Take Two, Plinko!, Safe Crackers PG1 loss spoiled before the game ends, PG6 played for a car
594 April 9, 1998 J. Hatten. 9/9

Florita, John, Sybil, Bridget

Lucky $even, Cliff Hangers, Any Number Double Prices, One Away, Five Price Tags 5000th episode, Every PG played for a car, Big showcase win ($60K+)
662 April 10, 1998 D. Frangioso. 10/10

Melissa, Russell, Barbara, Tara

Freeze Frame, Pathfinder, Clock Game Barker's Markers, Hit Me, 2 for the Price of 1 Episode 5001, Expensive PG2 prize, Slow PG3 playing, Rod reads the wrong copy for IUFB#6, Painful Showcase overbid
663 April 20, 1998 D. Frangioso. 10/10

Kimberlee, Jason, Teona, Grace

Cover Up, Plinko, Shopping Spree Pick-a-Number, Penny Ante, Any Number Very unique playing of PG3 (with very inexpensive prizes too), Laverne is very excited when her opponent wins her showcase
1151 April 21, 1998 D. Frangioso. 9/9

Michelle, John, David, Diane

Freeze Frame, Grand Game, One Away Swap Meet, Switcheroo, 2 for the Price of 1 Richard is wearing a basketball jersey and Bob has him slam dunk during IUFB#5, VERY close Showcase bid (would be a Double Showcase by today's standards), Big Showcase win
664 April 22, 1998 D. Frangioso. 10/10

Brian, Lisa, Juli, Russel

Fortune Hunter, Pathfinder, Clock Game Double Prices, Line 'Em Up, Hit Me PG1 win, Expensive PG2 prize
665 April 23, 1998 D. Frangioso. 10/10

April, Todd, Venetta, Michelle

Lucky $even, Danger Price, It's In the Bag Squeeze Play, Dice Game, Secret X Impressive PG1 playing, Milton is a very interesting looking contestant, Maria has a very long name, $13K given away in both Showcase Showdowns total
667 April 24, 1998 D. Frangioso. 10/10

Vicki, Chrstina, Seth, Janet

Credit Card, Cliff Hangers, Money Game Barker's Bargain Bar, Hole in One, Side By Side Loud cymbal crash during IUFB#6, turns out the sound effects lady fell off her chair and hit that sound effect
442 May 18, 1998 M. Kriese.

Lorraine, Eme, Edward, Brooke

Spelling Bee, Swap Meet, Safe Crackers Side By Side, Hit Me, Line 'Em Up
443 May 19, 1998 M. Kriese.

Kelly Anne, Kelly, Akel, Douglas

Golden Road, Now...Or Then, 1 Right Price Most Expensive, Plinko, Card Game First time prize in Golden Road, Janet goes against the audiences wishes in Card Game and it pays off, Unique showcase bid
1097 May 20, 1998 J. Hatten. 7/7

Derek, Caitlin, Caroline, Jeffrey

Check Game, Barker's Bargain Bar, Switcheroo Credit Card, One Away, Pick-a-Pair Probably one of the worst playings of Check Game ever, Easy PG5 win, Two rather nice and expensive Showcases, one with a painful overbid
632 September 21, 1998 A. Kudey. 7/8

Erick, Phyllis, Teresa, Catherine

Golden Road, Clearance Sale, Pick-a-Pair Double Prices, Plinko, Lucky $even Season 27 Premiere, Premiere of Clearance sale, PG3 played for a car, Introduction of the $250 or less Double Showcase rule
1152 September 23, 1998 D. Frangioso. 9/9

Ryan, Connie, Brian, Lakeisha

Any Number, Most Expensive, Grocery Game Safe Crackers, Punch-a-Bunch, One Away Marco Antonio Regil from Atinale al Precio in Mexico is in the audience, Small news cut in during PG4
1153 September 25, 1998 D. Frangioso. 9/9

Christopher, Melinda, Joe, Ann

Spelling Bee, Freeze Frame, Fortune Hunter 1 Right Price, Hit Me, Dice Game Ann claims she's hyperventilating because she's quitting smoking, Bob mentions they've added weight to every box in PG3 so its difficult to tell a winner, Close Showcase bid
1137 September 28, 1998 R. Rinkerman. 7/8

Patrick, Laurie, Jason, Alicia

Cover Up, Check-Out, Take Two Double Prices, Punch-a-Bunch, Any Number PG5 win, Close Showcase bid
1138 September 30, 1998 R. Rinkerman. 7/8

Gina, Brian, Korey, Charles

Lucky $even, Squeeze Play, It's In the Bag Magic #, Dice Game, Secret X Brian has a very 90's hairstyle, PG3 win, Betty has trouble with the dice in PG5, Minor technical blooper in PG5
1098 October 1, 1998 J. Hatten. 8/8

Tyler, Tina, Leslie, Ryan

5 Price Tags, Clock Game, Clearance Sale Penny Ante, 3 Strikes, 1 Right Price Exciting wins in PG1 and PG2, Sixth contestant called down has a real mouthful of a name, Second playing of PG3 and the debut of it's country think music, Very close Showcase bid
1099 October 2, 1998 J. Hatten. 8/8

Shameen, Gabriella, Molly, Nolan

Most Expensive, Bullseye, Temptation Barker's Bargain Bar, Bonus Game, Card Game
1055 October 5, 1998 J. Cranmer. 8/8

Maisy, Tiffany, Robin, Erin

Danger Price, Line 'Em Up, Now...Or Then Double Prices, Plinko!, One Away Painful PG3 loss, Maizy practically mauls Bob before PG6, Painful Showcase overbid
1056 October 6, 1998 J. Cranmer. 8/8

Suzanne, Jacob, Chirell, Lindsay

Squeeze Play, Ten Chances, Cliff Hangers Barker's Markers, Money Game, Pick-a-Pair Incredible occurrence in SS#1 that is believed to only have happened three times (as of Sept/17) in the show's history
1057 October 7, 1998 J. Cranmer. 8/8

Wildon, Victoria, Erin, Iola

Grocery Game, Swap Meet, Dice Game Joker, Freeze Frame, Cover Up Scott gives Bob a kiss before PG2, PG3 contestant looks a lot like Pamela Anderson
428 October 8, 1998 A. Kudey. 9/9

Jeremy, Julie, Jasmine, Charles

Range Game, Pathfinder, Make Your Move Most Expensive, Lucky $even, Grand Game $11K win in SS#1, Ruth Ann goes on about how she wants to play Lucky $even because she needs a car and she ends up playing Lucky $even!, No commercials
1058 October 9, 1998 J. Cranmer. 8/8

Amy, Jeffrey, Dory, Veronica

Any Number, Hit Me, 2 for the Price of 1 Pick-a-Number, Spelling Bee, 1 Right Price
704 October 12, 1998 G. Zimmerman. 7/8

Kelly, Willie, Randy, Ashley

Bullseye, 3 Strikes, Race Game Barker's Bargain Bar, Punch-a-Bunch, Range Game Contestant named Willie Mays plays 3 Strikes, $11K win in SS#1
853 October 13, 1998 J. Cranmer. 8/9

Edgar, Ginger, Patricia, Antoine

Golden Road, Grocery Game, Side By Side Fortune Hunter, 1 Right Price, Master Key Dinky looking boat offered in PG1, Bored PG4 contestant, Odd win in PG6
1139 October 16, 1998 R. Rinkerman. 7/8

Ahmad, Rebecca, Stanley, Amy

Clock Game, Clearance Sale, Switcheroo Freeze Frame, Grand Game, Dice Game Regular set and first think music debut for PG2, Audience member Lori has a jacket similar to Rod and gets called down just after Bob and Rod talk about her, Almost the same car offered in both games
525 October 19, 1998 G. Garsten. 9/10

Joseph, Victoria, Patricia, Tara

Money Game, Pick-a-Pair, Range Game Pathfinder, Fortune Hunter, 2 for the Price of 1 Small black frame surrounding picture, John had 150 people write letters as to why he should be on the show, PG6 played for a car, $11K win in SS#2
1059 October 20, 1998 J. Cranmer. 8/8

Mabel, James, Patricia, Damian

Make Your Move, Ten Chances, Punch-a-Bunch Squeeze Play, Lucky $even, Hit Me 5th contestant called down has quite a long name, James has a rather high-pitched way of celebrating
932 October 21, 1998 J. Hatten. 9/9

Lisa, Wesley, Beatrice, Michael

Shopping Spree, Hole in One, Check Game Double Prices, Plinko!, Dice Game Emotional PG2 contestant, Second PG5 playing for $50K and first time $10K slot is hit
1060 October 22, 1998 J. Cranmer. 8/8

Bobby, Angel, Larisa, Beatrice

Cover Up, It's In the Bag, Most Expensive Barker's Bargain Bar, Cliff Hangers, One Away
1061 October 23, 1998 J. Cranmer. 8/8

Vivian, Estevan, Andrew, Deanna

One Wrong Price, Spelling Bee, Freeze Frame Squeeze Play, Card Game, Grand Game PG1 premiere
1062 October 26, 1998 J. Cranmer. 8/8

Loretta, Nathan, Maria, Jennifer

Fortune Hunter, Switcheroo, Side By Side Barker's Bargain Bar, Line 'Em Up, Penny Ante
1063 October 28, 1998 J. Cranmer. 8/8

Vivian, Jamie, Victor, LaShrandra

Clock Game, One Away, Plinko! Most Expensive, Dice Game, Bullseye Easy PG1 win yet the contestant seems oblivious to it at first
786 November 9, 1998 J. Hatten. 7/8

Djuana, Kara, Frederick, Kathleen

Freeze Frame, 3 Strikes, Grand Game Most Expensive, Lucky $even, Shell Game
1100 November 10, 1998 J. Hatten. 8/8

Rose, Robert, Stephanie, David

Eazy Az 1-2-3, Plinko!, Ten Chances Squeeze Play, Hi Lo, Any Number Not so good playing of PG3, Very excited PG6 contestant who wrote his thesis on game show hostesses and presents a copy to Janice, Big Showcase win
758 November 11, 1998 G. Zimmerman. 7/8

Mindi, Shawn, Stacy, Aphrodite

Switch?, Hole in One, Magic # Side By Side, Any Number, Bonus Game Picture tracking issues, Jereha scares Bob, Expensive car in PG5, PG6 played for a car
429 November 12, 1998 A. Kudey. 8/8

Ian, Andrea, Jayme, Christopher

Clock Game, Master Key, Double Prices Check-Out, Fortune Hunter, Dice Game PG2 Wipeout, Holly gets 'paddled' coming on down, First $500 Bonus, DSW ($40K+ Win), First DSW under the $250 or less rule and first since Season 25, No commercials
1140 November 13, 1998 R. Rinkerman. 7/8

Kimberly, Justin, Angela, Martha

Golden Road, Range Game, Punch-a-Bunch Barker's Bargain Bar, Penny Ante, Cover Up
923 November 17, 1998 J. Cranmer. 9/9

Cheryl, Amy, Mary, Isidora

Shopping Spree, Pathfinder, Magic # Squeeze Play, 3 Strikes, Grand Game Details coming soon...
1101 November 18, 1998 J. Hatten. 8/8

Lucy, Crystal, Robert, Catherine

Clearance Sale, Card Game, Penny Ante Make Your Move, Spelling Bee, Side By Side Margarita is a very excited contestant who frightens Bob, Very inexpensive car offered in PG5, PG6 contestant has an adorable name
542 November 19, 1998 G. Zimmerman. 10/10

Christina, June Marie, Derek, Michelle

Lucky $even, Barker's Bargain Bar, It's In the Bag Freeze Frame, Cliff Hangers, Any Number June Marie says hi to her kids in case she doesn't make it on stage but when she does she makes an amazing comeback
933 November 30, 1998 J. Hatten. 9/9

Cyndie, Audra, Dorene, Renchell

Money Game, Bullseye, Buy or Sell Squeeze Play, Plinko!, Card Game Bob announces Chantel's and Rod's birthday, 1st PG3 playing with new prop, Biggest winner of S27 with almost $60K in winnings!
906 December 1, 1998 J. Cranmer. 9/9

Amy, Annie, Susan, Thomas

Freeze Frame, Pathfinder, 2 for the Price of 1 Check Game, Any Number, Grand Game Funny conversation between Bob and Susan in SS#1, Very confused PG4 contestant, PG6 wipeout
934 December 2, 1998 J. Hatten. 9/10

James, Barbara, Kristen, Bruce

Danger Price, 3 Strikes, Hit Me Double Prices, Spelling Bee, Safe Crackers New 'NO' graphic in PG2, Early PG2 playing with only 1 strike and the contestant thinks she's lost when she first draws it, Close Showcase bid
484 December 9, 1998 G. Zimmerman. 9/10

Nicole, Allen, Erin, Donna

Golden Road, Make Your Move, Grand Game Switch?, Pathfinder, Eazy Az 1-2-3 Golden Road win ($43K+), Pathfinder prize is more than half the price of the prize in GR, Rare occurance where the Showcase winner wins more than the GR winner
1141 December 15, 1998 R. Rinkerman. 7/8

Candita, Ryan, Micah, William

Master Key, Range Game, Clearance Sale Squeeze Play, It's In the Bag, Lucky $even Audience is very vocal about Candita's choices in PG3 but she proves them wrong, Big Showcase win ($50K+)
907 December 16, 1998 J. Cranmer. 9/9

Joseph, Miriam, Linda, Michael

Switch?, Dice Game, Penny Ante Fortune Hunter, Cliff Hangers, Money Game PG3 comeback, PG4 win, Exciting PG5 win
1069 December 17, 1998 J. Cranmer. 8/8

Cara, Evan, Gaetanne, James

Plinko!, Shopping Spree, Any Number Make Your Move, Pick-a-Pair, One Away Gaetanne is a terribly shaky contestant, Perhaps the longest playing ever of PG4 to the point Bob plays it for her
1070 December 18, 1998 J. Cranmer. 9/9

Elba, Tiffany, Albert, Jeannette

Barker's Bargain Bar, Punch-a-Bunch, Ten Chances One Wrong Price, Cover Up, Hit Me
908 December 21, 1998 J. Cranmer. 8/9

Amy, Horace, Lina, Eric

Eazy Az 1-2-3, Check-Out, One Away Race Game, Pathfinder, Squeeze Play Christmas Week 1998 Day 1, $6K Win in SS#1
1071 December 22, 1998 J. Cranmer. 9/9

Christy, Diane, Ricardo, Jessica

Switcheroo, Freeze Frame, Make Your Move Grand Game, Line 'Em Up, Range Game
1072 December 23, 1998 J. Cranmer. 9/9

Maria, W. Joseph, Morgan, Deborah

Clock Game, It's In the Bag, Dice Game Double Prices, Cover Up, Cliff Hangers Two close bids during the Showcase, one on a $30K+ Showcase
444 December 24, 1998 M. Kriese.

Pamela, Jimmy, Susan, Roy

Plinko, Lucky $even, Clearance Sale Bullseye, Any Number, 1 Right Price Christmas 1998 Episode, A contestant 'ran' from Delaware to have Rod Roddy call him down
485 December 31, 1998 G. Zimmerman. 9/10

Laura, Elaine, Richard, Allyson

Check Game, Pathfinder, Eazy Az 1-2-3 Barker's Bargain Bar, Ten Chances, Grand Game Originally scheduled for September 22, Michael 'Bubba' and Bob have a discussion about his goals to open Bubba-Mart in Alabama, Stellar Ten Chances playing, Only perfect show of S27
852 January 4, 1999 J. Cranmer. 8/8

Katherine, Jayme, Richard, Jennifer

Check Game, Cover Up, Now...Or Then One Wrong Price, Card Game, Punch-a-Bunch First aired show of 1999, The most perfect playing of PG1 ever, Early PG4 playing, PG6 win, DSW ($50K+ Win)
1102 January 6, 1999 J. Hatten. 8/8

George, Kristi, Mary, Kenneth

Golden Road, Grocery Game, Eazy Az 1-2-3 Switch?, Plinko!, Lucky $even Cash register malfunction during PG2
974 January 8, 1999 G. Zimmerman. 9/9

Shannon, Hector, Cynthia, Amy

Spelling Bee, Clock Game, Take Two Hit Me, 1 Right Price, Dice Game The most perfect playing of PG1: Both CAR cards picked as well as C-A-R, Clock numbers graphic used in PG2, Big Showcase win and the debut of the $35K+ Total Winnings on-screen graphic
915 January 11, 1999 J. Cranmer. 9/10

Donna, Wendy, Shenethia, Mark

Lucky $even, Clearance Sale, It's In the Bag Switch?, Money Game, Cliff Hangers Blooper in PG1
811 January 12, 1999 R. Rinkerman. 9/9

Michael, Katherine, Beverly, George

Eazy Az 1-2-3, Plinko, Temptation Double Prices, Hi Lo, Any Number Big PG2 win, $23K won in total on the big wheel with 2 $11K wins in SS#2
916 January 13, 1999 J. Cranmer. 9/10

George, Dora, Laurisa, Lester

Fortune Hunter, Pick-a-Pair, Ten Chances Squeeze Play, Secret X, Dice Game Fourth bidder in CR wins every time
917 January 14, 1999 J. Cranmer. 10/10

Jeffrey, Sharon, Robert, Tracy

Most Expensive, One Away, Shell Game 1 Right Price, Line 'Em Up, Grand Game Missing PG2
830 January 15, 1999 R. Rinkerman. 7/8

Jeffrey, Kerri, Sheree, Michael

Five Price Tags, Make Your Move, Barker's Bargain Bar Barker's Markers, Hit Me, Cover Up Lincoln offered in the Showcases
918 January 18, 1999 J. Cranmer. 9/9

Samira, Angela, Arwen, Vicky

3 Strikes, Freeze Frame, Pick-a-Pair One Wrong Price, Secret X, Lucky $even Contestant confusing during the opening causes the logo to spawn prematurely, Very painful PG1 loss,
550 January 19, 1999 C. Donegan. 9/10

Lindsay, Belinda, Brad, Brenda

Safe Crackers, Danger Price, Pathfinder Squeeze Play, Grand Game, Line 'Em Up Lindsay is a very short contestant, Lucas comes from a rowdy crowd, DSW with a very emotional contestant ($50K+ Win)
919 January 20, 1999 J. Cranmer. 10/10

Michelle, Ann, Mariann, Heather

Swap Meet, Dice Game, It's In the Bag Barker's Bargain Bar, Money Game, Cliff Hangers Marian has laryngitis, Gladys wins a truck in PG5 but she hasn't driven since 1986
1007 January 22, 1999 J. Hatten. 8/8

Kelly, Corinne, Michelle, Harold

Spelling Bee, Make Your Move, Magic # Double Prices, Check-Out, Lucky $even
1008 January 25, 1999 J. Hatten. 8/9

Michael, Elizabeth, Kevin, Christine

Range Game, Hole in One, 1 Right Price Shopping Spree, Cover Up, Secret X PG2 contestant found to be ineligible due to being called down as a contestant in the 80s
935 January 26, 1999 J. Hatten. 9/9

David, Guadalupe, Sean, Lovie

Golden Road, Joker, Eazy Az 1-2-3 Double Prices, Grand Game, Dice Game Grocery product prematurely revealed during PG5 but the contestant almost doesn't pick it
936 January 29, 1999 J. Hatten. 9/9

Joann, Alan, Jacquelyn, Anna Marie

Most Expensive, 3 Strikes, Penny Ante Barker's Bargain Bar, Temptation, Cliff Hangers Joann prematurely goes onstage when coming on down
855 February 3, 1999 J. Cranmer. 9/9

Christianne, Dino, Ludia, Karen

Check Game, Barker's Bargain Bar, Pathfinder Fortune Hunter, Hit Me, One Away Long playing of PG1, PG2 played for trips, Perfect PG3 playing, Funny PG4 contestant, $11K win in SS#2
937 February 5, 1999 J. Hatten. 9/10

Kellee, Aubrey, Joyce, Kurt

1 Right Price, Bullseye, Line 'Em Up Range Game, Plinko!, Card Game 2 cars offered in one Showcase
938 February 8, 1999 J. Hatten. 9/9

Deliah, Lourdes, Lynn, Thomas

Credit Card, Switcheroo, Freeze Frame Barker's Bargain Bar, Grand Game, One Away Emotional PG4 contestant who thinks she's on Candid Camera
939 February 11, 1999 J. Hatten. 9/10

Damon, Cassandra, Brian M, Brian B

Clock Game, Hole in One, Double Prices Most Expensive, Plinko!, Cover Up Hilarious PG1 playing where the contestant has some 'interesting' guesses for one of the prizes, Perfect putt in PG2 from the farthest line
373 February 24, 1999 G. Zimmerman. 9/10

Daniel, Yakimba, Armand, Jeannette

Master Key, Range Game, Swap Meet It's In the Bag, Barker's Bargain Bar, Money Game Armand fakes Bob out, Two $6K winners in SS#1, DSW, No Commercials
633 March 3, 1999 A. Kudey. 8/9

Amber, Kimberly, Eric, Sylvia

Push Over, Barker's Markers, Pathfinder Barker's Bargain Bar, Dice Game, Now...Or Then Premiere of Push Over, Flawless PG5 playing
911 March 22, 1999 J. Cranmer. 9/10

Gena, Travis, Jack, Janelle

Most Expensive, It's In the Bag, Any Number Switch?, Cliff Hangers, Dice Game Technical win in PG5
556 March 24, 1999 C. Donegan. 8/9

Amy, Mary Jo, Joan, Christopher

Lucky $even, Grand Game, Shopping Spree Double Prices, Joker, Ten Chances Joan is confused by everyone's bids during IUFB#2, Mary Jo takes forever in PG2, Perfect PG6 playing, DSW ($50K+ Win)
1154 March 30, 1999 D. Frangioso. 9/9

Gail, Patricia, Christina, Russell

Swap Meet, 3 Strikes, Hit Me Barker's Bargain Bar, Plinko!, Money Game
495 April 27, 1999 .

Amy, Maria Nellie, Matthew, Brad

Eazy Az 1-2-3, 3 Strikes, Secret X Barker's Bargain Bar, Card Game, Grand Game Eazy Az 1-2-3 blooper, Messy PG3 playing with a clueless contestant
705 Septembe 22, 1999 G. Zimmerman. 9/9

Benjamin, Jo Ann, Evelyn, Mary

Switch?, Punch-a-Bunch, Line 'Em Up Barker's Bargain Bar, Check-Out, Cover Up PG1 played for two trips, Perfect PG3 playing, Very excited PG6 contestant
831 October 6, 1999 R. Rinkerman. 9/10

Reshwat, Denise, Rebecca, Herman

Golden Road, Clock Game, Plinko Double Prices, Grocery Game, Range Game PG1 redesign, PG1 win with a fun contestant, $11K win in SS#1, Cash register malfunction in PG5, PG6 played for a car
1009 October 15, 1999 J. Hatten. 8/8

Gretta, Floyd, Pamela, Todd

Eazy Az 1-2-3, Dice Game, It's In the Bag Push Over, Cliff Hangers, Cover Up Painful PG2 loss, Perfect PG5 playing
526 November 11, 1999 G. Garsten. 9/10

Ryan, Victoria, Trina, Jacob

Barker's Bargain Bar, Pathfinder, Freeze Frame Barker's Markers, Hit Me, Any Number Pathfinder contestant is from my hometown
912 November 22, 1999 J. Cranmer. 9/10

Stephanie, Ronald, Deona, Deborah

Card Game, Squeeze Play, Plinko! Clearance Sale, Double Prices, Hole in One Showcase podiums were left on the turntable during intro, Big Plinko! win, Perhaps one of the most loyal fans ever to play PG6, very memorable contestant
1160 November 30, 1999 J. Cranmer. 7/7

Vincent, Amy, Brian, Kristen

Five Price Tags, Clock Game, Range Game One Wrong Price, Any Number, Grand Game Really bad PG2 playing that has the audience moaning throughout
624 December 10, 1999 A. Kudey. 8/8

Betty, James, Randall, Theodora

Lucky $even, It's In the Bag, Push Over Buy or Sell, Shell Game, Switch? PG5 played for a car, $11K Win in SS#2, Betty wins big!
842 January 27, 2000 R. Rinkerman. 10/10

Jachyn, Richard, Barbara, Jeremy

Most Expensive, Ten Chances, Punch-a-Bunch 1 Right Price, One Away, Penny Ante Terrible PG2 playing and one audience member let's the contetsant know how he feels about it, VERY close Showcase bid
1443K May 10, 2000 . 5/6

Barbara, Jacqueline, Kevin, Henrietta

Lucky $even, Punch-a-Bunch, Clearance Sale Now...Or Then, Line 'Em Up, Double Prices Snowy VQ & Muffled AQ, Expensive PG1 prize, Doris is rather stubborn about going to contestants row, PG6 prop gets stuck, DSW ($45K+)
553 June 13, 2000 C. Donegan. 10/10

Jeannetta, Michael, Mahmood, Stacey

Any Number, Cliff Hangers, Swap Meet Grand Game, Money Game, Pick-a-Number PG1 wipeout, Michael is dressed rather uniquely, DSW with two close differences ($374-$29)
914 October 5, 2000 J. Cranmer. 10/10

Lori, Anita, Maria, Elizabeth

Eazy Az 1-2-3, Pathfinder, Push Over Clock Game, One Away, Grocery Game 4th Show of S29, Funny moment in IUFB#1, PG2 blooper, PG3 played for a truck, PG4 wipeout
419 October 11, 2000 G. Zimmerman. 6/8

Bobbie, Joy, Stacy, David

Make Your Move, Freeze Frame, Let 'Em Roll Eazy Az 1-2-3, One Away, Secret X Bob mistakenly tells Kerry he didn't win PG4, One Away won the hard way, $11K win in SS#2, Desiree wins big
854 November 1, 2000 J. Cranmer. 9/10

Trudina, Victoria, Lisa, Daniel

Freeze Frame, Plinko!, Ten Chances Most Expensive, Cover Up, Penny Ante Blooper in PG3 that results in the contestant winning everything without doing anything, 5/6 Show
673 November 20, 2000 J. Hatten. 10/9

Kandedis, Melanie, Scott, Phyllis

Switcheroo, 2 for the Price of 1, Bullseye Swap Meet, One Away, Barker's Bargain Bar
1103 January 4, 2001 J. Hatten. 8/8

April, Meghan, Sarah, Diane

Lucky $even, Plinko!, Buy or Sell Squeeze Play, Let 'Em Roll, Switch? Triple spin-off in SS#1
1104 January 5, 2001 J. Hatten. 8/8

Ryan, Douglas, Delight, Barbara

Range Game, Master Key, Push Over Barker's Markers, Cover, Pick-a-Pair
1105 January 8, 2001 J. Hatten. 8/8

Maria Concetta, Angela, Rosita, Corey

Eazy Az 1-2-3, Check-Out, One Away Double Prices, Punch-a-Bunch, Any Number $11K win in SS#1
1106 January 9, 2001 J. Hatten. 8/8

Jennifer, Richard, Bridget, Carly

Switcheroo, Danger Price, Flip Flop 1 Right Price, Hole in One, Range Game PG2 Wipeout, Perfect PG5 win, Painful Showcase overbid
384 January 19, 2001 J. Hatten. 9/9

Anita, Jeremy, Carlos, Honey

Money Game, Push Over, Plinko Clock Game, Card Game, Penny Ante Emotional Showcase winner, DSW
681 January 24, 2001 J. Hatten. 9/9

Thomas, Leah, Jason, Shirley

Freeze Frame, Pathfinder, Barker's Bargain Bar Grocery Game, Dice Game, Barker's Markers Uliana falls down the stairs at the back of the audience coming on down, and she would later appear as a contestant on the 40th anniversary special!
1107 January 31, 2001 J. Hatten. 8/8

Samuel, Lisa, Maricela, Kristopher

Lucky $even, Punch-a-Bunch, Barker's Bargain Bar Check Game, Hole in One, Switch? Rosie performs the inspirational putt in PG5
1108 February 1, 2001 J. Hatten. 8/8

Brenda, Steven, Cheri, Kevin

Temptation, Range Game, Plinko! Most Expensive, Dice Game, Hit Me
1109 February 2, 2001 J. Hatten. 8/8

Jonathan, Beverly, Thomas, Shannon

Triple Play, Take Two, Grand Game Pick-a-Number, Master Key, 1 Right Price $6K win in SS#1, Bob has a male contestant model the Big Wheel as he describes the rules
1110 February 5, 2001 J. Hatten. 8/8

Jason, Joseph, Deloris, Michael

Push Over, Pathfinder, Danger Price Freeze Frame, Any Number, Hi Lo
385 February 6, 2001 J. Hatten. 9/10

Felicia, Jeffrey, Andrea, Daniel

Five Price Tags, Flip Flop, Race Game Now...Or Then, Eazy Az 1-2-3, Money Game Race Game blooper, Unique Trip Skin in Now...Or Then, Epic reaction during showcase ARPs, Blue money graphic (instead of green), DSW
682 February 14, 2001 J. Hatten. 9/9

David, Dawn, William, Bobbi

Golden Road, Shopping Spree, Squeeze Play Penny Ante, Switcheroo, Side By Side Valentine's Day 2001, All 5 prizes won on the first try in PG5
142 March 1, 2001 .

Audrey, Ty, Maryann, Gordon

Five Price Tags, Squeeze Play, Barker's Markers Bullseye, Dice Game, Freeze Frame Squeeze Play new colours, 3-Way spinoff in SS#, Aaron tap dances, DSW
143 March 2, 2001 .

Sandra, Shonta, Jorge, Sonia

Most Expensive, Let 'Em Roll, Race Game Secret X, One Away, Push Over Shonta doesn't wanna kiss Bob, she wants to squeeze his cheeks, Race Game won in one try, $1,200 showcase bid
144 March 5, 2001 .

Jill, Paula, Thomas, Teri

Cover Up, Grocery Game, Buy or Sell Flip Flop, Dice Game, Cliffhangers First Buy or Sell loss in nearly two years, Norma went to the first show, $2K showcase bid
145 March 6, 2001 .

Colleen, Dave, Sam, Sheri

Barker's Bargain Bar, Money Game, 2 for the Price of 1 Shell Game, One Away, Penny Ante Rod helps model a trampoline for IUFB#3, 2 for 1 played for a car, Bob has Dimitrios's school acapella group perform before IUFB#4, Shell Game set change, Perfect One Away playing
146 March 7, 2001 .

Fatima, Danette, Hector, Judy

Plinko, Squeeze Play, Temptation Check Game, Any Number, Double Prices $11K and $6K win in SS#2
147 March 8, 2001 .

Nicolas, Chantel, Melissa, Alexander

Push Over, Master Key, Magic # It's In the Bag, Card Game, One Wrong Price Key gets stuck in Master Key
677 March 22, 2001 J. Hatten. 9/9

Steven, Christa, Lois, Paul

Golden Road, Range Game, Now...Or Then Danger Price, Switcheroo, Double Prices A contestant is named Steven Stevens, All 5 prizes won in PG5 on the first try
361 May 1, 2001 S. Wylie. Good/Good

Azalia, Chiquita, Justin, Ariane

Clearance Sale, That's Too Much!, Check-Out Plinko, Dice Game, Double Prices Early appearance of Brandi Sherwood, Third TTM playing, Wacky Casey in CR, DSW
678 May 2, 2001 J. Hatten. 9/9

Karen, Joshua, Gabriella, Amoena

Clock Game, Spelling Bee, Eazy Az 1-2-3 Hi Lo, Card Game, Switch? Very stressed out PG1 contestant, funny playing and Bob has to sit down after the first prize, Travis has a very 'unique' occupation and does VERY well on the show, $11K win in SS#2
148 May 4, 2001 .

Clifton, Jeannette, Alma, Janette

Lucky $even, It's In the Bag, Squeeze Play Poker Game, Cliffhangers, One Away Painful IITB decision, Janette is VERY emotional, Cliffhangers fail, Unaired error during IUFB#6 nearly causes both showcases to be won
149 May 7, 2001 .

Justin, Corina, Erin, Patricia

One Wrong Price, Any Number, Bullseye Barker's Bargain Bar, Shell Game, Money Game Claudia's scary driving, Big showcase win
150 May 8, 2001 .

Judy, Melissa, Genesis, Paul

Credit Card, Plinko, Cover Up Pick-a-Pair, Dice Game, One Right Price
151 May 9, 2001 .

Billie Ann, Andrew, Julie, Brian

Grocery Game, Safe Crackers, That's Too Much! Double Prices, Punch-a-Bunch, One Away Fourth playing of TTM
152 May 10, 2001 .

Julie, Joseph, Angela, Jeffrey

Golden Road, Clock Game, Cliffhangers Squeeze Play, Card Game, Penny Ante Highest priced prize in Golden Road
153 May 11, 2001 .

Kimberly, Tiffany, Leif, Erin

Lucky $even, Check Game, Secret X Make Your Move, Hole in One, Switch? Check Game miss by $5, Bob nearly does his inspirational putt before the grocery products, CBS special report interrupts Showcase 1
679 May 14, 2001 J. Hatten. 9/9

Robert, Elizabeth, Mathis, Raina

Any Number, It's In the Bag, Double Prices Danger Price, Money Game, Joker Mathis has some real bad luck in CR, gets one-upped almost every bid, mostly by Raina, Double spinoff in SS#1, DSW
706 May 31, 2001 G. Zimmerman. 7/7

Beverly, Rommel, Brooke, William

Golden Road, Plinko, Range Game Barker's Bargain Bar, Any Number, Pick-a-Pair PG1 win ($63K+), PG4 not functioning and has to be manually operated
870 June 7, 2001 J. Hatten. 7/9

Joy, Alexander, Jody, Ryan

Barker's Bargain Bar, Plinko!, Ten Chances Double Prices, Check-Out, Any Number Jumpy picture, Disastrous and insane PG3 playing: Jody has some interesting guesses and the board acts up, Bob is visually frustrated as a result, Very painful PG5 loss
871 June 13, 2001 J. Hatten. 8/9

Monica, Lillie, Christi, Mackle

Freeze Frame, Temptation, Cliff Hangers Buy or Sell, Let 'Em Roll, Double Prices Season 29 finale, Inexpensive gifts in PG2
668 September 24, 2001 J. Hatten. 9/9

Kelly, Willie, Theresa, Armando

Triple Play, Plinko, Double Prices Grand Game, Squeeze Play, Switch? Season 30 Premiere,Lucy Johnson congradulates Bob before IUFB#1, Astronomical bids on IUFB#1, PG1 win, New Plinko record, PG3 played for a boat, PG6 played for two cars
1111 October 5, 2001 J. Hatten. 8/9

Kathy, Kristen, Erin, David

Clearance Sale, Let 'Em Roll, Check Game Take Two, Switcheroo, Double Prices Big Showcase win ($50K+)
683 October 19, 2001 J. Hatten. 9/9

Foy, Jennifer, Harvester, Kimberly

Triple Play, Barker's Bargain Bar, Bullseye Most Expensive, One Away, Bonus Game PG4 played for trips
1112 October 25, 2001 J. Hatten. 8/9

Julie, Andrea, Katherine, Pearl

Barker's Bargain Bar, Ten Chances, Plinko! Flip Flop, Hit Me, Any Number
386 October 26, 2001 J. Hatten. 9/10

Tracy, Jay, Amie, Gorgeous

Eazy Az 1-2-3, Pass the Buck, Push Over Clock Game, Five Price Tags, Swap Meet Jay has pants trouble, Early Pass the Buck playing with 8 numbers, Disappointing Clock Game playing, Very indesicive showcase bidder, DSW, Reunited contestant Michael with this episode
1113 November 19, 2001 J. Hatten. 8/9

Mary Anne, Steven, Melissa, Thomas

Shopping Spree, It's In the Bag, Dice Game Switch?, Any Number, Cliff Hangers PG2 win, Close Showcase finish
1010 December 19, 2001 J. Hatten. 8/9

Rhonda, Deborah, Paul, Trinidad

2 for the Price of 1, Let 'Em Roll, Race Game Freeze Frame, Master Key, Barker's Bargain Bar Christmas week episode
759 January 17, 2002/Septembe G. Zimmerman. 7/9

Travis, Jeff, Angela, Peter

Golden Road, Most Expensive, Punch-a-Bunch Switch?, That's Too Much!, Grocery Game PG1 win nearly makes one contestant the biggest daytime winner, Every onstage contestant is a man, Over $100K in prizes won
154 January 18, 2002 .

Nicolette, Michael, Eunice, Marlena

Lucky $even, Squeeze Play, It's In the Bag Poker Game, Master Key, Push Over Really big showcase overbid
155 January 21, 2002 .

Phillip, Melissa, Jeanette, Leonard

Switch?, 3 Strikes, Bullseye Double Prices, Punch-a-Bunch, Any Number 3 Strikes won without pulling a strike
156 January 22, 2002 .

Charlene, Matthew, Kristi, Ertie

Spelling Bee, Shopping Spree, Freeze Frame Eazy Az 1-2-3, Pick-a-Pair, One Away
157 January 23, 2002 .

Chelsea, Taj, Alimer, Michelle

Lucky $even, Plinko, Buy or Sell Squeeze Play, Cover Up, Hit Me
158 January 24, 2002 .

Christopher, Sandra, Deanna, Matthew

Barker's Bargain Bar, Temptation, Now?Or Then Cliffhangers, That's Too Much!, Side By Side Painful Temptation loss, Matthew nearly bids $750 in Cliffhangers, $54 Showcase overbid
159 January 25, 2002 .

Cynthia, Francisco, Samantha, Tanisha

One Right Price, Push Over, Pathfinder Barker's Markers, Grand Game, Dice Game Push Over played for a truck, $11K win in SS#2
1114 January 31, 2002 J. Hatten. 8/9

Courtney, Steven, Darren, Ellen

Clock Game, Let 'Em Roll, One Wrong Price Plinko!, That's Too Much!, Double Prices An audience member does the calldown before IUFB#5, Error in PG6 results in a technical win
1115 January 31, 2002 PM J. Hatten. 8/10

Joshua, Laurene, Kristen, Linda

Triple Play, It's In the Bag, Squeeze Play Plinko!, One Away, Double Prices 30th Anniversary Primetime Special from Las Vegas, HUGE PG1 win, Showcase contestant takes forever to big Bob walks off in disbelief
459 February 7, 2002 J. Hatten.

James, Kimberly, Bruno, Katarzyna

Step Up, Plinko, Dice Game Double Prices, Cover Up, Pick-a-Pair Premiere of Step Up
160 February 15, 2002 .

Tya, Andrew, Beth, Samuel

Lucky $even, It's In the Bag, Eazy Az 1-2-3 Pick-a-Number, Master Key, Bonkers No products right in IITB, Key breaks in Master Key
161 February 18, 2002 .

Lauri, Justin, Norma, Vanessa

Credit Card, One Away, Bullseye Switch?, Secret X, Dice Game IUFB#2 comes down prematurely, A man named Justin comes down instead of Derek
162 February 19, 2002 .

Monica, Christina, Percy, Karri

Money Game, Range Game, It's In the Bag Joker, Any Number, Double Prices Range Game played for a car
163 February 20, 2002 .

Janay, Natasha, Barbara, Nadia

Triple Play, Cliffhangers, Step Up One Right Price, Cover Up, Hit Me Third aired playing of Step Up
164 February 21, 2002 .

Kerri, Derek, Ellen, Ben

One Wrong Price, That's Too Much, Plinko Push Over, Card Game, Penny Ante Card Game loss by $5, Penny Ante malfunction leads to strange edits
170 February 22, 2002 .

Elizabeth, James, Jenelle, Cutter

Freeze Frame, Pass the Buck, Race Game Squeeze Play, Pathinder, Magic # Perfect Pathfinder playing
171 February 25, 2002 .

Jared, Patrick, Charlotte, Andrew

Five Price Tags, Push Over, Barker's Markers Double Prices, Line 'Em Up, Pick-a-Pair Perfect Line 'Em Up playing
172 February 26, 2002 .

Anne, Bryan, Tasha, Maria

Grocery Game, Buy or Sell, Money Game Switch?, Plinko, Dice Game Buy or Sell scoreboard not working, Perfect Money Game playing
173 May 23, 1975 .

April, Sharon, Cheryl, Mary

Clock Game, Give or Keep, Any Number , , OAD May 23, 1975
174 February 28, 2002 .

Ernest, Iris, Mario, Chad

Flip Flop, Step Up, Let 'Em Roll Barker's Bargain Bar, That's Too Much!, Cliffhangers Early playing of Step Up
175 March 1, 2002 .

Stacey, Joshua, Lawanda, Gary

Lucky $even, Punch-a-Bunch, One Right Price Poker Game, One Away, Now?Or Then Bob declares an early win in Poker Game
958 March 29, 2002 J. Hatten. 8/9

Carley, Quiana, Jennifer, Joshua

Grocery Game, Ten Chances, Clock Game Double Prices, Punch-a-Bunch, Card Game
1116 April 2, 2002 J. Hatten. 8/8

Raylia, David, Angeline, Dawn

Step Up, Let 'Em Roll, Switch? Plinko!, Barker's Bargain Bar, Money Game Backwards PG6 win
1117 April 3, 2002 J. Hatten. 8/9

Robert, Meredith, Michael, Lawrence

Credit Card, Pathfinder, 1 Right Price Flip Flop, That's Too Much!, Penny Ante
165 April 23, 2002 .

Scott, Travis, Danny, Julianna

Shopping Spree, Range Game, Switcheroo Step Up, Money Game, Hit Me Two 4-Prize games in one show, $11K win in SS#2
166 April 24, 2002 .

Trisha, Essie, Carrie, Brent

One Right Price, Ten Chances, Plinko Double Prices, Now?Or Then, One Away Agonizing Ten Chances playing, Hilary sings a song in CR, Candice runs up and down the aisles, Easy One Away win
167 April 25, 2002 .

Matthew, Megan, Charles, Natalie

Clearance Sale, Pass the Buck, Clock Game Secret X, Line 'Em Up, Side By Side Close call in Clock Game, $7K showcase bid ends up winning
168 April 26, 2002 .

Mark, Kelly, Jennifer, Rosean

Lucky $even, It's In the Bag, Barker's Bargain Bar Race Game, Pathfinder, Squeeze Play Bob accidentally helps Anna out in Pathfinder
169 April 29, 2002 .

Andrea, Kristopher, Lisa, Jason

Check Game, Cover Up, Most Expensive Cliffhangers, Let 'Em Roll, Poker Game Odd bids in IUFB#1, $11K win in SS#1
611 May 21, 2002 G. Zimmerman. 8/8

Jeffrey, Jeannine, Daniel, Remedios

Range Game, Ten Chances, Punch-a-Bunch Double Prices, One Away, Grocery Game Textbook PG2 playing
669 September 23, 2002 J. Hatten. 9/9

Robin, Christopher, Kelly, Charles

Triple Play, Plinko, Push Over Most Expensive, Pass the Buck, Double Prices Season 31 Premiere, Last show with the purple, red and orange turntable pattern, Ridiculous bids on IUFB#1
1118 September 25, 2002 J. Hatten. 8/8

James, Jessica, Olalia, Jesse

Make Your Move, Flip Flop, Hole in One Secret X, Barker's Bargain Bar, Cover Up Third episode of S31
670 September 26, 2002 J. Hatten. 9/9

Lawrence, Betty, Molly, Mario

Lucky $even, Punch-a-Bunch, Bonkers Eazy Az 1-2-3, Let 'Em Roll, 1 Right Price PG2 win, Price reveal is stuck on PG3 and Bob kicks it
1119 September 30, 2002 J. Hatten. 9/9

George, Maria, Daniel, Dyonna

Shopping Spree, Ten Chances, Pick-a-Pair Freeze Frame, Switcheroo, Most Expensive Near textbook PG2 playing, Perfect PG5 win, Painful Showcase overbid
1120 October 9, 2002 J. Hatten. 8/9

Christopher, Andrea, Jon, Monica

Eazy Az 1-2-3, 5 Price Tags, Push Over Race Game, That's Too Much!, Pick-a-Number Very close Showcase bid
1121 October 10, 2002 J. Hatten. 8/9

Shawn, Roselia, Mark, Ruth

Lucky $even, It's In the Bag, One Wrong Price Flip Flop, Secret X, Line 'Em Up Exciting wins in PG1 and PG2, Minor error in PG3
176 October 25, 2002 .

Rosie, Brandon, Katherine, Robert

Range Game, Switcheroo, Buy or Sell Push Over, Pass the Buck, Eazy Az 1-2-3 Range Game played for a car, Bob has some audience members model off IUFB#5, Virginia wheelies then walks right off stage
177 October 28, 2002 .

Jill, Danée, Joseph, Millie

Five Price Tags, Flip Flop, Step Up Switch?, Card Game, Hi Lo Painful Card Game Loss
178 October 29, 2002 .

Kristine, Lamar, Tara, Abigail

Golden Road, One Wrong Price, Plinko Barker's Bargain Bar, Money Game, Bullseye Dismal Plinko payout, Highest daily total winnings of any show in Season 31, New on-screen graphics, DSW
179 October 30, 2002 .

Valentina, Lisa, Michael, Allison

Freeze Frame, Grand Game, Cover Up Joker, That's Too Much!, Push Over
180 October 31, 2002 .

Meredith, Eric, Brenda, Derek

Clearance Sale, Ten Chances, Check-Out One Right Price, Master Key, Squeeze Play Back to back perfect bids in CR, Showcase ARP cards mixed up
181 November 1, 2002 .

Kelly, Bradley, Monique, Shelby

Clock Game, Punch-a-Bunch, One Away Double Prices, Grocery Game, Any Number Big overshoot in Grocery Game, Bob feeds donuts during SC#2
182 November 20, 2002 .

Robin, Dominic, Ronnie, Glenn

Any Number, It's In the Bag, Race Game Double Prices, Dice Game, Cliffhangers Bob has fun with IUFB#2
183 November 21, 2002 .

Jennifer, Charles, Sara, Foster

Triple Play, Switch?, Grocery Game Swap Meet, Pathfinder, Range Game Grocery Game blooper, Bob plugs the Spay & Neuter stamps
184 November 22, 2002 . 8/10

Adriane, Robert, Carolyn Sue, Jeffrey

Lucky $even, Check Game, Barker's Markers Secret X, Let 'Em Roll, Pick-a-Number DSW
185 November 25, 2002 . 8/10

Linda, Blake, Charisma, Brent

Golden Road, Grand Game, Flip Flop Barker's Bargain Bar, That's Too Much!, Cliffhangers Rare occurance in Grand Game
186 November 26, 2002 .

Theresa, Ryan, Shannon, Dwayne

Clock Game, Pass the Buck, Clearance Sale Push Over, One Away, Secret X Big Showcase win
187 November 27, 2002 .

Joel, Judy, Blake, Billy

Range Game, Let 'Em Roll, Bonkers Plinko, Cover Up, Most Expensive Range Game played for a car, strange moment during SS#1, Big Plinko payout, Most Expensive played for three trips
1123 December 2, 2002 J. Hatten. 8/9

Alexander, Katie, Edna, John

Push Over, Temptation, Check-Out Switch?, Bonus Game, Money Game Burton Richardson announces, Evangeline is a confused contestant and keeps asking if she's won both Showcases
872 December 17, 2002 J. Hatten. 10/10

Jessie, Harmony, Tara, Glenn

Safe Crackers, Pathfinder, Race Game Flip Flop, That's Too Much!, Hit Me Christmas 2002 Week Day #2, Clueless PG6 contestant
790 February 18, 2003 J. Hatten. 9/10

Joan, Brentt, Nancy, Marion

Lucky $even, Punch-a-Bunch, 1 Right Price Freeze Frame, Check-Out, Cover Up
1122 February 28, 2003 J. Hatten. 9/8

Angela, Salvatore, Bessie, Hermelinda

Make Your Move, On the Spot, Switch? Range Game, Temptation, Hit Me Long PG2 playing, Painful PG4 loss
819 March 17, 2003 R. Rinkerman. 9/10

Russell, Daniel, Seth, Tanya

3 Strikes, Plinko, Push Over Pick-a-Pair, Dice Game, Most Expensive Second aired episode with the new turntable colours, Daniel is a hardcore LFaT and does VERY well on the show
488 May 3, 2003 PM A. Kudey. 9/9

Christine, Mark, Aurelia, Derone

Five Price Tags, Grand Game, Push Over Dice Game, One Right Price, Eazy Az 1-2-3 MDS, Five Price Tags played for a Corvette, Grand Game played for $20K, ORP played for two cars, $160K+ Win!
460 May 8, 2003 J. Hatten.

Judith, William, Sandra, Stephen

Lucky $even, One Right Price, Grocery Game Barker's Markers, Money Game, Bonus Game Bob brings out stage manager Doug Quick during PG2 to wish him a happy birthday, DSW with a very emotional contestant ($45K+ Win)
461 May 12, 2003 J. Hatten.

Nicholas, Rafael, Martha, Derek

Swap Meet, Bonkers, Hole in One Magic #, Master Key, Pick-a-Number One contestant is so tiny she can barely see over the showcase podium, One contestant wins two cars
462 May 13, 2003 J. Hatten.

Briana, Waldo, Christina, Kyle

Spelling Bee, Shopping Spree, Side By Side Grand Game, Switch?, Card Game Show begins just before the car plug in PG1 due to a preemption, $6K win in SS#1
1124 May 14, 2003 J. Hatten. 9/8

Deborah, Theresa, William, Shirley

One Wrong Price, Dice Game, Check-Out Barker's Bargain Bar, Plinko!, Cover Up Perhaps one of the most painful PG2 losses, Expensive PG6 prize
463 May 16, 2003 J. Hatten.

Todd, Angela, Paul, Jennifer

Clearance Sale, Lucky $even, Shell Game One Right Price, One Away, Hit Me PG3 played for a car, Zip code read "Nine Uh-Oh Three Six"
464 June 2, 2003 J. Hatten.

Shane, Gregory, Bonita, David

Flip Flop, Grand Game, That's Too Much! Buy or Sell, Dice Game, Secret X Interesting Showcase result
527 September 2, 2003 G. Garsten. 10/9

Jocelyn, Troy, Tami, Roberta

Clearance Sale, Pass the Buck, Bonkers Safe Crackers, Pathfinder, Push Over Originally scheduled for March 25th and April 9th, PG1 contestant takes so long Bob begins to tell a story of back in the day, Interesting decision in PG2, Painful playing of PG3
1011 September 22, 2003 J. Hatten. 9/10

Travis, Jessica, Kimberly, Christopher

Lucky $even, Time is Money, Push Over Plinko!, Dice Game, Squeeze Play S33 premiere, Barbara Bloom and Syd Vinnege speak, PG1 played for a Cadillac, Premiere of short-lived first incarnation of Time is Money, PG3 played for a truck
362 October 23, 2003 S. Wylie. Good/Good

Alicia, Kim, Jered, Celia

2 for the Price of 1, On the Spot, Bonkers Most Expensive, Grocery Game, Dice Game Kim saves the show from being winless at the last possible moment, DSW
465 October 27, 2003 J. Hatten.

Jade, Valerie, Joel, Damian

Freeze Frame, Pass the Buck, Race Game Barker's Bargain Bar, Plinko, Any Number Unique Total Winnings Graphic is used
189 October 28, 2003 .

Violet, Jimmie, Kathy, Shannon

Money Game, Punch-a-Bunch, Clock Game Double Prices, Card Game, Pick-a-Pair Episode begins during van plug in Money Game, Expensive PG1 prize is the result of an unaired error, Big showcase win
1125 November 17, 2003 J. Hatten. 9/9

Jonathan, Heather, Beatrice, Mark

Swap Meet, Plinko!, Money Game Double Prices, Check-Out, Cover Up
1126 November 18, 2003 J. Hatten. 9/9

Joanne, Chucky, Joni, Jeffrey

Spelling Bee, 2 for the Price of 1, Eazy Az 1-2-3 Squeeze Play, One Away, Hi Lo
1127 November 19, 2003 J. Hatten. 9/9

Jordan, William, Sandra, Steven

Push Over, Master Key, It's In the Bag Most Expensive, Any Number, Bonkers PG4 played for trips, Slow PG6 playing
1128 November 20, 2003 J. Hatten. 9/9

Katherine, Thomas, Ava, Jean

Check Game, Temptation, Time is Money Flip Flop, Cliff Hangers, Dice Game Brandi Sherwood's parents are in the audience, Technical error in PG3 results in a win
466 November 21, 2003 J. Hatten. 8/8

David, Mita, Roberta, Gavin

Credit Card, Pass the Buck, Barker's Bargain Bar Coming or Going, That's Too Much!, Shell Game Bob makes a decision for the contestant during PG2, Mita becomes very concerned about consequences if she loses her PG, Perfect Show!
1129 November 24, 2003 J. Hatten. 9/9

James, Shelby, Terry, Maria

Shopping Spree, On the Spot, Squeeze Play One Wrong Price, Cover Up, Bullseye CBS News Special Report banner during opening, Supposed historic first during PG2 although it has happened before
738 December 2, 2003 J. Hatten. 7/9

Andrew, Ruklanthi, Nicholas, Cheri

Safe Crackers, Hole in One, One Wrong Price Coming or Going, Pathfinder, Switch? PG1 played for a car, Painful PG5 loss
387 December 9, 2003 J. Hatten.

Patricia, Jennifer, Traci, Robin

Golden Road, Punch-a-Bunch, Clearance Sale Double Prices, Dice Game, Now...Or Then Golden Road Win
609 December 12, 2003 G. Zimmerman. 9/9

Bryce, Ruth, Rodney, Merilee

Lucky $even, Freeze Frame, Grand Game Barker's Bargain Bar, Switcheroo, Push Over Bob Barker's 80th Birthday Special, PG1 played for a Lincoln, $6K win in SS#1, PG5 played for a T-Bird, PG6 played for a car, Tracey wins big
735 December 13, 2003 PM J. Hatten. 8/10

Daniel, Shantae, Isabel, Jessica

One Wrong Price, Grand Game, Push Over Lucky $even, Squeeze Play, Double Prices Bob's Birthday Bash MDS, Multiple celebrities present their birthday wishes, PG1 played for 3 cars, Larry King helps out in PG2, Chuck Norris helps out in PG4, PG5 played for an expensive car, $178K+
467 December 16, 2003 J. Hatten.

Jason, Rhonda, Jessica, Anita

Credit Card, Pass the Buck, Magic # Push Over, Pathfinder, Range Game $11K win in SS#1
468 December 17, 2003 J. Hatten.

Angela, Samuel, Samona, Lise

Eazy Az 1-2-3, 3 Strikes, Punch-a-Bunch Coming or Going, Money Game, Hi Lo Eazy Az 1-2-3 is played backwards by accident, Wins in PG2 and PG3, Perfect PG5 playing
736 December 18, 2003 PM J. Hatten. 8/10

Lisa, Bradford, Brent, Jeffrey

Golden Road, It's In the Bag, Coming or Going Switch?, Most Expensive, That's Too Much! MDS Salute to the Armed Forces & Veterans, PG4 played for a van and a car, $105K+ Winner
469 December 19, 2003 J. Hatten.

Becky, Paula, Jeffrey, Brenda

Any Number, Check Game, It's In the Bag Side By Side, Dice Game, Cliff Hangers Wipeout in PG3, Interesting results during the showcase result in the fifth biggest winner of S32
733 December 22, 2003 J. Hatten. 9/9

Mark, Lorianne, Keiona, Brian

Plinko, Bonkers, Ten Chances Most Expensive, Pass the Buck, Push Over Ridiculously slow PG2 contestant
734 December 23, 2003 J. Hatten. 9/9

Donna, Deidra, Rico, Kera

Safe Crackers, One Away, Punch-a-Bunch Time is Money, Squeeze Play, Dice Game PG1 played for a car, PG3 win
188 December 24, 2003 .

Eddie, Sandra, Erin, Patricia

Triple Play, It's In the Bag, Coming or Going Cliffhangers, Money Game, One Right Price Christmas 2003 episode
190 January 2, 2004 .

Jennifer, Benjamin, Darlene, Pamela

Barker's Bargain Bar, Ten Chances, Plinko Bullseye, Any Number, Double Prices
191 January 5, 2004 .

Barney, Ella, Mari, Gerald

Eazy Az 1-2-3, Grand Game, Cover Up Switch?, Joker, Dice Game
192 January 6, 2004 .

Linette, Ilona, Carla, Michelle

Make Your Move, Hole in One, Take Two Double Prices, That's Too Much!, Cliffhangers Linette breaks her microphone, Three-way spinoff in SS#2
593 January 8, 2004 J. Hatten. 8/8

Constance, Brynn, Reginald, George

2 for the Price of 1, Pass the Buck, Race Game Barker's Bargain Bar, Bonus Game, One Away Very slow PG3 contestant, Perfect PG6 win, Big showcase win ($50K+)
388 January 9, 2004 J. Hatten. 8/9

Jeanne, Kevin, Lori, Aaron

Five Price Tags, Squeeze Play, Shopping Spree Coming or Going, Check-Out, Line 'Em Up Perfect 5PT playing, Near oopsie in Squeeze Play, Perfect Show
707 January 26, 2004 G. Zimmerman. 8/10

Angela, Earlinda, Allison, David

Switcheroo, Credit Card, Flip Flop Barker's Bargain Bar, Time is Money, Dice Game Contestant named David David, PG1 comeback, Esther the praying opera singer sings Happy Birthday to Bob, PG4 played for two trips
739 February 4, 2004 J. Hatten. 8/9

Anne, Kristen, Jay, Sherry

Clock Game, Plinko, Line 'Em Up One Wrong Price, Let 'Em Roll, Double Prices
737 April 15, 2004 J. Hatten. 9/9

Shelby, Serena, Tyler, Wrenetta

Flip Flop, Let 'Em Roll, Switch? Buy or Sell, Cover Up, Secret X Bidding error during IUFB#2 results in one contestant playing two games and another winning a prize without getting out of contestants row
489 April 24, 2004 PM A. Kudey. 8/9

Christine, Debra, Eugenia, Jeffrey

Plinko, Ten Chances, 2 for the Price of 1 Most Expensive, Dice Game, Grocery Game Salute to Teachers MDS, Eugenia is one animated contestant, 2 for 1 played for a minivan, Marian is still teaching at 82, Painful PG5 Loss, PG6 Wipeout
820 April 28, 2004on R. Rinkerman. 10/10

Miles, Tedra, Carolyn, Marion

Freeze Frame, Punch-a-Bunch, One Away Barker's Bargain Bar, That's Too Much!, Now...Or Then Funny PG6 contestant, DSW with two rather expensive showcases! (Nearly $75K Win)
760 April 30, 2004 G. Zimmerman. 8/9

Jennifer, Shelley, Ruthanne, David

Safe Crackers, Lucky $even, Time is Money Poker Game, 5 Price Tags, Flip Flop One of Rich Fields' early shows as permanent announcer, Rachel crashes the car in PG2, Last playing of PG3 before 2014 rebirth
490 May 1, 2004 PM A. Kudey. 9/9

Emmy, Raphael, Noah, Jillian

Lucky $even, It's In the Bag, Pathfinder Range Game, Temptation, Switch? Get out and Vote MDS, $1,000 Perfect Bid bonus, Contestant gets confused during PG5 thinking he's won
470 May 5, 2004 J. Hatten.

Jordan, Jeanette, Nicholas, Sandra

Make Your Move, Hole in One, Switch? Plinko, Most Expensive, Money Game $6K Win in SS#2
768 May 19, 2004 J. Hatten. 8/9

Jane, Carol, Yvonne, Florencio

Switch?, Spelling Bee, Bonkers Clearance Sale, Cover Up, Pick-a-Pair One contestant is the President of the Rich Fields Fan Club, Jane is from my home province, Christine scares Bob, DSW with an emotional winner ($60K+ Win!)
769 June 7, 2004 J. Hatten. 9/9

Joseph, Scott, Kelly, Ollie

Money Gae, 1/2 Off, Coming or Going Barker's Markers, That's Too Much!, Hit Me Apparent second playing of PG2 with an excited contestant, Clueless PG6 contestant, $11K win in SS#2 with a VERY excited contestant who has Bob hiding behind the wheel in fear, Showcase results missin
770 June 14, 2004 J. Hatten. 9/9

Jamie, Matthew, Stephen, Lillian

Step Up, Let 'Em Roll, Bonkers Cliff Hangers, Cover Up, Double Prices Matthew is wearing an interestingly revealing shirt and Bob seems to like it, Big Showcase win
771 June 15, 2004 J. Hatten. 8/9

Patrick, Amy, Aaron, Linda

Eazy Az 1-2-3, It's In the Bag, One Away Squeeze Play, Pathfinder, Barker's Bargain Bar Perfect PG3 playing, One contestant loses a very nice sports car in the Showcase and looks very unhappy about it
772 June 17, 2004 J. Hatten. 8/9

Martin, Crystal, Eliana, April

Triple Play, Clock Game, Bullseye Most Expensive, Secret X, Dice Game PG1 win
1017 September 20, 2004 R. Rinkerman. 9/10

Lance, Kathleen, Jean, Darlene

Triple Play, Plinko!, Most Expensive Pick-a-Pair, Money Game, Double Prices Season 33 Premiere, Corvette offered in PG1
1018 September 29, 2004 R. Rinkerman. 9/10

Danielle, Megan, Amanda, David

Switch?, Ten Chances, Now...Or Then Coming or Going, Shell Game, Money Game PG2 playing goes from bad to great, Perfect PG5 playing with $500 win
761 November 10, 2004 G. Zimmerman. 9/9

Ryan, Angela, Laura, Michael

Golden Road, 1 Right Price, 1/2 Off Squeeze Play, Cover Up, Hit Me Michael proposes to his girlfriend during SS#1 and lands $1.00 in the process, Wedding march played during credits
821 November 24, 2004 R. Rinkerman. 10/10

Haily, Sherrie, Timothy, Lorene

1/2 Off, Switch?, Ten Chances Double Prices, Cover Up, Hi Lo News ticker on bottom of screen for most of the show, Some terrible bidding strategies in CR, Big Showcase win ($60K+ Win)
1019 November 29, 2004 R. Rinkerman. 9/10

Monica, Ryan, Wanda, Hannah

Range Game, Safe Crackers, Let 'Em Roll 1 Right Price, Bonus Game, That's Too Much! PG2 played for a car, Bob gives the contestant a re-roll in PG3, Celebrity chef Marcela Valladolid is a contestant, Close Showcase result
529 January 12, 2005 G. Garsten. 9/10

Keesha, Christine, Garrett, Dionthe

Step Up, One Away, Cliff Hangers One Wrong Price, Pass the Buck, Freeze Frame Perfect One Away playing, PG3 played for a car, Two cars in one showcase, DSW just BARELY within the margin and with an emotional contestand AND a $90K+ Win!!!
822 February 24, 2005 R. Rinkerman. 9/10

Paul, Eric, Sena, Michael

Pocket Change, Cliff Hangers, Most Expensive 1 Right Price, Pass the Buck, Pick-a-Number Blooper in PG1, PG2 played for a car, TPIR Department Store Showcase, DSW (Nearly $60K Win)
528 April 14, 2005 G. Garsten. 9/10

Sarah, Michael, Andre, Christopher

Lucky $even, Most Expensive, Plinko Race Game, Check-Out, Money Game Expensive Lucky $even prize, PG2 played for three trips, PG4 contestant is wearing high heel shoes, Expensive products in PG5, DSW ($50K+ Win)
873 April 16, 2005 MDS J. Hatten. 8/9

Janae, Freda, Dena, Gary

Golden Road, One Away, It's In the Bag Coming or Going, That's Too Much!, Push Over Million Dollar Spectacular, Janae is a very excited contestant, Most expensive prize ever offered in PG1 and won ($100K+), 3 cars offered in one Showcase, Very close million dollar spin
193 May 9, 2005 .

Casey, Ora, Stephen, Jamie

Clearance Sale, Pocket Change, Grand Game Coming or Going, Dice Game, Secret X $6K win in SS#1
194 May 10, 2005 .

Trisha, Connor, Brenda, Adam

Temptation, 1/2 Off, Squeeze Play Grocery Game, Money Game, One Right Price
195 May 11, 2005 .

Michael, Miralene, Elrachel, Zachary

Barker's Bargain Bar, Spelling Bee, Card Game Most Expensive, Cover Up, Now?Or Then Card Game rule change, Big showcase win
196 May 12, 2005 .

Jeffrey, Donald, Shanele, Donald

One Wrong Price, Plinko, One Away Push Over, Pass the Buck, Danger Price
197 May 13, 2005 .

Ryan, Jan, Danny, Kathleen

Clock Game, Pathfinder, Shopping Spree Double Prices, Check-Out, That's Too Much! $11K win in SS#2
198 May 16, 2005 .

Loretta, Trenton, Wayne, Kathleen

Lucky $even, Punch-a-Bunch, Switch? Take Two, Line 'Em Up, Hit Me Strange outcome in Hit Me
823 June 13, 2005 R. Rinkerman. 10/10

Mark, Rebecca, Barbara, Mary

1/2 Off, Clock Game, Money Game Most Expensive, Hit Me, Cover Up Second last episode of S33, DSW
610 September 19, 2005 G. Zimmerman. 8/10

Zane, Dustin, Bobette, Natalie

Golden Road, 1/2 Off, Push Over Switch?, Dice Game, Pick-a-Pair Season 34 Premiere, PG1 win, Wacky PG3 contestant, PG4 played for two cars, More than $200K in prizes won
1020 September 23, 2005 R. Rinkerman. 9/10

Kami, Andrew, Rachel, Imani

Squeeze Play, Any Number, It's In the Bag One Wrong Price, Switcheroo, Freeze Frame Day 5 of S34, PG1 played for a car, PG5 rarity, Big Showcase win despite a HUGE underbid ($65K+)
266 October 5, 2005 .

Elizabeth, Jeffrey, Kathy, Rosalyn

Plinko, Make Your Move, One Away Double Prices, Check-Out, Dice Game Missing part of first act
843 October 6, 2005 R. Rinkerman. 9/10

Ian, Giovanna, Ronny, Leah

Safe Crackers, Punch-a-Bunch, Card Game Take Two, Pass the Buck, Squeeze Play
199 October 26, 2005 .

Mickaye, Barbara, Matthew, Amy

Triple Play, Grand Game, Flip Flop Bonus Game, Any Number, One Right Price Amy keeps gawking at the monitor, Bob's "stupid" conversation with Andrew, $30K+ showcase difference
200 October 27, 2005 .

Nicole, Debra, Barbara, Krislyn

Push Over, Pocket Change, It's In the Bag Coming or Going, Dice Game, Secret X $6K win in SS#2
201 October 28, 2005 .

Tiffany, Sheryl, Nicole, Jordana

Barker's Bargain Bar, Plinko, Ten Chances Side By Side, Pick-a-Pair, Cover Up Near wipe-out in Plinko, Sheryl has her son spin the wheel for her for his 18th birthday, $50K+ Win
202 October 31, 2005 .

Sylvia, Vanessa, Matthew, Patricia

Clock Game, Master Key, Grand Game Freeze Frame, Card Game, Clearance Sale Close call in Clock Game, Halloween showcases
203 November 1, 2005 .

George, Jennifer, Chris, Jocylene

1/2 Off, Race Game, Any Number Double Prices, Dice Game, Hi Lo Race Game technical blooper, Double Prices played behind the giant price tag
204 November 2, 2005 .

Jennifer, Nicholas, Kevin, Tracy

Credit Card, Switcheroo, Coming or Going Most Expensive, Now?Or Then, One Away
205 November 3, 2005 .

Jamie, Hagop, Carla, Brett

Danger Price, Let 'Em Roll, Switch? Pick-a-Number, Money Game, Punch-a-Bunch Survivor Samoa contestant Brett Clouser is a contestant, Betty's funny chapeau, Number confusion in Pick-a-Number
206 November 4, 2005 .

Craig, Agnieska, Christian, Latanya

Swap Meet, Bonkers, Pass the Buck Barker's Bargain Bar, Bonus Game, Line 'Em Up Christian gets booed after he one-ups Angelina
207 November 7, 2005 .

Daniel, Lucy, John, Sharon

2 for the Price of 1, Hole in One, Freeze Frame Secret X, Cover Up, Most Expensive Animated Daniel, $55K+ Win
208 November 8, 2005 .

John, Maurice, Victoria, Stacy

Range Game, Pocket Change, Plinko Switch?, Bullseye, That's Too Much! Near perfect Pocket Change playing, $6K win in SS#1, Cheerleader showcase
209 November 9, 2005 .

Amelie, Wendy, Ricardo, Matthew

Golden Road, Cliffhangers, One Wrong Price Pick-a-Pair, Card Game, Flip Flop
210 November 10, 2005 .

Brian, Crystal, Betty, Sonja

Lucky $even, Push Over, Barker's Markers Grocery Game, Pathfinder, One Right Price Push Over played for a car
211 November 11, 2005 .

Michael, Dawn, Andrea, Angela

Safe Crackers, It's In the Bag, Dice Game Double Prices, Five Price Tags, Danger Price
212 November 14, 2005 .

Jacqueline, Patrick, Toni, Michael

Barker's Bargain Bar, Temptation, Plinko Side By Side, Any Number, Now?Or Then Pitiful Plinko payout, $30 showcase bid
213 November 15, 2005 .

Stephanie, Paul, Shawn, David

Make Your Move, Spelling Bee, Freeze Frame Hi Lo, Switch?, Dice Game
214 November 16, 2005 .

Parker, Robin, Stepahnie, Joseph

3 Strikes, One Wrong Price, Grand Game Double Prices, Switcheroo, Magic # One Wrong Price played for three trips
215 November 17, 2005 .

Leslie, Jennifer, Kenneth, Jesse

Check Game, 1/2 Off, One Away Pass the Buck, Take Two, Squeeze Play Big Check Game total
216 November 18, 2005 .

Haleigh, Bonita, Peter, Lenora

Coming or Going, Punch-a-Bunch, Line 'Em Up Pick-a-Pair, Shopping Spree, Safe Crackers Haleigh tries to bid $0 in CR, "Phony Irene", Safe Crackers played for a car
1021 November 22, 2005 R. Rinkerman. 9/9

Katrina, Derrick, Theresa, Regina

Eazy Az 1-2-3, Plinko!, Ten Chances Pick-a-Pair, Money Game, Coming or Going Textbook PG3 playing, Perfect PG5 playing
267 December 6, 2005 .

Ashley, Linda, Lorenzo, Bruna

Swap Meet, Range Game, Switcheroo Make Your Move, Pass the Buck, Magic # CHCH Hamilton RERUN, Lorenzo tumbles on down, Audience member Luana has figured out Bob has been alive for over 2 billion seconds, DSW with a VERY close bid ($55K+ Win)
824 December 9, 2005 R. Rinkerman. 10/10

Adam, Paulette, Alexander, Darla

Lucky $even, Punch-a-Bunch, Double Prices Now...Or Then, Credit Card, Dice Game Darla has some very expensive taste, Excited PG2 contestant
1022 December 12, 2005 R. Rinkerman. 9/10

Dorothy, Nicole, Hunter, Shannon

Barker's Bargain Bar, Check Game, Spelling Bee Hi Lo, Card Game, Side by Side Bob gets very frustrated trying to explain PG2, Electronic props in PG3 aren't working and Gabrielle reveals the prices on printed cards, VERY good PG5 playing, Awkward Showcase price reveal
271 December 14, 2005 .

Erica, Mark, Myia, Krystal

Freeze Frame, 1/2 Off, Ten Chances Pick-a-Pair, One Away, Double Prices CHCH Hamilton RERUN, DSW with a very excited contestant! ($50K+ Win)
1023 January 12, 2006 R. Rinkerman. 9/9

Daniel, Mattie, Carolyn, Paul

Lucky $even, Punch-a-Bunch, Coming or Going Buy or Sell, Dice Game, Bullseye Excited PG1 contestant, Absolutely perfect PG4 win ($1,900), Lincoln offered in the Showcases, Big Showcase win ($65K+)
270 January 19, 2006 .

Kimberly, Lucas, Sherry, Erik

Step Up, Pathfinder, Grand Game Push Over, Any Number, Switch? CHCH Hamilton RERUN, Sherry and Erik's bidding war, DSW ($50K+ Win)
217 January 23, 2006 .

Rachel, Brian, Sandra, Judith

Lucky $even, 1/2 Off, Most Expensive Squeeze Play, Cover Up, Hit Me
218 January 24, 2006 .

Diana, Patricia, Emily, Anthony

Shopping Spree, Let 'Em Roll, Switch? Pick-a-Number, Plinko, Any Number Pitiful Plinko payout
219 January 25, 2006 .

Jeanette, Shawn, Kyle, Estella

Switcheroo, Range Game, Side By Side Temptation, Check-Out, Barker's Bargain Bar
220 January 26, 2006 .

David, Jeanine, Jean, Rachel

One Wrong Price, Five Price Tags, Flip Flop Bullseye, That's Too Much!, Magic # Big showcase win
221 January 27, 2006 .

Lora, Ronald, Katelyn, Ardith

Push Over, Pocket Change, Grand Game Bonus Game, Money Game, Double Prices
222 January 30, 2006 .

Shanen, William, Lois, Kimberly

Lucky $even, Barker's Bargain Bar, Punch-a-Bunch Double Prices, Card Game, Now?Or Then William gives Bob a kiss, Crowd favourite Joann
223 January 31, 2006 .

Janet, Timothy, Tamasue, Frank

Most Expensive, It's In the Bag, Cover Up Squeeze Play, Dice Game, Joker Double spinoff in SS#1
224 February 1, 2006 .

Deanna, Krystin, David, George

Clock Game, Pathfinder, Grand Game One Right Price, That's Too Much!, Pick-a-Number 80yr-old George on his honeymoon, Pathfinder wipe-out, $6K win in SS#1
225 February 2, 2006 .

Carolyn, Jacqueline, Taria, Cody

Switch?, Ten Chances, Grocery Game Coming or Going, Plinko, Money Game $70K and $1 showcase bids
260 February 5, 2006 .

Suzanne, Josephine, Rebecca, Sarah

Check Game, Any Number, Make Your Move Poker Game, Pass The Buck, Freeze Frame
227 February 6, 2006 .

Erica, Monica, Derek, Heather

Eazy Az 1-2-3, Balance Game, Cover Up Hit Me, Secret X, Dice Game BALANCE GAME PREMIERE!, VERY caffienated Stacy, Secret X wipe-out
228 February 7, 2006 .

Stacey, Emily, Patty, Alwin

Coming or Going, Race Game, Master Key Grand Game, Any Number, Clock Game Race Game technical win, Master Key wipe-out, Bob has audience member Dorothy sing her song before SS#1
226 February 8, 2006 .

Rachel, Michael, Erin, Arzie

Push Over, Pocket Change, One Wrong Price Plinko, That's Too Much!, Hi Lo
259 February 14, 2006 .

Jennifer, Courtney, James, Lori

Squeeze Play, 1/2 Off, Dice Game Buy or Sell, Bullseye, That's Too Much! Valentines Day 2006, Big Buy or Sell payout
1024 February 14, 2006 PM R. Rinkerman. 9/10

Wesley, Nicole, Katelyn, Anthony

Triple Play, Plinko!, Most Expensive Double Prices, Grand Game, Range MDS, Originally supposed to air in S33, Excited PG1 contestant, Expensive PG4 prize, PG6 played for a car, VERY close Showcase bid (especially for a primetime show)
262 February 17, 2006 .

Chason, Jennifer, Jennifer, Ricardo

Barker's Bargain Bar, It's In the Bag, Card Game Double Prices, Line 'Em Up, Cliffhangers Tyra Banks becomes a Barker's Beauty for the day, Bouncing Jennifer's exciting IITB playing, Crowd favourite Marjorie
263 February 20, 2006 .

Maddison, Laura, Kyle, Stephen

Bonus Game, Pocket Change, Balance Game Most Expensive, Cover Up, Pick-a-Pair
273 March 29, 2006 .

Karen, David, Sara, Tanya

Make Your Move, Range Game, Pathfinder Side By Side, One Away, Hi Lo CHCH Hamilton RERUN, Avonne scares Bob, Perfect Pathfinder playing
1012 April 27, 2006 J. Hatten. 6/6

Barbara, Megan, Ryan, Adrianne

Step Up, Plinko!, Any Number Squeeze Play, Pick-a-Pair, Any Number Inconsistent audio issues, Very indecisive contestant in PG3 to the point where Bob walks off the turntable, The two most unlikely contestants win cars, Shocking Showcase result
1013 April 28, 2006 J. Hatten. 6/7

Suzanne, Kathleen, Aaron, Jennifer

Eazy Az 1-2-3, One Away, Punch-a-Bunch Double Prices, Bullseye, That's Too Much! Lincoln offered in the Showcases
1025 May 11, 2006 R. Rinkerman. 9/10

Janet, Willard, Damian, Pamela

Golden Road, Punch-a-Bunch, Clock Game Double Prices, Dice Game, Pick-a-Pair PG1 win ($60K+), One contestant is particularly scared for the price reveal during to the Showcase
264 May 15, 2006 .

Brittany, Vernetta, Nicholas, Kathryn

Barker's Bargain Bar, Cover Up, It's In the Bag Joker, Money Game, Most Expensive Harmless Lorene frightens Bob, DSW
787 May 17, 2006 J. Hatten. 10/10

Ignacia, Maxentius, Thomas, Jesse

3 Strikes, Bonkers, One Wrong Price Dice Game, Coming or Going, Grocery Game Not a smart playing of PG1, Thomas gets assaulted when he one ups Melissa in CR, Ignacia hilariously mispronunces a product in PG6
265 May 24, 2006 .

William, Linda, Ronald, Krystin

Switch?, Grand Game, That's Too Much! Bonus Game, Cover Up, Eazy Az 1-2-3 DSW (Nearly $60K)
268 May 25, 2006 .

Shara, Maurice, Marcia, Linda

Push Over, Lucky $even, Buy or Sell Check-Out, Pick-a-Number, Dice Game Some CRAZY contestants, DSW with a real screamer of a contestant who can't seem to calm down! ($55K+ Win)
229 June 8, 2006 .

Jacob, Sandra, Samuel, Mia

Shopping Spree, 1/2 Off, That's Too Much! Magic #, Let 'Em Roll, Double Prices Every trip in the house showcase, DSW ($65K+ Win!)
230 June 9, 2006 .

Amanda, Eloise, Diana, Francis

Eazy Az 1-2-3, Grand Game, Lucky $even Balance Game, Cover Up, Swap Meet Long playing of Cover Up
231 June 12, 2006 .

Catherine, Monica, Trisha, Rachel

Push Over, Temptation, Clock Game Side By Side, Cover Up, Hi Lo Louisiana Senator David Vitter introduces the episode with a disclaimer explaining the show offered a trip to New Orleans and was taped before the events of Hurricane Katrina, Audience member Britland
232 June 13, 2006 .

Austin, Wanjiru, Nick, Kacie

Barker's Bargain Bar, Hole in One, Punch-a-Bunch Bonkers, Money Game, One Right Price Hole in One win from the farthest line
233 June 14, 2006 .

Anthony, Ruth, Jared, Douglas

2 for the Price of 1, Plinko, Any Number Grocery Game, That's Too Much!, Double Prices Incredible Plinko playing
234 June 15, 2006 .

Malba, Sherry, Corinna, Shayan

Clock Game, Card Game, It's In the Bag One Wrong Price, Coming or Going, Cover Up
235 June 16, 2006 .

Brian, Joan, Matthew, Yvette

Lucky $even, Grand Game, Balance Game Ten Chances, Cliffhangers, Squeeze Play Bob gives Yvette the $500 bills instead of the $1, Agonizing Ten Chances playing: Rita at first writes $69K for the car
236 June 19, 2006 .

Remedios, Danielle, Terry, Nicole

Five Price Tags, It's In the Bag, Eazy Az 1-2-3 Coming or Going, One Away, Switch? Remedios's interesting questions during One Away
237 June 20, 2006 .

Ryan, Martina, Michael, Joel

Clearance Sale, Safe Crackers, Pathfinder Bonkers, Hit Me, Money Game Martina is VERY excited, Bob nearly creates a Pathfinder mishap, Perfect Pathfinder playing, Hit Me technical win awarded to Judy
238 June 21, 2006 .

Connie, Ryan, Angela, Diane

Check Game, Pocket Change, Barker's Bargain Bar Bullseye, Switcheroo, Most Expensive Bullseye played for a car
239 June 22, 2006 .

Joseph, Dee, Stephen, Nola

Cover Up, Cliffhangers, Step Up Pick-a-Pair, Card Game, Push Over Crowd favourite Hilda
240 June 23, 2006 .

Angela, Adrienne, Wayne, Timothy

Flip Flop, Lucky $even, Race Game Grocery Game, That?s Too Much!, Secret X
274 September 18, 2006 .

Kimala, Maria, Michael, William

Lucky $even, 3 Strikes, Plinko Push Over, Double Prices, Most Expensive Season 35 Premiere! Nail-biting 3 Strikes playing, Push Over played for a minivan, Most Expensive played for three cars, Record breaking DSW
825 September 22, 2006 R. Rinkerman. 9/9

Denise, Mary Leticia, Dale, Joshua

Cover Up, It's In the Bag, Clock Game Cliff Hangers, That's Too Much!, Coming or Going 5th show of S35, Blooper in PG2 wins the contestant $4K, Fun PG4 contestant and Bob has her do the yodelling!
1026 October 9, 2006 R. Rinkerman. 9/9

Adam, Rosalyn, Martha, Brandon

Swap Meet, Stack the Deck, Range Game Pocket Change, Cliff Hangers, Side by Side Premiere of Stack the Deck, Sound effects prematurely call a win in PG2, Cadillac offered in the Showcase and both Showcases are worth over $40K
279 October 13, 2006 .

Kimberly, Barbara, Mark, Holly

Lucky $even, 1/2 Off, Squeeze Play One Away, Step Up, Hit Me FINAL PLAYING OF HIT ME
284 November 1, 2006 .

Leanne, Eliza, Chelsea, Law

Lucky $even, Make Your Move, Balance Game Check-Out, Switcheroo, Barker's Bargain Bar CHCH Hamilton RERUN
285 November 10, 2006 .

Patrice, Roger, Jack, Jeffrey

Clock Game, 3 Strikes, One Wrong Price Range Game, Cover Up, Grocery Game CHCH Hamilton RERUN
276 November 21, 2006 .

Gregory, Lonnie, Erika, Nellie

?????, Lucky $even, Push Over Balance Game, Stack the Deck, Barker's Bargain Bar Missing first act and part of second act, Jason is concerned about the pronunciation of his last name, $50K+ Win
286 December 11, 2006 .

Barbara, Brian, Mandelle, Gregory

Range Game, Lucky $even, Most Expensive Check-Out, One Away, Joker CHCH Hamilton RERUN, Missing first act and part of second act, $50K+ Win
241 January 17, 2007 .

Almira, Matthew, Dorothy, Victoria

Triple Play, Push Over, Race Game Barker's Bargain Bar, Card Game, Pick-a-Pair
242 January 18, 2007 .

Robin, Leah, Darian, Laura

Swap Meet, 1/2 Off, Hole in One Range Game, Switch?, Cover Up Jon is called down at the beginning of the show but doesn?t join CR until after Swap Meet. They didn?t get everyone into the studio until last minute and he didn?t hear his name called the first time
243 January 19, 2007 .

Charlee, John, Melissa, Yvonne

Shell Game, Money Game, Grand Game Pocket Change, Clock Game, Double Prices Shell Game played for a car and won with only one chip, Perfect Money Game playing
244 January 22, 2007 .

Nicole, Ryan, Edward, Donna

Flip Flop, Any Number, Plinko Barker's Bargain Bar, That's Too Much!, Bullseye
245 January 23, 2007 .

Jennifer, Matthew, Adam, Denise

Freeze Frame, 3 Strikes, Balance Game One Right Price, Pathfinder, Clearance Sale Bob wishes Rich a happy belated birthday
246 January 24, 2007 .

Steven, Heather, Lashuan, Jeffrey

Safe Crackers, Grand Game, Dice Game Cliffhangers, Temptation, Coming or Going
844 January 25, 2007 R. Rinkerman. 10/9

Rachna, Kathryn, Charles, Jason

Make Your Move, Punch-a-Bunch, Lucky $even Shopping Spree, Pass the Buck, Range Game BIG Showcase Win (Nearly $75K), Over $125K won in total
845 January 26, 2007 R. Rinkerman. 10/9

Lori, Angela, David, Patricia

Eazy Az 1-2-3, Spelling Bee, Bonkers Ten Chances, Push Over, Double Prices Incredible PG2 result, PG5 played for a car, Excited PG5 contestant
275 February 16, 2007 .

Georgielyn, John, Brenda, Scott

Flip Flop, More or Less, Flip Flop Check-Out, One Away, One Right Price MORE OR LESS DEBUT
791 February 26, 2007 J. Hatten. 8/7

Kristen, Ren, Luigi, Corine

Step Up, Plinko, Lucky $even Switch?, Dice Game, Now...Or Then Audio fades in and out
277 March 8, 2007 .

Leonor, Jordan, Rebecca, Cynthia

Clock Game, Stack the Deck, Buy or Sell Check Game, Master Key, One Right Price 87yr old Helen, Close showcase outcome
278 March 21, 2007 .

Melissa, Orlando, Andrea, Valisa

Range Game, Grand Game, One Away Shell Game, Card Game, Barker's Bargain Bar Margie is crazy about Bob's pinstriped suit
247 March 26, 2007 .

Stacey, Travis, Barbara, Pedro

Swap Meet, Plinko, Any Number Freeze Frame, Stack the Deck, Barker's Bargain Bar Justin bids $7,500 on a refrigerator, Audience member has a Bob Barker tattoo on his thigh
248 March 27, 2007 .

Danielle, Frank, Karen, Sharon

Coming or Going, Punch-a-Bunch, Ten Chances Pick-a-Pair, One Away, One Right Price Perfect One Away playing
249 March 28, 2007 .

Clarence, Kelly, Ryan, Rebecca

1/2 Off, Pocket Change, Flip Flop Most Expensive, Dice Game, Grocery Game Kelly has hugs for everyone, Audience member has a Bob Barker tattoo on her shoulder, she gets Bob to autograph it, Grocery Game played for a car, Car driven out Door#3 in showcase
250 March 29, 2007 .

Lynsey, Alexander, Kevin, Pamela

Push Over, More or Less, Switch? It's In the Bag, Money Game, Poker Game Second last playing of Poker Game
251 March 30, 2007 .

Lesonya, Jacob, Rajean, Elise

Clock Game, Cliffhangers, Temptation Side By Side, Grand Game, That's Too Much! Elise's whirlwind Clock Game playing
252 April 2, 2007 .

Nolan, Michelle, Janice, Kelsey

Eazy Az 1-2-3, Spelling Bee, Barker's Bargain Bar Range Game, Cover Up, Hi Lo
253 April 24, 2007 .

Payge, Andrew, Katie, Dornechia

Credit Card, Pocket Change, Grand Game Flip Flop, Dice Game, One Right Price
254 April 25, 2007 .

Rosie, Jared, Alicia, Tina

Cover Up, Range Game, Shopping Spree Pass the Buck, Secret X, Side By Side
255 April 26, 2007 .

Kristen, Daniel, Sandra, Nancy

One Wrong Price, One Away, Punch-a-Bunch Push Over, Money Game, Hi Lo Amber's mom Carmie is the next contestant called on down
256 April 27, 2007 .

Katrice, Billy, Sarah, Stephen

Plinko, Clock Game, Let 'Em Roll Most Expensive, Coming or Going, Any Number
257 April 30, 2007 .

Leah, Joel, Janice, Brian

Lucky $even, 1/2 Off, Take Two Check-Out, Dice Game, Barker's Bargain Bar
280 May 9, 2007 .

Stephen, Katherine, Carla, Janine

2 for the Price of 1, Race Game, Hole in One One Right Price, Five Price Tags, Flip Flop Race Game win in 12 seconds, Spectacular Hole in One putt, Price's Angels showcase, DSW ($50K+ Win)
709 May 16, 2007 PM SFDSZ-A. 10/10

Blythe, Robert, Felicity, Thomas

Golden Road, It's In the Bag, More or Less Cliff Hangers, Lucky $even, Push Over Bob's Final MDS episode, PG3 Wipeout, Expensive PG6 prize, Big Showcase win ($100K+ Win)
710 May 17, 2007 PM SFDSZ-B. 10/10

Nicole, Noah, Peter, Robert

Triple Play, 1/2 Off, Plinko , , CBS Celebrates Bob Barker's 50yrs on Television, featuring clips throughout his career and an appearance from Adam Sandler, BIG PG1 win, PG2 played fo $25K
1027 June 4, 2007 R. Rinkerman. 9/9

Beth, Ashton, Amber, Brittany

Push Over, Hole in One, Punch-a-Bunch Take Two, Money Game, Double Prices Blocks get stuck on PG1 for no apparent reason, Bob's final inspiration putt
281 June 11, 2007 .

Samira, Ashley, Sonya, Daniel

Golden Road, Punch-a-Bunch, Most Expensive Squeeze Play, Dice Game, Hi Lo Monday episode of Bob's Final Week, $100K+ Prize in Golden Road, DSW ($50K+ Win) with close differences ($802-$46) and a VERY excited contestant!
282 June 14, 2007 .

Carleen, Craig, Mai, Rose-Ann

Triple Play, Clock Game, Grand Game Eazy Az 1-2-3, Money Game, Push Over Thursday episode of Bob's Final Week, Perfect Money Game playing, Every Trip in the House showcase featuring a Lincoln, $95K+ Win!!
283 June 15, 2007 .

Francisco, Kristen, Philip, Denise

Lucky $even, Plinko, Range Game Double Prices, Grocery Game, Any Number Bob's Final Episode, Lucky $even played for a Corvette, Double Prices played for a car, $100K+ Win!!!
287 October 15, 2007 .

Thomas, Aura, Flang, Bernard

Money Game, Cliffhangers, It's In the Bag Eazy Az 1-2-3, One Away, Barker's Bargain Bar First aired Drew Carey episode
288 October 16, 2007 .

Nathaniel, Briane, Albert, Marie

Golden Road, Plinko, Clock Game Double Prices, Any Number, Grocery Game $91K+ Viper in Golden Road, Marie needs the bathroom during Plinko, Big Plinko payout, Quick Clock Game win, Painful Showcase overbid
289 November 1, 2007 .

Karey, Letia, Nathaniel, Cheryl

Clock Game, Any Number, Plinko Lucky $even, Grocery Game, Double Prices Letia gets excited over winning $3, DSW with a very excited contestant!
293 November 12, 2007 .

Mardi, John, Samer, Nikki

Barker's Bargain Bar, 3 Strikes, Coming or Going Make Your Move, Dice Game, Secret X Very long playing of 3 Strikes, S36's Biggest Daytime Winner
290 November 16, 2007 .

Gay, Laura, Joshua, Yvonne

Triple Play, Cliffhangers, Check Game 2 for the Price of 1, Money Game, Most Expensive Yvonne cant stop shaking, DSW
291 November 26, 2007 .

Robert, Sherri, Gonzalo, Raymond

Golden Road, Danger Price, Magic # Double Prices, Any Number, Now?Or Then $98K+ Prize in Golden Road, Wayne Newton makes an appearance in Double Prices, DSW
292 December 7, 2007 .

Colleen, Daniel, Ruthalee, Lee

Most Expensive, Cliffhangers, Let 'Em Roll 2 for the Price of 1, Check Game, Money Game DSW with very close differences ($412-$123)
294 January 14, 2008 .

Janay, William, Brittany, Paula

Make Your Move, 3 Strikes, Barker's Bargain Bar Dice Game, Secret X, Coming or Going DSW ($55K+ Win)
295 February 28, 2008 .

Jill, Reza, Sara, Ryan

Make Your Move, Clock Game, Temptation Coming or Going, Lucky $even, Pick-a-Pair Crowd favourite Larry, DSW
296 March 6, 2008 .

Lacey, Troy, Gina, Shelley

Range Game, Punch-a-Bunch, Any Number Hi Lo, Barker's Bargain Bar, Dice Game DSW ($50K+ Win)
297 April 4, 2008 PM .

Mary, Datevik, Alexander, Cynthia

Golden Road, Grand Game, Clock Game Any Number, Plinko, Most Expensive MDS, Most recent Golden Road win
298 June 4, 2008 .

Lisa, Judah, Alicia, Zachary

Range Game, Punch-a-Bunch, Money Game Swap Meet, Pass the Buck, Pick-a-Number Survivor Vanuatu contestant Lisa Kieffer is a contestant
299 July 7, 2008 .

Trelena, Jenni, Eugene, Melissa

Shopping Spree, Safe Crackers, Pathfinder Squeeze Play, Grocery Game, Money Game
874 July 10, 2008 J. Hatten. 10/10

Jenessa, Oliver, Morella, Winifred

Flip Flop, Plinko!, Stack the Deck Eazy Az 1-2-3, Cover Up, Barker's Bargain Bar
300 September 22, 2008 .

Jasmine, Nathan, Yvette, Daniel

Most Expensive, Plinko, Gas Money Squeeze Play, Money Game, Pick-a-Pair Season 37 Premiere, Most Expensive played for three cars, GAS MONEY DEBUT, Two cars in one showcase, Trailer in SS#2 had to be modeled outside of Television City, $60K+ Win
301 October 6, 2008 .

Reena, Sheila, Joe, Guillermo

Check Game, Temptation, Comng or Going Card Game, One Right Price, Grocery Game Card Game rarity, $60K+ Win
302 October 13, 2008 .

Raegan, Justin, Andrea, Todd

Make Your Move, Shopping Spree, Pathfinder Flip Flop, Any Number, Pick-a-Number Missing part of opening, Flip Flop malfunction, New on-screen graphic, DSW with an emotional contestant
883 October 31, 2008 R. Rinkerman. 9/9

Krystal, Patricia, Benjamin, Sharon

Push Over, Punch-a-Bunch, Credit Card Double Prices, Cover Up, Bullseye Halloween 2008 Special, PG1 played for an expensive car, Final playing of PG3
303 December 16, 2008 .

David, Julie, Terry, Zachary

Any Number, It's In the Bag, Switch? Swap Meet, One Away, Pick-a-Number Perfect One Away playing, The three remaining contestants model prizes in SC1, Every Trip in the House Showcase, On the Nose DSW with two close differences!!! ($494-$0)
884 January 6, 2009 R. Rinkrman. 9/10

Elizabeth, Susan, Michael, Caren

Money Game, Cliff Hangers, Clearance Sale Now...Or Then, One Away, Side By Side Final Playing of PG3
304 February 18, 2009 .

Lindsey Marie, Carol Ann, Joshua, Cecelia

Switcheroo, Safe Crackers, Most Expensive Grocery Game, Cover Up, Double Prices James Bond Showcase, DSW with VERY close differences!!! ($290-$116)
305 February 24, 2009 .

April, Derek, Brittany, Sarah

Freeze Frame, Pathfinder, Pick-a-Number One Right Price, Line 'Em Up, Bullseye DSW
306 February 26, 2009 .

Cathy, Ester, Karen, Benjamin

Push Over, Stack the Deck, Most Expensive Range Game, Secret X, One Away Karen hams it up on stage, DSW ($60K+ Win)
307 March 11, 2009 .

Catherine, Jacqueline, Lawrence, Lorna

Grand Game, One Right Price, One Away Freeze Frame, Master Key, Pick-a-Number Ana's amazing recovery story, Unique IUFB#4, DSW ($55K+)
308 April 16, 2009 .

Erin, Lindsey, Pamela, Lana

Lucky $even, Punch-a-Bunch, Squeeze Play One Right Price, Plinko, Let 'Em Roll $18K+ Trip in Squeeze Play, Bob Barker appears for the showcases, Big showcase win, Bob delivers the spay/neuter plug
309 April 21, 2009 .

Tina, Robert, Tara, Zachary

Spelling Bee, One Right Price, Make Your Move Hi Lo, Pick-a-Number, Check Game Drew hides behind the turntable and confuses Tina, Pick-a-Number played for a car, Second last playing of Check Game before its hiatus, DSW
310 May 11, 2009 .

Monica, Joyce, Helen, Phyllis

Squeeze Play, It's In the Bag, Side By Side One Wrong Price, Bonus Game, Magic # Squeeze Play played for a car, $11K win in SS#1, Bonus Game played for a car, DSW ($70K+ Win)
316 November 4, 2009 .

Kristen, Judy, Robert, Darlene

Flip Flop, Pass the Buck, Swap Meet 2 for the Price of 1, Bonkers, Master Key OMNI2 Toronto SUMMER RERUN
311 November 11, 2009 .

Brandi, Alfonso, Courtney, Tyrone

Golden Road, Push Over, Most Expensive Pick-a-Pair, Plinko, That's Too Much! Salute to Armed Forces 2009, $96K+ Prize in Golden Road, $85K+ Win!
315 January 19, 2010 .

Anna, Suan, Roberto, Demetria

Freeze Frame, Stack the Deck, Make Your Move Eazy Az 1-2-3, Master Key, Pick-a-Number Nadine REALLY loves Drew and creates some steamy action before IUFB#2, Master Key wipe-out
317 January 25, 2010 .

Shannon, Nancy, John, Roaslie

Cover Up, 1/2 Off, Most Expensive Bullseye, Dice Game, Squeeze Play Lilly the WWII Welder, Nancy falls to the floor after seeing the car in her showcase, Tenth biggest winner of the season
318 February 10, 2010 .

Anna, Olivia, Shawn, Cornisha

Switcheroo, Flip Flop, Check-Out Switch?, Freeze Frame, More or Less
313 March 17, 2010 .

Aneela, Clinton, Jennifer, Michelle

Lucky $even, Pick-a-Number, Bonus Game Range Game, Pass the Buck, Clock Game OMNI2 Toronto RERUN, St. Patrick's Day Special, $11K win in SS#1, DSW ($70K+ Win)
312 May 14, 2010 .

Vanessa, Jessica, Dennis, Georgia

Flip Flop, Any Number, Secret X Squeeze Play, It's In the Bag, Cover Up DSW with very close differences ($483-$151)
314 July 2, 2010 .

Morgan, Daniel, Tracy, Travis

Triple Play, Most Expensive, Cliffhangers Pick-a-Number, That's Too Much!, Now?Or Then Independence Day Special, DSW ($65K+ Win)
319 October 11, 2010 .

Jaclyn, Peter, Janetta, Christina

Pick-a-Number, Punch-a-Bunch, Balance Game Clock Game, Stack the Deck, Range Game Jeff Davis announces, Pick-a-Number played for a car, Star Wars themed prizes in Punch-a-Bunch
320 October 13, 2010 .

Michelle, Vincent, Lidia, Andrew

1/2 Off, Ten Chances, Freeze Frame Grocery Game, Most Expensive, Dice Game Brad Sherwood announces, Andrew tumbles on down, Painful Ten Chances playing, Big showcase win
321 October 14, 2010 .

Daniel, Yolanda, Tiffany, Randy

Switch?, Pathfinder, Flip Flop One Wrong Price, Grand Game, Any Number Jeff Davis announces, DSW with a very excited contestant!
322 October 15, 2010 .

Kathleen, Janice, Ryan, Eric

Push Over, Danger Price, Rat Race Double Prices, It's In the Bag, Money Game Jeff Davis announces, Tape cuts out during first four come on down, Big Danger Price payout, Third playing of Rat Race, First Rat Race clean sweep
323 November 15, 2010 .

Jill, Randy, Sheryl, Gerie

Clock Game, One Wrong Price, Grocery Game Flip Flop, Punch-a-Bunch, Line 'Em Up Brad Sherwood announces, Jill has Drew open up the envelope to reveal what gender her grandchild will be, Grocery Game played for a truck, NASCAR drivers present the showcases
431 December 24, 2010 A. Kudey. 9/8

Stephen, Natasha, David, Carol

Pay the Rent, Double Prices, Dice Game Flip Flop, That's Too Much!, Secret X Christmas 2010 Episode, David Lawrence announces, Peggy screams a lot, Winless first half leads to a perfect second half, DSW ($100K+ Win!!!)
333 February 14, 2011 .

Jeremiah & Marnie, Charles & Anna, Demetrius & Temika, Jasper & Taylor

Pay the Rent, Flip Flop, Dice Game One Wrong Price, Any Number, Secret X Valentine's Day Special 2011, DSW ($85K+ Win!)
325 March 7, 2011 .

Jill, Grant, Skyler, Hope

1/2 Off, Any Number, Check-Out One Right Price, Flip Flop, More or Less LMAD model Tiffany Coyne guest models, $26K win in SS#1, DSW ($75K+ Win)
326 March 29, 2011 .

Shaista, Bev, Ariel, Sasha

Dice Game, Switch?, Cliffhangers Danger Price, Stack the Deck, Balance Game Shaista is VERY excited, DSW with a real screamer of a contestant! ($85K+ Win!)
332 April 27, 2011 .

Laura, Mark, Jodi, Alex

Squeeze Play, 1/2 Off, Cover Up Most Expensive, Let 'Em Roll, Range Game Emily screams A LOT, Chelsea wins her first car
327 May 5, 2011 .

Clifton, Jodi, David, Nicole

Safe Crackers, Money Game, Bonus Game Squeeze Play, That's Too Much!, Grand Game $11K win in SS#1, DSW
328 May 9, 2011 .

Antoinette, Gina, Debra, Jody

Most Expensive, Push Over, More or Less Pick-a-Number, Punch-a-Bunch, Cover Up Most Expensive played for three trips, Nicole Miller introduces IUFB#2, Tracii Guns models IUFB#3, $11K win in SS#1, I Love Lucy themed prizes in Punch-a-Bunch, DSW ($80K+ Win!)
329 June 10, 2011 .

Fernando, Erika, John, Donna

Clock Game, Lucky $even, Squeeze Play Shopping Spree, Plinko, Cover Up Pitiful Plinko payout, DSW ($80K+ Win!)
330 June 14, 2011 .

Paula, Joseph, Gloria, Monica

Temptation, Squeeze Play, One Wrong Price Bullseye, That's Too Much!, Secret X Dinnerware troubles in Temptation, Manuela sings Barbie Girl in IUFB#2, WWE Wrestlers KellyKelly and The Bella Twins present SC2, DSW ($70K+ Win)
331 June 16, 2011 .

Jessica, Amy, Disean, Brianna

Bonkers, Most Expensive, Gas Money Flip Flop, Ten Chances, Cliffhangers Bonkers won in one try, $7K bailout in Gas Money, Single digit guesses in Cliffhangers, Error in SS#2, Tracey Bregman and Christian LeBlanc of The Young and the Restless present SC2, DSW ($60K+ Win)
334 September 19, 2011 .

Corinne, Jacob, Sharon, Eric

Race Game, Double Prices, Most Expensive Range Game, Plinko, 3 Strikes Season 40 Premiere, Flashback clips before commercial breaks, Big showcase win
340 September 28, 2011 .

Marie, Nathan, Erica, Anastasia

Lucky $even, 1/2 Off, Money Game Grand Game, Push Over, Plinko 7500th Episode, Erica wipes out on the stage, Push Over played for a car
335 October 18, 2011 .

Toni Ann, Autumn, Matthew, Estelle

Grand Game, Lucky $even, Make Your Move Freeze Frame, Any Number, Squeeze Play Marty Wagner's retirement, Squeeze Play prop breaks, DSW ($65K+ Win)
339 November 4, 2011 .

Scott, Marianne, Jeffrey, Yimmy

Pay the Rent, Coming or Going, Lucky $even One Right Price, Dice Game, Take Two Suzanne wheelies, 91yr old Georgia boogies on down, $26K win in SS#2
336 November 28, 2011 .

Racheal, Kevin, Loni, Erica

Side By Side, Hi Lo, That's Too Much! Magic #, Master Key, Freeze Frame Bad luck in Master Key, DSW with a VERY excited contestant
337 December 15, 2011 .

Elena, Yavinder, Sandra, David

That's Too Much!, Push Over, Danger Price Cliffhangers, 10 Chances, Most Expensive Australian Price is Right host Larry Emdur calls Patricia down and hosts Cliffhangers, Every contestant comes out of the same spot until Elena breaks the streak on the last chance, DSW ($75K+ Win)
338 December 26, 2011 .

Shirley, Michikomei, Lonnie, Amber

Spelling Bee, Side By Side, Race Game Balance Game, Pass the Buck, Switch? Shirley loses her weave in CR and raps when she wins her way on stage, Margaret may be just as wild as Shirley, Pass the Buck won with only one pick
341 December 30, 2011 .

Sheri, Christopher, Lizanne, Anya

Bonus Game, Bonkers, Most Expensive Pick-a-Pair, Gas Money, Freeze Frame Best of 2011 Special, Bonus Game played for a classic car, Bonkers won in record time, $43K+ showcase underbid, Big showcase win
350 January 4, 2012 .

Samantha, Adam, Syvan, Darrin

1/2 Off, Any Number, Side By Side Grocery Game, Switch?, Gas Money Celebrity Charity Week featuring Neil Patrick Harris
342 January 6, 2012 .

Kristen, Elaine, Reginald, Stephanie

Pay the Rent, Pick-a-Number, Dice Game Double Prices, Line 'Em Up, Cliffhangers Day 5 of Celebrity Week featuring Heidi Klum, $11K win in SS#1, Benjamin sings opera in German for Heidi, Amazing Cliffhangers playing, DSW ($100K+ Win!!!)
343 January 11, 2012 .

Margarita, Jamie, Elisangela, Corey

Let 'Em Roll, Switch?, Cliffhangers Eazy Az 1-2-3, One Away, Safe Crackers Baby Shower Special
347 March 14, 2012 .

Stacy, Ryan, Deborah, William

Let 'Em Roll, One Right Price, Balance Game Step Up, One Away, Coming or Going
344 March 28, 2012 .

Savannah, Mary, Thomas, Catherine

Let 'Em Roll, Coming or Going, Shopping Spree Bonkers, 10 Chances, Pick-a-Number CFTO Weatherman Tom Brown is a contestant, Savannah does a backflip on stage
345 May 11, 2012 .

Patricia & Emilee, Syiblean & Virgil, Nikki & Laura, Patricia & Abby

It's In the Bag, Coming or Going, Lucky $even Secret X, One Wrong Price, Money Game Mother's Day Special featuring Florence Henderson, $75K+ Win
346 May 24, 2012 .

Thuy, Gregory, Mary, Matthew

One Right Price, Switcheroo, Balance Game Freeze Frame, Check-Out, Any Number
348 May 31, 2012 .

Maria, Dennis, Melanie, Jason

Flip Flop, Temptation, Secret X Switch?, Gas Money, Hi Lo
349 June 6, 2012 .

Jacob, Daisy, Asher, Brandy

That's Too Much!, Most Expensive, Bonus Game It's In the Bag, Any Number, Squeeze Play 85yr Old Henry trips on the turntable and loses a tooth
351 September 26, 2012 .

Michelle, Earl, Christine, Thomas

Coming or Going, Punch-a-Bunch, Line 'Em Up Range Game, Most Expensive, Stack the Deck Amusing Punch-a-Bunch contestant
352 November 5, 2012 .

Joellene, Robert, Tiffany, Fred

Money Game, Eazy Az 1-2-3, Bullseye Squeeze Play, Pathfinder, Danger Price 5/6 Show
353 December 5, 2012 .

Maurice & Kyle, Carmen & Shauna, Gail & Alyssa, Linda & Kelsey

Bargain Game, That's Too Much!, Now?Or Then Balance Game, One Wrong Price, Secret X Grandparents' Special 2012, DSW ($65K+ Win)
354 January 1, 2013 .

Jillian, Jason, Valerie, Amy

Grand Game, Cover Up, Switch? Double Prices, 10 Chances, Cliffhangers New Years 2013 Special, DSW ($60K+ Win)
403 February 1, 2013 .

Joel, Sabrina, Howard, Serena

Bargain Game, Money Game, Shell Game Cliff Hangers, Gas Money, Coming or Going Super Bowl Special, Very painful Double Overbid
355 February 14, 2013 .

James & Christa, Robert & Renée, Charles & Marlys, Todd & Christine

Switch?, Money Game, Check-Out Plinko, Gas Money, Range Game Valentine's Day 2013
399 February 19, 2013 .

Jeanine, Mark, Anitra, Monica

Any Number, Switch?, Grocery Game Double Prices, One Away, 1/2 Off Celebrity Charity Week featuring NeNe Leakes, Contestant Anitra was named after Anitra Ford, Perfect One Away playing, NeNe sets a new charity earnings record for the show
400 February 20, 2013 .

Heather, Ricardo, Brenda, Darlene

Grand Game, Flip Flop, Five Price Tags Push Over, Shopping Spree, That's Too Much! Celebrity Charity Week featuring Sharon Osbourne
356 February 21, 2013 .

Michael, Chantal, Richard, Candice

Plinko, Range Game, Let 'Em Roll Eazy Az 1-2-3, Coming or Going, Lucky $even Celebrity Charity Week featuring Charles Barkley
357 March 4, 2013 .

Sharise, David, Kerry, Edrick

Lucky $even, Coming or Going, Double Cross Pathfinder, Balance Game, Grand Game PCH week Day#1, DSW with an emotional contestant ($75K+ Win)
377 March 18, 2013 .

Elizabeth, Lawrence, Jennifer, Sam

Flip Flop, 3 Strikes, Danger Price Range Game, Pass the Buck, Safe Crackers Birthday girl Elizabeth wins BIG ($75K+)
378 March 29, 2013 .

Shasta, Van, Julia, Yvonne

Range Game, Bargain Game, Gas Money Make Your Move, Bullseye, Pathfinder Spring Break 2013 episode, Shasta wipes out on stage, Very animated and excited Van
401 April 8, 2013 .

Tammy, Joseph, Nancy, Daryl

Push Over, Pay the Rent, Lucky $even Switch?, Pathfinder, Most Expensive
358 April 17, 2013 .

Kimberly, Matthew, Lauren, David

Cover Up, Range Game, Danger Price Switch?, Gas Money, Hi Lo Epic Range Game win, Danger Price blooper
359 April 24, 2013 .

Ani, Charles, Beata, David

Lucky $even, Pay the Rent, Switch? Flip Flop, Five Price Tags, Most Expensive Big Money Week Day 3, Missing first act and part of second act, Rerecorded summer rerun complete
376 May 6, 2013 .

Clementine, Shawn, Amy, Cama

Clock Game, Cliffhangers, Cover Up Coming or Going, Hole in One, Squeeze Play Double wheelie in SS#1, Impressive Hole in One putt, Harley-Driving grandma Peggy
360 May 29, 2013 .

Lawrence, Jennifer, Scott, Elizabeth

Money Game, Bargain Game, Cliffhangers It's In the Bag, Coming or Going, Cover Up Drew destroys the grocery products in IITB, Cheapest combined showcases of S41
374 June 12, 2013 .

Chelsea, Rudolph, Pamela, Lisa

Cliffhangers, Cover Up, Flip Flop Race Game, Bullseye, Gas Money First Gas Money win in a year and a half
375 June 18, 2013 .

Rosalie, Derrick, Barbara, Joel

Eazy Az 1-2-3, Any Number, Double Cross Flip Flop, Pathfinder, Grand Gamw Near perfect Any Number playing, Lucky Cristina, Big showcase win
402 June 21, 2013 .

Christian, Virginia, Joseph, Amber

Spelling Bee, Freeze Frame, Clock Game Push Over, More or Less, Pick-a-Pair $26K win in SS#2, Virginia wins big ($60K+)
404 September 25, 2013 .

Trimona, John, Kimberly, Anna

Dice Game, Bargain Game, 1/2 Off Side By Side, Race Game, 10 Chances 3rd Show of Season 42, Contestant follows the '0' rule in 10 Chances, Three cars given away in total, Over $100K in prizes given away, DSW ($60K+ Win)
405 October 14, 2013 .

Kristy, Samuel, Suzette, Terrence

Range Game, 1/2 Off, Cover Up Eazy Az 1-2-3, Double Prices, Stack the Deck Big Money Week Day 1, 1/2 Off played for $100K, First Stack the Deck win since December 19, 2011, 2nd Biggest Daytime Winner by $1!
406 October 16, 2013 .

Kyle, Courtney, Kevin, Jeune

Squeeze Play, Cliffhangers, Line 'em Up Safe Crackers, Now...Or Then, That's Too Much! Big Money Week Day 3, Cliffhangers played for $250K and $10K is lost for every step taken, Kevin wears short shorts, DSW
575 October 21, 2013 N. Casiano. 10/10

Jovanka, Nicholas, Becky, Erin

Grand Game, 2 for the Price of 1, Rat Race Squeeze Play, One Wrong Price, One Away Slightly out of sync audio, Awful bad luck in PG3, Sandra won a Mustang on the show in 1984 and comes back to win a car in her showcase
959 October 31, 2013 J. Hatten. 9/9

Michelle, David, Mary, Carlos

Witch?, Yucky $even, Punch-a-Bunch Bat Race, Squeeze Play, Cliff Hangers Halloween 2013 episode, PGs renamed for the special, Geoff Peterson drives the car for PG2, Grim Reaper instead of Hans used in PG6, Cars offered in both Showcases
407 November 5, 2013 .

Stanley, Katherine, Karina, Timothy

3 Strikes, Switch?, Grocery Game Gas Money, Pick-a-Number, Race Game Exciting 3 Strikes playing, Impressive time in Race Game, Laura's inspiring life-changing story, Exciting Showcase conclusion
432 November 15, 2013 .

Kerrin, Jack, Ronald, Julie

It's In the Bag, Flip Flop, Lucky $even Do the Math, Pathfinder, Pick-a-Number Jack bids 'Rachel' on IUFB#1, Nail Biting Pathfinder playing, Jeanette screams a lot and stumbles off the Pathfinder board, 5-Digit prize in PG6
433 November 19, 2013 .

Rachel, Jason, Monique, Michael

Push Over, Hole in One, Range Game Danger Price, Money Game, Plinko Dream Car Week Day 2, Hole in One played for a BMW Convertible and the $500 bonus is won, $0 Plinko payout, Over $150K given away in prizes
434 December 2, 2013 .

Daniel, Raymond, Janice, Kara

Clock Game, Cliffhangers, Line 'em Up Coming or Going, Gas Money, Squeeze Play Cyber Monday 2013 episode, Mitzi, a mom of 8, has amazing luck on this show, winning a $500 bonus, her pricing game, $1,000 on the wheel and then winning her showcase by a close bid! 5/6 Show!
448 December 4, 2013 .

Claudia, Scott, Todd, Susan

Squeeze Play, Pocket Change, Bonus Game Check-Out, Double Prices, Line 'Em Up Vicki is one excited contestant, DSW, Over $100K given away on todays show
449 December 12, 2013 .

Lori, Willie, Nicole, Shane

It's In the Bag, One Wrong Price, Lucky $even Flip Flop, Any Number, Range Game Bob Barker's 90th Birthday Celebration, Hollie has actual balloons in her hair, Bob does a pet adoption segment and presents Evelyn's showcase
450 December 30, 2013 .

Shalita, Jeffrey, Amber, Robert

Plinko, Squeeze Play, Lucky $even Do the Math, Gas Money, Pick-a-Pair Best of 2013 special, Everyone's a winner including a contestant winning more than $50K before the showcase and a new record for biggest daytime winner!!!
451 December 31, 2013 .

Angela, Albert, Everett, Pamela

Five Price Tags, Side By Side, Swap Meet Line 'Em Up, One Right Price, Bullseye Last aired show of 2013, 1st legitimate Perfect show (6/6 games won) in nearly 4 years, Showcases and results missing due to problems with my cable
452 January 8, 2014 .

Renee, Ean, Clysta, Skye

Range Game, Money Game, Most Expensive It's In the Bag, Pick-a-Number, Pocket Change Episode features some wild contestans! Skye loves the number 7, Ean is very jumpy and wants to win money for Pokemon Cards and Kalyn falls into George and nearly knocks over some TVs after winning
453 January 20, 2014 .

Susan, Scott, Ricardo, Samantha

Punch-a-Bunch, Most Expensive, Lucky $even Freeze Frame, Cover Up, Bargain Game DSW ($50K+ Win)
471 February 3, 2014 .

Jonni, Shad, Rebecca, Anthony

Money Game, Danger Price, Range Game Pass the Buck, Bargain Game, Bonkers Expensive Range Game Prize, Perfect PG4 Playing, DSW ($75K+ Win)
486 April 1, 2014 .

John, Nicole, Jared, Jessica

Do the Math, Lucky $even, Hi Lo Freeze Frame, More or Less, Squeeze Play April Fools Day 2014 special with Craig Ferguson hosting, Geoff Peterson and Secretariat modeling and Shadoe Stevens announcing, 5/6 Show
543 June 19, 2014 .

Kevin, Lakesha, Linda, Jason

Eazy Az 1-2-3, Money Game, Balance Game Pick-a-Number, Punch-a-Bunch, That's Too Much! Jason is a very energetic contestant, Historic playing of PG5
544 June 20, 2014 .

Kallie, Edward, Virginia, Catherine

Any Number, It's In the Bag, Flip Flop Bargain Game, More or Less, Push Over 5/6 Show, Lisa hollers and dances, Contestant Ryan resembles actor Ryan Gosling, Expensive car in PG5
545 June 24, 2014 .

Patrick, Shannon, Tyler, E. Jane

Half Off, Coming or Going, Ten Chances Switch?, Check-Out, Dice Game Fantastic Ten Chances playing, Very close showcase result
546 July 4, 2014 .

Yu, Tiffany, Timothy, Sandra

Money Game, Bargain Game, Pay the Rent Secret X, Dice Game, Pick-a-Number Independence Day Special where every contestant has served in the US, Perfect Show, PG3 win, PG5 won against the odds, $50K+ showcase and $70K+ winner
576 October 2, 2014 .

David, Katrina, Michael, Wendy

Range Game, Most Expensive, Pathfinder Bargain Game, It's In the Bag, Money Game PG5 win with an emotional contestant, Willie McGinest presents SC2
577 October 3, 2014 .

Janaia, Elisa, Margeline, Raylene

Clock Game, Dice Game, 1/2 Off Flip Flop, 2 for the Price of 1, Bullseye 2014 Breast Cancer Awareness Month Special, Perfect Show, Second playing with the new Clock Game board, PG5 played for a car
578 October 9, 2014 .

Cindy, Christopher, Jay, Ilda

Danger Price, Money Game, Plinko Range Game, Stack the Deck, Bargain Game Very excited Plinko contestant, Expensive Range Game prize, DSW ($55K+ Win)
579 October 13, 2014 .

Jana, Angela, Katrina, Jacob

Switch?, Lucky $even, Shell Game Bonkers, Pass the Buck, Double Cross Dream Car Week Day #1, PG2 played for a Porsche Cayenne and played almost perfectly, Fredwayna twerks for Drew, Miraculous PG4 win
580 October 14, 2014 .

Jamie, Quanti, Morgan Honey, Carla

1/2 Off, Push Over, Card Game Now...Or Then, Bargain Game, Any Number Dream Car Week Day #2, PG3 played for a Range Rover Sport, Long playing of PG3, 5/6 Show
581 October 16, 2014 .

Carole, Ryan, Vanessa, Carol

Double Prices, One Away, Cliff Hangers Most Expensive, Dice Game, It's In the Bag Dream Car Week Day #4, PG2 played for a Tesla, Near perfect PG5 playing, PG6 Wipeout, Heartbreaking overbid in the showcases
595 November 10, 2014 .

Katherine, Steven, Deborah, Bruce

Lucky $even, Do the Math, Rat Race Freeze Frame, Dice Game, Now...Or Then Big Money Week Day 1, Expensive IUFBs, PG2 played for two trips, PG3 played for $25K, $50K and $100K, 5/6 Show!
596 November 11, 2014 .

Daniel, Tanya, Joseph, Willie

Push Over, It's In the Bag, Any Number Double Prices, Card Game, One Wrong Price Big Money Week Day 2, Veteran's Day Special, Expensive PG1 prize, PG2 played for $80K, Big Showcase win
597 November 12, 2014 .

Lynda, Benjamin, Latisha, Gregory

That's Too Much!, Most Expensive, Time is Money Flip Flop, Switcheroo, Safe Crackers Big Money Week Day 3, PG3 played for $200K, Lisa screams a lot
598 November 14, 2014 .

Travon, Mark, Dionne, Virginia

Grand Game, Range Game, Take Two Money Game, 1 Right Price, Bonus Game Big Money Week Day 5, PG1 played for $100K, PG2 played for a car, Big PG3 total, Natural gas car offered in showcases, 5/6 Show!
614 December 22, 2014 .

Luke, Laureen, Patricia, Morgan

Plinko, Shopping Spree, Lucky $even Squeeze Play, 3 Strikes, Switch? Christmas Week Day 1, Back to Back perfect bid bonuses, $50K+ car offered in PG5, Big Showcase Win
615 December 23, 2014 .

Marcel, Janice, Franco, Giselle

Golden Road, Side By Side, Most Expensive Pass the Buck, Bargain Game, Secret X Christmas Week 2014 Day 2, Very excited PG1 contestant, A somewhat historic moment, Terrible PG6 playing, Big showcase win
6952K January 6, 2015 .

Rose, Katherine, John, Beverly

Range Game, Bargain Game, Stack the Deck Punch-a-Bunch, Line 'Em Up, Side By Side First PG3 win in over a year, $60K+ winner
6971K January 19, 2015 .

Krista, Hannah & Leyna, Ramona & Joshua, Nikki, Cash & Shy, Jody & Zade

One Away, Range Game, 1/2 Off Double Cross, Flip Flop, Pass the Buck Kids' Special 2015, DSW (Almost $75K)
7011K February 16, 2015 .

Gina, Anthony, Maritza, Jacob

Money Game, Switch?, Rat Race Coming or Going, Race Game, Pathfinder #UDecide Week Day 1, PG3 played for $100K & $75K is won, 10 second Race Game win, PG6 win
637 March 3, 2015 .

Karen, Xiuli, Jacqueline, Lisa

Cliff Hangers, Cover Up, Balance Game Pass the Buck, Squeeze Play, Magic # Fashion Week Day 2, Huge gamble in PG4 pays off BIG time, Hilarious PG5 blooper, Jacqueline looks generally frustrated when she doesn't get out of CR
638 March 5, 2015 .

Jada, Jennifer, Hilda, Vickie

Shell Game, Bargain Game, Gas Money Most Expensive, Stack the Deck, Flip Flop Fashion Week Day 4, $5K Win in PG3, DSW with a very emotional contestant and a VERY close bid!
687 April 1, 2015 .

Mary, Gabriel, Paulette, Teresa

Lucky $even, Switch?, Flip Flop Range Game, Any Number, Grand Game April Fools Day 2015, Bob Barker returns to host PG1, Bob asks Mary what she would like and she gives a funny answer, Stellar PG1 playing
688 April 13, 2015 .

Karleigh & Alexander, Jawana & Spencer, Heidi & Michael, Brittney & Michael

Do the Math, Squeeze Play, Secret X Shopping Spree, That's Too Much!, Grand Game Couples Week Day 1: Blind Date, All contestants are paired up via surveys, Two cars offered in PG1, PG5 and SC1, Close Showcase bid and big showcase win ($65K+)
689 April 29, 2015 .

Georgia, Joycel, Ronald, Hope

Five Price Tags, Flip Flop, Switch? Line 'Em Up, One Wrong Price, It's In the Bag PG3 played for two trips, DSW ($50K+ Win)
740 May 20, 2015 .

Tariq, Shannon, Michael, Dawn

1 Right Price, Temptation, Cliff Hangers Cover Up, Bonkers, Most Expensive Summer Rerun, Leonard is a very excited contestant, $26K win in SS#2, Shannon wins BIG
690 June 4, 2015 .

David, Sylvia, Leah, Akadama

Most Expensive, Let 'Em Roll, Freeze Frame Pathfinder, Balance Game, Take Two Minor blooper in PG3, Very exciting conclusion with two VERY close bids with VERY little between them!
708 June 15, 2015 .

Lekeisha, Troy, Allison, Joseph

Switch?, Card Game, Hi Lo Eazy Az 1-2-3, Money Game, Plinko Blooper in PG4 and Drew jokes about Manuela's 5PT flub as a result, Unlikely PG5 win, DSW ($65K+ Win)
740 September 21, 2015 .

Kaynisha, Robert, Andrea, Connie

Any Number, Bonus Game, Double Prices Grocery Game, Squeeze Play, Cliff Hangers Season 44 Premiere, Decades Week 70s, PG3 & 5 played center stage and PG5 has original colours, PG6 played for a car
741 September 22, 2015 .

Lauren, Ryan, Marie, Richard

Now...and Then, One Away, Make Your Move 2 for the Price of 1, Master Key, Plinko Decades Week 80s, PG1 played with original name, PG6 uses original reveal, DSW ($70K+Win!)
742 September 28, 2015 .

Daniel, Rebecca, Deborah, Steven

Switch?, Freeze Frame, 3 Strikes Clock Game, Let 'Em Roll, Take Two Perfect Show #85
743 October 1, 2015 .

Catherine, LaTwila, Patricia, Jenessa

1 Right Price, Secret X, Swap Meet Money Game, Range Game, Pay the Rent Breast Cancer Survivors Special 2015, PG2 played for a car and won in the rarest of forms, PG6 win
744 October 12, 2015 .

Jeremy, Marissa, Cordell, Shirley

Vend-O-Price, Switch?, Shell Game Danger Price, One Away, Push Over Big Money Week Day 1, James Corden guest models, PG1 played for a car, PG3 played for $50K, $90K+ Winner
762 November 23, 2015 .

Emily, Stephen, Winona, Crystle

Flip Flop, 5 Price Tags, Make Your Move Grand Game, Pick-a-Number, More or Less Taped 8/18/15, I was in attendance for this episode (in a Canada Hat), Exciting PG2 win
763 December 15, 2015 .

Emily, Marcelino, Cor'ney, Kent

One Wrong Price, Push Over, Hole in One Magic #, Master Key, Balance Game Taped 8-19-15, Episode I was in attendance for, look for me during PG3!
764 December 21, 2015 .

Jesse, Aleta, Jacqueline, Jesus

Cliff Hangers, Coming or Going, Triple Play Bonkers, Pass the Buck, Most Expensive Christmas Week Day 1, First PG3 win in 8yrs, Nearly perfect show, Painful Showcase overbid
765 December 22, 2015 .

Caitlin, William, Travis, Vivian

1/2 Off, Flip Flop, Grocery Game Take Two, Double Prices, 3 Strikes Christmas Week Day 2, Exciting PG1 win, PG3 played for a car, $56K+ car in PG6, Big showcase win with a VERY close bid!
766 December 23, 2015 .

Wendy, Beverly, Jeremiah, Murielle

Golden Road, Squeeze Play, Switch? Money Game, Grand Game, Swap Meet Christmas week Day 3, Corvette Stingray offered in PG1, PG3 played for trips, Exciting comeback in PG4, 5/6 Show, Two VERY close Showcase bids
767 December 30, 2015 .

Monica, David, Mary Ann, Aaron

Any Number, Side By Side, Now...Or Then Bargain Game, Pathfinder, Check Game Perfect Show, Sign in PG3 incorrectly reads Now...AND Then, PG4 played for trips, Perfect PG5 playing, Kimberly was on the show in 2004 and won a car
792 February 15, 2016 .

Northern, Francesca, John, Sheila

Safe Crackers, Push Over, Spelling Bee Shopping Spree, That's Too Much!, Pick-a-Pair Dream Car Week Day 1, Aston Martin offered in PG3 and won easily ($120K+), $5K/card in PG3, BMW offered in SS instead of $25K, Joan was a contestant on the oiginal TPIR in 1963, Grammy Showcase
925 September 19, 2016 .

Carmen, Andrew, Benfus, Karen

Switch?, Plinko!, That's Too Much! Coming or Going, Hole in One, Balance Game Season 44 Premiere, Interrupted from after PG3 until PG6, Close Showcase difference
926 September 20, 2016 .

James, Cheryl, Daniella, Jacob

Grand Game, Flip Flop, More or Less Pick-a-Number, Clock Game, Pathfinder Second show of S44, Full PG3 win with a VERY hyper contestant, Impressive PG5 playing
927 October 10, 2016 .

Jeffrey, Terry, Bridget, Marnyce

Plinko!, Lucky $even, Side By Side Grocery Game, Range Game, One Away CBS Daytime Celebrates 30yrs at #1 Special, Stars of other daytime shows are present throughout the show, PG1 played for $150K, Very easy PG2 setup, Second PG4 playing with increased range
928 October 13, 2016 .

Katherine, Joseph, Lorn, Deborah

Squeeze Play, 3 Strikes, Magic # Money Game, 1/2 Off, Most Expensive Long but VERY worthwhile PG2 playing and probably most expensive vehicle won on the game, Perfect PG4 playing
930 October 24, 2016 .

Davia, Raymond, Aleisha, Konstantino

Any Number, Side By Side, 1/2 Off Switch?, Dice Game, Bullseye Big Money Week Day 1, Almost perfect PG1 playing, PG3 played for $100K
929 October 28, 2016 .

Shawn, Coralie, Kara, Eugene

Punch-a-Bunch, Vend-O-Price, Grand Game Secret X, Pick-a-Pair, Cliff Hangers Big Money Week Day 5, Every game played for cash. PG3 wipeout, New record for highest daytime winnings (one that likely wont be broken for some time!)
931 November 2, 2016 .

Amy, Markus, Michelle, Sharon

One Wrong Price, Cover Up, Secret X Grand Game, Flip Flop, Pocket Change Dismal payout in PG6, DSW ($70K+ win!) and first one in over a year
960 December 5, 2016 .

Amanda, John, Carl, Carol

Freeze Frame, 5 Price Tags, Squeeze Play It's In the Bag, Switch?, Dice Game Very early bailout in PG4, Very inexpensive car in PG6, $11K win in SS#2, DSW (almost $60K win)
961 December 22, 2016 .

Shannon, Lashavous & Thaddeus, Danielle, Cassandra & Elaine, Emily, John & Thomas, Ericka, Joy & Felicia

Triple Play, Push Over, Punch-a-Bunch Switch?, Lucky $even, Vend-O-Price Christmas Week 2016 Day 4, Family Reunion Special, PG1 win, PG2 and PG6 played for $10K+ Trips, Nearly perfect PG5 playing
975 February 10, 2017 .

Susan, Julanda, Kyle, Mariah

1 Right Price, Spelling Bee, Bonkers Side By Side, Ten Chances, Pick-a-Pair Linda has one of the luckiest days ever: An exciting PG2 win, an emotional $26K win in SS#2 and winning her Showcase including a trip to the Grammys! PG4 played in front of turntable
976 February 15, 2017 .

Jesse, Debra, Christopher, Jessica

5 Price Tags, Squeeze Play, Double Cross Bullseye, More or Less, Push Over Expensive PG2 Prize, Every contestant one-ups each other during IUFB#6, Emotional DSW ($50K+)
1042 April 21, 2017 .

Kimberly & Anthony, Bruce & Tishawna, Branson & Michele, Katelyn & Joseph

Vend-O-Price, Lucky $even, Eazy Az 1-2-3 Plinko!, Coming or Going, One Away Baby Shower Special 2017 featuring soon to be moms and dads, Melissa Ordway guest models, Very excited PG4 contestants, DSW with an INCREDIBLE bid! ($75K+ Win!)
1043 May 15, 2017 .

Tod, Summer, Robert, Victoria

Range Game, 2 for the Price of 1, Vend-O-Price Gas Money, 3 Strikes, Pick-a-Number Dream Car Week 2017 Day 1, Every game played for a car, PG1 played for a Porsche, Hilarious PG3 contestant, PG4 wipeout, 6-Digit PG5 prize with TWO 1's in the price
1044 May 29, 2017 .

Linda, Alexander, Carol, Timothy

Plinko!, Switch?, Lucky $even Flip Flop, Danger Price, Stack the Deck DSW ($60K+ Win)
1045 September 22, 2017 .

Peggy, Shawn, Maricris, Wilbert

One Wrong Price, One Away, Bullseye Double Prices, Any Number, Race Game Day 5 of Drew's 10th Anniversary Week, Easy PG2 win, First playing with PG4's new design, Perfect Show!, Absolutely incredible SS#2
1158 September 28, 2017 .

Susan, Chad, Lee, Lori

Cover Up, Side By Side, Grand Game Rat Race, Switch?, Check Game December 2017 Rerun, Exciting PG4 result with a VERY inexpensive car, DSW ($50K+ Win)
1155 January 26, 2018 .

Jill, Hunter, Jacquetta, David

Coming or Going, Bonkers, Rat Race 1 Right Price, Pick-a-Pair, Temptation Impressive PG2 win, Painful decision in PG6, DSW ($50K+ Win)
1156 January 29, 2018 .

Ryan, Detra, Aaron, Marilyn

Squeeze Play, Safe Crackers, That's Too Much! Plinko!, Bargain Game, Cover Up Pet Adoption Week Day 1, Winless Show aside from $11K PG4 win, DSW (Second in a row!) ($60K+ Win!)
1157 February 12, 2018 .

Emmanuel, Content, Benjamin, Christine

Check-Out, Side By Side, Lucky $even Pick-a-Number, Hot Seat, Line 'Em Up Winless show aside from $5K win in PG5, DSW with two very inexpensive Showcases

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